SCOTUS Upholds Trump Travel Ban on 5-4 Vote

SCOTUS Building

Gorsuch Casts Deciding Vote

The Supreme Court voted Tuesday to uphold the controversial President Donald Trump travel ban for several Muslim-majority countries.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 26, 2018 

The 5-4 SCOTUS decision upholds an earlier directive (travel ban 3.0) by President Trump to limit travel from five countries to the United States. Countries listed include Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. These countries have either been ravaged by war or have significant populations of Jihadist groups.

The Trump administration has argued the five countries listed on the travel ban do not have the infrastructures in place to make sure Jihadists do not use the immigration system to gain access to the United States.

You can read the entire SCOTUS decision here, courtesy of Fox News.

The majority opinion was penned by Chief Justice John Roberts who concurred that the order fell within the parameters of presidential authority.

“The sole prerequisite set forth in§1182(f) is that the President “find[ ]” that the entry of the covered aliens “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” The President has undoubtedly fulfilled that requirement here,” Roberts said.

The reaction on Twitter in favor of the ban has been robust.

Today’s SCOTUS decision isn’t just a win for @realDonaldTrump, it’s a victory for the American people and our national security.
— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) June 26, 2018 

#SCOTUS rules in favor of the travel ban – so it's time to ramp up the left-wing histrionics for the first time in... oh... like 20 minutes!
— Herman Cain (@THEHermanCain) June 26, 2018 

Liberals React to SCOTUS Decision on Travel Ban

The dissenting SCOTUS opinion was provided by Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“This repackaging does little to cleanse [the policy] of the appearance of discrimination that the president’s words have created,” Sotomayor said. “Based on the evidence in the record, a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was motivated by anti-Muslim animus.”

The reaction by liberal politicos and scribes has been as expected. Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison compared the ruling to the Dred Scott decision.

SCOTUS upholding Muslim/Travel ban is reminiscent of Taney Court’s Dred Scott decision, in which an partisan court reached a discriminatory holding to support a futile attempt at suppressing human dignity. The dustbin of history awaits this one too.
— Rep. Keith Ellison (@keithellison) June 26, 2018 

History will look back on today's #SCOTUS decision as one where the court endorsed discrimination. RT if you agree: #NoMuslimBanEver
— Rep Frederica Wilson (@RepWilson) June 26, 2018 

Several prominent liberal personalities voiced their disdain on Twitter about the ruling.

Most amazing thing is even Trump is surprised (Wow!) that conservatives were able to steal Obama's SCOTUS pick and start truly MAKING AMERICAN WHITE AGAIN! This is a very sad day for our beautiful country. Huge step back towards much darker days.
— Morgan J. Freeman (@mjfree) June 26, 2018 

Today, there is a collective chill running down the spines of Muslim-Americans. As bad as Islamophobia was after Sept 11 or with the rise of Trump, today’s SCOTUS decision, whether intentionally or not, has given Islamophibia a sense of American institutionalization #TravelBan
— Ayman Mohyeldin (@AymanM) June 26, 2018 

"Gorsuch is Steve Miller in a robe." - @tonijoh2020

#SCOTUS #MerrickGarland #NeilGorsuch
— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) June 26, 2018 

Daou is referring to Merrick Garland, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama as a replacement for deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The GOP controlled Congress never heard a confirmation hearing for Garland. Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as a replacement for Scalia.

Please stay tuned to the New Right Network for further updates involving this story.

Jake Highwell / Writer

I am a political pundit and equal justice advocate with two decades of journalistic experience. Currently residing in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago and a recovering Obama voter, I strive to bring insight and commentary to the MAGA Nation.
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  1. Basically, what took so long? It's completely legal under Federal Law and constitution.
    Obama did it too. So did Clinton. So there is no big hoopla except media and social media.
    SO, whoop-de-doo, FDA put Japanese in actual interment camps but let's blame that on the Right.

  2. SotoMayor is incorrect. It does not matter what potus's motivation was. The Constitution does not address intent.
    It says it is his job. He has the power and the authority under the Constitution and the law, and she knew that when she wrote her $0.02

  3. Finally,we have a president who defends the interests of the American people!Democrats and liberals have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate that they are the worst enemies of America and American people!
    Very soon the word "democrat" will mean the enemy!




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