Roseanne Barr: Show Canceled Over Tweet

Roseanne Barr TV Show Canceled

By now, the entire world has heard that Roseanne Barr lost her job with ABC-TV (U.S.) after tweeting an insult about Valerie Jarrett, the former President Obama's chief of staff. This tweet made fun of Jarrett's facial features, saying that she resembled an ape of some sort. Specifically, Roseanne tweeted "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj." Whether we agree with that assessment or not, it would seem to be imprudent that someone as iconic as Roseanne should make such an error-filled tweet.

Some may think that it makes no sense that Roseanne was fired and discarded. There has been chatter about double-standards and hypocrisy, citing that other people on the left have said worse. There have been calls for the death of the President and his family, threats to his wife and even harassment of his youngest son. Most notably, Wanda Sykes- former produces on Roseanne's Show, referred to President Trump as an "orangutan."

The Tweet That Ended Roseanne's Show

Roseanne's tweet is almost nonsensical and childish. One must wonder, what was she thinking? Roseanne is, at her core, a comedian. Comedians are known for saying outlandish things for the shock-factor. If you listen to any stand-up comedian, you will be able to find something that could be considered "offensive" depending on how you take it. However, there is a time and a place to say these things, even for comedians. A badly timed joke can be the end of a career.

Let us take Kathy Griffin as an example. Griffin is a comedian who has spent her life using the "shock-factor' to deliver jokes. She is an outspoken liberal and a lot of what she has said has been horrific. The career-ending moment came when she decided to pose with a fake severed head of President Trump. For some reason, Griffin thought that this would be a great joke. This is a time that the shock-factor went too far. Griffin lost her contracts and her shows due to her 'joke.'

With that in mind, Roseanne did not tweet out a death threat nor did she make any threats to anyone. What she did do was use 'shock-factor' in a tweet and called it a 'joke.' No matter your opinion on what she said, the timing could not have been worse. In the politically charged atmosphere on social media and with Roseanne being one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, all eyes were on her. The 'shock-factor' went too far and caused her show to be canceled and resulted in many people losing their jobs.

What Is Really Going On?

Roseanne is not so disconnected from Hollywood or Obama that she does not know the protocols of the Left. No, she is very connected and knows all about what is expected. The fact that she has been hurling insults on such Leftist luminaries such as George Soros is beside the point. Is ABC-TV so intent on Leftism, that they would cancel their top-rated Tuesday show, and not only her show but also reruns of Roseanne's previous show? At first glance, yes. This is what has been reported that her show is canceled and reruns on various other channels are kaput. Are we expected to believe that TV stations no longer care about revenue? Does Roseanne not have a very strong contract?

The satire of “Roseanne” does not rise above general "hillbilly" jokes, which are now in the bloodstream of America. We see conservatives smile and laugh and tell themselves Roseanne is awesome and brave. The character of "Jackie" was inserted for "balance" and made to appear loony. Jackie is, in fact, a softened version of Leftist insanity, easy to laugh at; she is a victim and not a perpetrator. The ratings are huge, and ABC now owns that Tuesday slot. Are we to believe that a television station, which depends on ratings and which must compete against cable and Netflix, would jeopardize their position by handing Tuesday over to the competition because people who do not even watch Roseanne are offended? It is the same as Laura Ingraham apologizing to people who do not listen to her radio show because they are boycotting her sponsors. The problem is, those non-listeners do not affect Laura's ratings or revenue, and her sharp comeback proves that. There is no difference with Roseanne. She has nothing to fear, and neither does ABC-TV. This, therefore, could be a publicity stunt.

Could This Be for Publicity?

If it is a publicity stunt, it is brilliant. It engages every conservative and Republican into her world. It is the Trump strategy. With Trump, it is the media out to get him, which they are! With Roseanne, however, there is no such comparison. She does not run the country, and she is not the long-time thorn in the side of liberalism that Trump has been. Still, many on the Right are advocating to "save Roseanne" in a rallying cry second only to protecting President Trump.

If it is not a publicity stunt, then what explanation can be offered? Roseanne is now claiming that the sleep aid Ambien is to blame. As reported by Reuters Roseanne said "It was 2 in the morning and I was Ambien tweeting-it was memorial day too-i went 2 far & do not want it defended-it was egregious Indefensible" in a message that has since been deleted.

Although apologetic and clearly regretting her twitter rant, Roseanne has alluded to possibly fighting back against ABC's decision to cancel her show. Although it is unclear at the time what grounds she would use to push back on ABC's decision.

Tommy Max / Writer

I am a patriot who doesn't like to see America pushed around. I stand up straight for what I believe.
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