School Shootings: Why There Are so Many

Why All the School Shootings?

First of all, why schools? It is possible that it is the "gun-free zone" which attracts school shootings, but there are other gun-free zones that do not share such a dangerous pattern. Could it be that all of the children are packed in like neat fish in a barrel? Little League baseball games or a mall are also similarly populated and do not suffer such statistics.

An Odd Place for a Shooting

Indeed, a school or campus is an odd place for a shooting except for one thing: there is a mandatory recurring schedule of a particular person or persons, whether teacher or student. Who would want to know this? Almost certainly, another student or teacher. Why would they want to know this? Without a doubt, someone has been or believes themselves to be, bullied or persecuted.

It makes sense then that school violence erupts from prior violence, whether it be physical or emotional, actual or perceived. That is to say; there are no cheerful stable people shooting up schools. Can we acknowledge that bullying is terrible, and not downplay the role of bullying in the lives of children? Regardless whether it is children or teachers tormenting other children or teachers, schools are brutal places where dissimilar people are forced to congregate and work out their differences under mostly casual supervision.

This is not to justify school shootings as natural consequences of bullying in schools. Gun ownership and bullying have both been prevalent through all eras of history, but the gun has only recently been the tool of revenge. In fact, bullying has coexisted even in schools which provided gun (and archery) training and team sports. So if it is not the availability of weaponry which is the catalyst for school shootings, what might it be?

Cause and Effect, Chain of Events

One possible problem has been increasing mental illness and treatment of it. How long have we been drugging our "ADD" and "ADHD" boys with Ritalin (1960's) and Adderall (1990's)? How has this affected overall societal aggressiveness, either increasing it in volcanic lads or submerging it too deeply so that one day it explodes like Vesuvius?

What about Xanax and other benzodiazepines? This 2017 article says that 130,000 toddlers have been prescribed benzos! What about SSRI prescriptions for manic-depression, clinical depression, and other disorders? A 2017 article estimated that about 8.8% of people between 18 and 44 were on SSRI as of 2014.

Although SSRI prescription percentage for children and teens with depression is unclear, even 2% indicates one person on such medication in every classroom of 50 people. This does not even count the number of children and teens with some form of mental illness which is not being treated, which may cause violent tendencies regardless. Some may downplay violent tendencies as "harmless" growing pains, but the victims do not think so. Thus, the dilemma is to drug, or not to drug.

Stuff It Down

The core of treating mental illness today seems to be to "stuff it down," especially where it concerns anxious, angry, or hyperactive boys. This should be a cause of concern for all of us. It has never been a very good mental health strategy to ‘stuff’. It is important to teach kids to behave appropriately, but it serves no purpose to drug them to get what the inconvenienced adult wants, which is essentially peace and quiet.

It is a condemnation of adult patience and effort that drugging is a common go-to. Perhaps that is why teen drug use has become more acceptable. This has not been proved harmless, and it keeps them quiet or busy that much longer. There also seems to be an uptick in criminal mindset.

This is not about criminal statistics, which have actually been falling for many years, but is more about the gangster stance; the craving for respect which most times has not been earned (see Jordan Peterson for more), and the glorification of Mafiosi in film and music. There is behavior which is not classified as criminal, including violent activism of Antifa and other such groups.

The List Goes On

These behaviors and actions cause minds to become broken, including adultery, which breaks up homes. Underage sex and abortion, and other loose activity sets no boundaries and causes moral confusion. Some may classify these behaviors as merely erratic, some as moral issues with no true connection to childhood and teenage violence, and some may think this is all perfectly normal and natural.

This has become a big problem in our schools. The disunity of our society and the making of enemies along lines which adolescents traditionally did not, as a rule, think about. Since the 1960's, this "us against them" mentality has pervaded not only normal teen angst and rebellion, but also teenage politics, socio-economics, and religion. Some might say this is good competition to societal norms, but much of it is coerced and fostered at the adult level. For example, when a teacher threatens student grades for having this or that view on capitalism or conservatism or Christianity.

This is not to say that conservatives are the perpetrators of school shootings. Indeed, it has more often than not been the work of a Left-leaning mentally-ill person who (again, more often than not) is on prescription medicine for that illness. It is that the combination of a permissive society that likewise glorifies criminal behavior, coupled with an inconvenienced adult population that medicates its agitated and depressed youth, finds itself faced with homicidal and doped-up (primarily) male shooters.

A Means to an End

Some say this is the intentional work of the government, a conspiracy to create such shooters for the expressed purpose of banning guns in America. This implies that all it takes is a shocked populace to change the Constitution. In actuality, it would take three-quarters of the States in an Article V Convention to make such amendment to the Amendments.

It also implies that an armed American populace, including its criminals, would voluntarily give up their one billion arms and one trillion bullets. It implies that such a disarmament Amendment would not immediately be followed up with a reversal through the more numerous concerned citizens who treasure their personal safety and freedom.

While communism indeed has plans to disarm America, their shrieking voices are louder than their actual numbers. Nevertheless, communism must be destroyed because it uses such things as school shootings to bolster its ranks under the banner of "caring" and "sympathy."

A Real Change

Is there a solution for school shootings? Ten million marching for "the children" (actually, for disarmament) cannot stop a random mentally-ill homicidal male from taking the lives of those he believes have irreparably harmed him. Perhaps greater police or guard presence, or armed teachers, makes some sense to us, but it only acknowledges reality without changing it. A determined mentally-ill shooter will find his target sooner or later. The only permanent solution is to change the way we handle perceived mental illness and to decide if we want to continue glorifying criminal behavior.

On that latter point, there is one more element: attention-seeking. Not only is it the objective of the school shooter to be rid of his perceived tormentors, but it is also to garner some attention for himself which affirms his plight, which the media are only too happy to accommodate. Thus, the short but blistering fame of the school shooter is glorified, even immortalized, as useful fodder by such outlets as CNN and others.

Tommy Max / Writer

I am a patriot who doesn't like to see America pushed around. I stand up straight for what I believe.
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  1. Bullies in achool dont get punished. Children that are bullied do if they defend themselves or retaliate. If you report a bully nothing is done. The bully seems to become worse. Its a horrinle time for the bullied kid.

  2. Bravo! You got the nail on the head. In fact, several!

  3. Very good article Tommy, you got it http://www.cchrflorida.org/antidepressants-are-a-prescription-for-mass-shootings/

  4. Here's one more, what does this tell you https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/03/20/teen-suicides-up-70-percent-over-a-decade




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