Omar Navarro: Unseat Maxine Waters

Omar Navarro on campaign trail, standing outside

Maxine Waters, Known By All

California is a bastion of liberal politics. Congressional District 43 Incumbent, Maxine Waters, is a well-known face to both liberals and conservatives. To liberals, she is Auntie Maxine, the face of the Impeach 45 anti-Trumpers. Conservatives know her by many monikers, and all of them seem to fit her.

Maxine Waters is no stranger to political scandal. Perhaps one of her most egregious scandals was her involvement with OneUnited Bank during the bailout in 2009. In a document published by Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington, the history of the corruption of Maxine Waters and her ethics violations regarding OneUnited Bank are well documented. The OneBank scandal is not the only skeleton lurking in her closet, there have been several others, yet for some reason, she continues to sneak her way past justice only to be re-elected again. With her district overwhelmingly voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, it is easy to explain why.

Water's Has Competition for Re-Election

Enter the somewhat fresh face of Omar Navarro, a 29-year-old business owner, who holds a degree in Criminal Justice. He is no stranger to Waters. He ran against her in 2016. He traveled some 60 miles from her district to the front of Waters’ 4.3-million-dollar mansion; and announced his candidacy with a small gathering, including a Mariachi band.

In his previous bid to unseat Auntie Maxine, Navarro campaigned on a shoestring budget, spending slightly more than three thousand dollars on his campaign. This time he has financial backing, and it continues to grow, along with his bipartisan support, as he gets his message to the residents of District 43.

In an LA Times article, Navarro is quoted as saying, "I had faith after Trump won that ... we could topple someone like Maxine and win. That's the reality of life. There are always upsets."

Omar Has Received Many Endorsements

In addition to building his war chest, his campaign has garnered the support of many people who were associated with President Trump’s campaign. He is being advised by President Trump’s confidant, Roger Stone, and has garnered endorsements from Herman Cain, Joe Arpaio, Barry Goldwater Jr., Pastor Mark Burns and Lt. General Michael Flynn among others.

Omar Navarro is Pro-Trump and is currently campaigning on the following platform:

  • Build our military readiness
  • Backing for our current forces and veterans
  • Strengthen Homeland Security
  • Defeat terror cells operating within our borders
  • Legislation for higher scrutiny of refugees
  • Improve employment opportunities through economic growth
  • Get tough on crime
  • Improve support for first responders
  • Support President Trump’s efforts to bring jobs back to America
  • Fewer regulations for small businesses
  • Lower Taxes
  • Protect Second Amendment rights
  • Take a hard stand on corruption in government
  • Balance the National Budget
  • Minimize federal control over schools
  • Pro-life

Laurence Gay of the super PAC, Rebuilding America Now, has gone on record pledging to spend an “undetermined amount” on the campaign against Mad Maxine. The June 5th primary race between Edwin Duterte and Omar Navarro is heating up, with each of the candidates splitting the support from Trump supporters.

Regardless of who wins the primary, the Republican candidate should come to the race well-heeled and ready to give Maxine Waters a hard-fought battle. Omar Navarro is diligently campaigning to be the one who takes Maxine’s place in Congress.

Tom Baumberger / Writer

I'm a husband, father, combat veteran, horseman and animal lover; but most of all I'm a patriot, not just an American. A lifelong conservative, I only became passionate about politics during the Trump campaign. Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan will go down in history as our two greatest presidents.
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