Liberal Ideology: The Left Hates Life

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Ireland Has Repealed Their Eighth Amendment

Well, Ireland has done it. They repealed their 8th Amendment, which constitutes providing equal rights to life for both mother and the unborn child. By a close margin, the 8th Amendment of the Irish constitution has been repealed, which decriminalized abortion.

If we take the time to look at the Left’s behaviors towards dismantling our values, we can see the degenerate actions towards regressing who we are as people and what we in the West stand for.

Look at gay marriage. It is a sterile union that provides no children. Observe transgenderism and get a handle on what these folks are pushing for. Transgenderism chemically sterilizes kids as young as four if they claim they are not their biological sex and abortion is the systematic murder of children. All of these have received legislative support with Ireland, destroying their culture. Ireland is dead, if not on the verge of dying. It is only a matter of time before the Irish culture is replaced with something more nefarious and deadly.

What Does This Mean For Us in the States?

The left hates what America stands for, which is life. This is evident as they clearly want to legalize abortion as late as the full term abortion. With pushing for something so inhumane, it is clear that to the Left, life matters not. There is no liberty, not when the left passed Bill C 16, which enforces speech codes. This has already been done in California. The pursuit of happiness? Nope. Comedians will not tour the colleges due to these snowflakes and cultural Marxists. Jokes are filtered for the sake of feelings or supposed comedians like Fallon or James Cordon apologizes for their gags. If you have any success, according to the Left, that is not your success or because of your privilege, you must not horde your success. They would rather equally distribute your gains out of fairness or else face legislative measures, also known as socialism and, by proxy, communism.

The pursuit of happiness is considered selfish because your personal happiness and right to it is all governed or promulgated either by racism or the patriarchy. This is usually pointed angrily at successful white men which are racist by every account. And your right to defend these pursuits? If the Left had their way, you would not be able to because they want your guns. See the Heller VS D.C. case: Four Supreme Court Justices argued that citizens should not have any guns and in recent weeks, children like David Hogg and Emma Gonzales who, let the record show, ostracized Nikolas Cruz. To ostracize someone is to continually keep them away from social propriety, and keep them under foot by any form of social interaction, meaning you have got to render them in an emotionally pitiable state continually, meaning bullying them. Emma Gonzales admitted to bullying him or in her words, "... Those talking about how we should've not ostracized him. You didn't know this kid! Okay! We did!" It took a dishonest kid and his bully accomplice to become the face of anti-gun legislation. The left is lining up with these kids to take away the ability for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, as written in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Meaning, again, that the Left hates life. You are demoralized and called every name in the book if you oppose them. They have already dehumanized babies enough to abort them. They have also failed to parent children as they become complicit to transgenderism. To push back against any of that and your life is forfeit and this is just in the U.S. alone.

Pushing Back

Now more than ever we need to begin instilling Western values in our children. This means we need to teach them to be better in all areas to include being better at debate, better fathers, better employees, better educators, better bankers, better parents, better at logic, better at knowing what we believe and why we believe it. Better wives, better men, better women, better moral folks, better comedians, better artists, better artisans, better mechanics, better mechanical engineers, better doctors, better nurses, better poets, better painters, better musicians, better producers, better executives, better C.E.O.s, better U.B.E.R. drivers, better drivers, better brewers, better sommeliers, better construction workers, and, most importantly, to be better Americans. What we see instilled in our youth today is just not going to cut it. The Left has already grabbed hold of the humanities and social sciences in universities, that is where the indoctrination occurs, and it is encroaching into high schools now.

America's greatness depends on restoring values and culture; where freedom and liberty, governed by law and order, are founded on principles of life and the pursuit of happiness. This all happens when citizens regard themselves and free thinking, freedom loving people who will die for this cause.

The Left must not win the culture. Human life is at stake. America is at stake. Ireland is on the death throes of existence as the Irish culture is about to die off. America cannot bring about the same fate, or the world is doomed.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. You addressed this issue expertly & succinctly. By the end I was almost on my feet cheering "Yes! Yes! Yes"& repeating all the points you made. Well done!

  2. It's actually worse than we think. Only a complete change of blood in the younger generations can change what's already been wrought. If the young can understand that ending life is ending life, and deliberate killing for convenience is murder, we may win yet. We cannot let them say it's the same as wartime killing either, because this justified jihad. We are surrounded on all sides. This will be a VERY tough fight, more so if we ever make it illegal again to have abortions.

  3. Very well written, stand behind every word.
    As an european I'm baffled how sosialism has get a hold of Americans.




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