Politicians Keeping Promises: Part Two

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President Trump Has Kept a Record Number of Promises

The one thing that surprises people the most is how many promises President Donald J. Trump has kept so far. There is an even grander effort behind the scenes that we, the everyday citizen, do not see. It started on President Trump’s first day in the Oval Office when he signed the Executive Order on the Keystone Pipeline. Each one of his promises represents a Herculean task that would overwhelm most of us. It is the amount of effort that it takes to get the “promise” assigned to the right office, to allocate resources, establish milestones, arrange calendars, de-conflict schedules, and on and on. The last person to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue made 129 Campaign Promises and kept none, made that a benchmark with which to fairly measure President Trump’s efforts.

Tracking Promises Is Not New

You can read all of the promises that President Trump had kept until March of 2018 here. Once you have read the first in this series, you will know that of the 129 promises former President Obama made, not one was kept. This establishes context once the final count is revealed proving that this is not just a floating data point. The wheel did not get reinvented with keeping track of President Trump’s progress. The credit belongs to Politifact as they have been keeping track of presidents promises for a while. However, as many know, the slant to the left. They label “kept” promises as “in-the-works,” or add a new column of “compromise” to steal the President’s thunder. In politics, a compromise sometimes is the best win. A win is a win, even if it is a compromise.

President Trump promised not to take a salary, and he has not. He donates his earnings every quarter to a worthy cause, counting this promise as “kept.” If he breaks it, then it is in the “broken” category. Speaking of which, Politifact currently rates President Trump with three broken promises: Providing his personal tax returns, suing sexual accusers after the election, and declaring China a currency manipulator.

President Trump had kept 21 campaign promises before he re-negotiated the Iran Deal into a withdrawal. One can call it a compromise, but is a ‘yuge’ win for the U.S. and the Iranian people. Stay tuned to New Right Network on more news about Iran. This brings the total number of promises kept to 22 out of 99.

The list below shows the promises PolitiFact recognizes as being kept:

  • Slashed Federal regulations
  • Implemented a lifetime ban on White House personnel lobbying for Foreign Governments
  • Replaced Supreme Court Justice Scalia with a strong, conservative Justice
  • Kept open Guantanamo Bay, Cuba also known as GITMO
  • Canceled USA’s part of Paris Accord
  • Canceled Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • Kept Carrier (Air Conditioning) plant in the US and facilitated many businesses returning to and investing in the US economy
  • Implemented a 10% repatriation tax as part of sweeping tax cuts
  • Reversed Obama’s gun ord
  • Moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Create private White House Veterans hotline (up and running since late 2017)

bringing the total promises kept to 24.
This list is what Politifact is tracking as “in-the-works”:

  • Rebuilding the U.S. Navy toward the goal of 350 ships.
  • Terminate Barack Obama’s immigration Executive Orders immediately.
  • Suspend immigration from terror-prone places.
  • Build the wall and make Mexico pay for it.
  • Raise Tariffs on goods imported into the U.S.

Here is the list of stalled promises:

  • Build a safe zone for Syrian refugees.

President Trump promised not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It provides a Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees. We compared Medicare and Medicaid 2017 Final Budget to what President Trump is asking for in 2019.

“The FY 2019 Budget proposes a $45.0 million increase …to strengthen the integrity and sustainability of Medicare and Medicaid by investing in activities to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse... The return on investment for law enforcement activities was $5 returned for every $1 expended from 2014-2016.”

Based on the evidence above, we take issue with PolitiFact’s assessment and their remarks of “no cuts yet.” When placing these two promises alongside his promise of not taking a salary, our President made promises and is keeping them. There are two promises addressed here, bringing the new total of “kept” promises to 26.

Our last promise to investigate is Trump’s promise not to cut Social Security.

“The fiscal year (FY) 2019 President’s Budget focuses on implementing organizational reforms that make us more efficient and effective; investing in modern technology and business processes that will help us serve the public better at a lower cost and addressing our key backlogs. Also, we will continue safeguarding taxpayer dollars by investing in efforts to reduce improper payments and combat fraud.”

President Trump promised not to cut Social Security. It is presumed to believe that means not cutting benefits. The total budget increased by 2% over last year, while actually reducing the workforce by 1,907 work years. This can be an accumulation of part-time and full-time employees.

Stay Tuned For More

Our next installment in this series will cover President Trump’s latest promises kept, as well as updates on the following:

  • Drastically scaling back the U.S. Education Department.
  • Triple ICE enforcement.
  • Dramatically scale back the EPA.
  • Raise tariffs on goods imported into the U.S.
  • Growing the economy by 4 percent a year.

COL Mike FitzGerald / Writer
I am a graduate of the U.S. Army War College. Now retired after 39 years of service, I earned the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge in two combat tours. My expertise includes logistics, readiness and linguist operations. I see my patriotic duty to educate Americans about the truth, help “drain the swamp” and hold all politicians past, present, and future accountable.
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