Border Control: Micro Vs Macro

Breaking and Entering

It is 6:39 in the evening, having spent the last hour in soul-crushing traffic after a long, grueling day of work. A day spent managing reports, crunching numbers, compiling charts, attending meetings, facilitating presentations while trying to down your daily dose of Keurig coffee to keep your brain on track. The day was long and stressful, and the drive did not help, regardless of how many podcasts you attempted to listen to.

You are finally home to unwind. You pull into your driveway, breathing a sigh of relief. Home life stress is much different than office stress. You may have kids to tend to. You need to have dinner and to figure out what would be more productive, watching the news or mowing the lawn that has been overdue for a week. With another deep breath, you walk in.

You turn the corner only to see a family of strangers squatting in your den. You do not know where these people came from. They do not seem to be from the neighborhood. Then you see your shattered window and realize they broke into your home. They seem harmless, but you just met them. Keep in mind you have no real means to vet them.

List of Demands

These strangers hand you a list of demands written in broken English. What is written looks to be you providing free room and board, with all utilities provided at your expense. They demand an allowance of $550 per month, a seat at your dinner table, and free access to your amenities such as WiFi. They even demand baby food for their kids.

You attempt to call the authorities when one of your neighbors walks in and says, “If you call the authorities on these people to kick them out, you are racist!” Imagine not just your neighbor, but your own daughter also pointing this out. She says you will be a xenophobe if you kick these strangers back out onto the road. All while the strangers cry, “It is my right to be here. I am a human being!”

Can you imagine this happening in your home? This is what immigrants and Leftists tend to demand be allowed on the macro national level, but it does not make sense on a micro level, does it? This is how it is going down.

Which Lens To Use

The funny thing is leftists do not see it because they believe macro vs. micro are different in concept. There is a quote on a meme going around that says, “If you support locking children in cages and separating them from their parents because they crossed an imaginary line on a giant rock floating in infinite space, you are not a patriot, you are a racist!”

It sounds intellectual and gives off this arrogant, “Oh, in your face!” type of burn. Reality and logic say otherwise. You just need to twist it, hit them where it hurts, and the point crumbles and falls apart like the strawman it is. How do we know these are the parents of the kids being separated? Is there proof that can be provided? If asked, will the kids provide a definitive answer confirming who their parents are?

Another point of contention is the fact that illegally crossing the border is a misdemeanor which requires kids to be separated from their parents, as it is the law. Everyone has borders. Everyone has boundaries, whether they are the walls of a house, firewalls on your computer, personal space boundaries, and even agreed upon geopolitical boundaries. If it is an imaginary line, anyone can simply cross anywhere and call that boundary “imaginary.” The walls of your house are imaginary. Anyone can simply cross because they do not believe in it, irrespective of the physical presence of that border.

And Another Thing

Take it a bit further with this thought, if you will. With the “Me Too” movement, which places a significant emphasis on personal space and consent to stop sexual assault and sexual harassment, where are the borders to your body, since it is an imaginary bubble floating around your personage.

If you do not let another have the right to cross the border to your personal space, you are labeled a bigot. Obviously, this is an ignorant argument, and the mental gymnastics performed are astronomically huge. It does beg the question that if it does not make sense on a micro level, then should it also not make sense on a macro level?

A stranger squatting in your house has no right to be there. It is not the right of another person to invade your home. Unless they are invited in and vetted, giving them the allowance to be there, they should be removed. An illegal alien does not have the right to waltz across into the American “home” unless they are invited and vetted, giving them the allowance to be there.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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