Suppressed News Archives: Roy Moore Bites Back Hard

Roy Moore's Fight Not Being Covered

Roy more and his advisers are finally taking action against his accusers. Most of you did not know that, did you? This happened weeks ago. Roy Moore stood with his attorneys on Monday, April 30, announcing he is filing a lawsuit in Alabama for defamation and political conspiracy. "We intend to show the people of Alabama that a political conspiracy came about to ruin his campaign for Senate," attorney Melissa Isaak told reporters. "And to defame him, defame his character, so that the people of Alabama would not vote for him during the special Senate election."

Isaak also adds that the defendants named all have ties to each other and the Democrat Party. According to Moore’s Attorneys, more than 20 named and unnamed people are defendants in the suit. “The people of Alabama deserve to know the truth, that the accusations made against Judge Moore during the U. S. Senate campaign arose from a political conspiracy to destroy his personal reputation and defeat him in the special Senate election for United States Senate," said Isaak.

Where It All Started

Roy Moore had enjoyed quite a lead over his Democrat challenger, Doug Jones, about a month before the allegations became public. With 32 days left before the special election, all the stops were pulled in an effort to defeat the Judge. Three women (not nine, three), within days of each other, come out with horrendous accusations against Roy Moore for sexual misconduct.

The most famous accuser was Beverly Young Nelson, who accused Moore of trying to rape her behind the restaurant where she worked and threw her out of his car when she resisted. Nelson was the accuser with the famously forged yearbook and a carnival drawing (just in case you thought she looked old at 16).

Her claims have been largely debunked by her own forged yearbook and by patrons of the restaurant who swear they had never seen Roy Moore in or around the restaurant. Nelson was caught because of a divorce hearing in which Judge Roy Moore was presiding. It is thought she forged the signature using the documents from that hearing, in which Judge Moore ruled against her.

Taking Back His Reputation

Judge Moore, whose family and finances have suffered greatly both socially and professionally, states emphatically that he is filing these lawsuits because Alabamians deserve the truth and because he wishes to restore the good name and reputation he had previously enjoyed. He is not trying to take Doug Jones’s seat. He states that his opportunity to run for public office has been compromised due to these false allegations and the political hit job that the DNC had run on him.

Fellow defendant Tina Turner Johnson had her attorney issue this statement, via WSFA 12:

"Mr. Moore said nothing new and is using this as another attempt to fleece money from his followers. Claiming he is broke (despite receiving approximately $200,000 a year in a pension from the State of Alabama), he has been engaged in actively seeking money to defend a defamation suit pending against him in Montgomery, Alabama, a suit that seeks a retraction and apology, but no monetary damages beyond attorneys’ fees. Now, Mr. Moore continues his solicitation for money from his followers to fund the meritless lawsuit he filed today, a suit in which he seeks to enrich himself by demanding compensatory and punitive damages. Ms. Johnson stands by and reaffirms the truthfulness of every statement she has made about the sexual assault she suffered from the hands of Mr. Moore. He has lost any power of intimidation he once held."

You can read Roy Moore's complaint here.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all round, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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  1. Thank you for bringing this to light. The LEFT continues to use these tired old trucks it’s time MAGA stopped listening to them




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