Cuomo versus Molinaro versus Nixon: A Potential Dynasty Upset

No More Cuomo?

Governor Cuomo, who is expected to take part in the soon to be long and hard fought 2020 Democratic Presidential primaries, is obviously leading the polls in the Empire State. However, Molinaro and Nixon are both gearing up for a summer of hard campaigning to win the Governor's Mansion come November. Mrs. Nixon is an admitted Democratic Socialist who, like many other Bernie type candidates, is tired of the old guard NeoLiberal Corporate Democrats such as Governor Cuomo.

Her campaign website proudly proclaims she is running on the issues of Economic Inequality, focusing primarily on African Americans and Hispanics, as well as unequal education opportunities. Previously, she campaigned with now Mayor Bill De Blasio, bashing Mayor Bloomberg's education policies for not combatting the noticeable inequality between the wealthy districts of the city and the poorer.

Implementing Socialism?

Nixon also rails against increasing housing prices, putting forth solutions such as a Universal Rent Control bill. Nixon has also proposed giving a driver's license to all New York residents, including Illegal Aliens, in order to combat the so-called “vote suppression” of the state that she blames on Wall Street donors.

In a big blow to her campaign hopes, Planned Parenthood has put its endorsement behind Governor Cuomo; this despite Nixon's focus on abortion rights in the state. In contrast, rising Socialist star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who primaried Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District of New York, has endorsed Nixon over Governor Cuomo.

Mayor De Blasio, who lent Nixon some campaign workers, has a history of not being effective in state politics even within the big apple. He failed to help the Democrats take control of the state senate, and fails to draw in crowds to rallies to help Congressional candidates. This suggests his help may be bad optics for her campaign.

The most noticeable result of her campaign so far is that she has been able to get Governor Cuomo to turn further left, as evidenced by him recently giving free S.U.N.Y. tuition to DACA Recipients, seemingly showing fear of losing the city vote to Nixon. Nixon has also bashed Cuomo, nonstop, for apparent corruption as well. All in all, Nixon has the potential to gather enough “screw Cuomo” votes to do some damage. Regardless of how many votes she gets, she may help the state of New York get a Republican Governor, as the democrat votes will be split.

Speaking of Republican Governors

The Republican running for Governor is Marc Molinaro, the current Dutchess County Executive. Molinaro previously was the youngest mayor in America. He accomplished this when he became the Mayor of Tivoli, NY, at age 19. He was subsequently re-elected five times.

He then served three terms in the Dutchess County Legislature and was elected County Executive at age 36, making him the youngest in Dutchess County history to hold the seat. Molinaro was called a “Trump mini-me” by the Governor, to which Molinaro responded with the fact that he did not vote for the President. His declaration was a smart decision. It effectively silenced a possible leftist narrative disparaging his character.

Molinaro, though being quite literally a career politician, has adopted the slogan “believe again,” in reference to the rampant “culture of corruption” of Albany. He has unendingly bashed Governor Cuomo’s long list of pay for play schemes and bailouts in an effort to appear to be a political outsider by comparison.

The NeverTrumping RINO

Molinaro has distanced himself from the President, criticizing his response to the Charlottesville riots. He has, more importantly, criticized the tax cuts and jobs legislation of last year due mainly to the removal of S.A.L.T. (state and local tax deductions), which greatly subsidized high tax states and kept them from completely imploding on themselves.

The removal of S.A.L.T. has caused an already massive emigration from the state, as more and more families, and college graduates, move to lower-taxed states and states with more high tech job opportunities. Molinaro promises to invest in high tech jobs in order to keep college graduates from fleeing to Silicon Valley, on top of promising to improve public schools.

Molinaro has promised to keep the property tax cap in place if elected, as well as using sports betting revenue to make up for reducing property taxes. Molinaro promises that the first piece of legislation he would present would be to call for an end to campaign contributions from companies that seek state contracts in an attempt to end “Pay to Play” schemes.

Nope, No More Cuomo!

Although any Republican running in a New York statewide election partakes in a massive uphill battle, history can very well repeat itself this year, resulting in a Shakespearean downfall for Governor Cuomo. For those unaware, current Governor Andrew Cuomo is the son of Mario Cuomo, three-term Governor of New York from 1983 until 1994. Republican George Pataki defeated him as part of the “Republican Revolution” midterm election of 1994, led by Newt Gingrich.

Pataki was a little known State Assemblyman who, with the endorsement of former New York Senator Al D’Amato, was able to defeat the iconic Mario Cuomo in a massive upset, promising to term limit himself, as well as parading other positions now held by Marc Molinaro. Andrew Cuomo has by most accounts not filled his father's shoes as many hoped he would. He is revealed to have taken part in one corruption scandal after another, not at all helped by his hardline anti-gun laws such as the infamous Safe Act limiting magazine sizes.

That Was Not A Good Idea

Renaming the iconic Tappan Zee Bridge after his father was an insanely unpopular decision, multiple petitions arising to restore the bridge to its original name. The bridge was named after Governor Malcolm Wilson and kept that name from 1994 until 2017. Accompanied by a potentially strong grassroots campaign from Cynthia Nixon possibly taking votes from Cuomo, the Governor’s Mansion could very well be held by a Republican and a historic “like father, like son” upset.

This election will also depend on how well the Republican Party, as a whole, does in the coming midterms. Some New York Congressional districts, specifically NY 19, are considered a battleground for House control. We will see how the campaigns take form during the late summer and early fall as November 3rd quickly approaches.

Kyle Frank / Writer

I live in Upstate New York and I became interested in politics late in 2016. I am excited and honored to be with New Right Network.
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