Democrats Vote to Keep Children and Parents Separated

Anticipation Must Have Been Incredible

Washington D.C. has undoubtedly seen some heartwarming moments over the years. One such moment came on June 20, 2018, when President Trump called for a special meeting of the executive branch. This meeting’s agenda was to discuss, among the other articles included in the bill, the formalization of plans to prevent families from being separated after they are arrested for trying to enter the country through illegal channels. The bill was one which Democrats had previously submitted, and was given a big thumbs up to go forward. Instead, this first of two Goodlatte Bills was rejected by the radical left and an insurgent wing of the Republican party. This petulant response came as there is an attitude of negativity towards President Trump’s request for a $25 billion fund to create the wall.

It is true that being detained as an illegal alien is a frightening experience; everything and anything that comes to lift your spirits is a cause for celebration. It is difficult to imagine the eyes of husbands, wives, and children in detention facilities across the U.S. who are separated from one another as they watched the President of the United States heroically sign a document, ready for a sure victory when it was passed through Congress. They were going to be reunited with a mom, a dad, a son, a daughter, a husband or a wife. Visions of smiles on the facility guards’ faces, as families would have run to call their relatives and spread the news. Most of the guards in detention facilities struggle with how bleak these detainees’ situations can be.

The day of the vote would have been hope-filled and jubilant, although tense. There may have been some frayed nerves. There possibly may have been a few fights as the anticipated time of the vote neared. The children might have been playing more happily, the mothers may have been shaking hands and sharing smiles. The men might have been playing soccer or pacing quietly, in the hope of a victory. The news report would have been played over televisions in overcrowded rooms all across the country. This was the anticipated moment they had been waiting for, prayers whispered and eyes transfixed to the news.

Dejected Defeat

In detention centers and prisons, the most frightening thing a person can hold onto is hope; the reason for that is that it can be so easily stolen. Imagine the horror on a mother's face hearing the results of how Congress voted on the bill. Granted, the bill was not a perfect one, but it would have prevented familial separation and would have reunited loved ones who have not seen each other for days, weeks, or even months. The rooms would have been quiet, or they would have been filled with the tortured screams of people in anguish. Though entering the country through illegal means, President Trump’s administration was keen to show these detainees the compassion that they so rightly deserve; to show compassion for simply being human beings. Many of them fell on hard times and could not afford to apply for citizenship.

Democrat supporters and members of Congress lined up to denounce the practice of separation; yet, the very moment they had the opportunity to actually do something about it, they clubbed together along old party lines.

Hope was snatched away from the separated families. It was then that America had an opportunity to see the Democratic Party for what it truly is. These elected men and women who are there to serve the people voted not to change the situation for the predominantly Hispanic community of detained victims of a messy immigration legal system. The vote was counted at 193-231. Hope that something was going to be done for the children was destroyed. Some of these children, even now, might be running around playing and expecting to be returned to their families because nobody has the heart to tell them that playing politics has kept them away from their mommy or daddy.

People Should Not Be Second After Power

By stealing hope from the separated family detainees, the Democrats have defeated themselves. Families are going to continue to be split across America until a bill is passed. The Democratic party and their obstruction are at fault. They had a momentous opportunity to achieve good in America; instead, they chose petty political tactics and divisions, forcing the Republicans to postpone a vote on a new deal for immigration. Everyone on the hill believes in a need for immigration reform. It is the Democrats’ strategy to resist working together and to blame President Trump’s administration as a way to glean more votes that is causing the continual emotional torment inflicted upon the innocent children. They are the victims in this heartless political world.

Who Is to Blame?

Everyone involved with breaking the law has accountability. Those parents who made the choice to place their children in a horrific situation in the hopes of subverting the laws of the United States of America are certainly responsible. Bill Clinton is also to blame when, in 1997, settled the case of Flores v. Reno. Presidents Bush and Obama bear responsibility for not having the heart to consider the welfare of those too young to be held accountable for the actions of others. The Democratic Party is to blame for putting politics ahead of the well-being of the very same people they were crying out to protect only moments before. The current administration bears responsibility, as well, for not creating a stand-alone bill for the welfare of illegal immigrant children that would most likely pass uncontested.

What Can You Do?

Each person who reads this, as they are likely to be a true American citizen, has representation of the Congress, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Your vote and your voice need to be heard and made to count. Understanding how difficult this can seem, look at your phone -- it probably has Google Assistant or Siri. Ask it to search for your state representatives’ names. Then, actually call them or email them to demand that better facilities and consideration for the interests of these children be passed into law. This is surely for the moral sake of the country; so much has been made of this that politicians need to be held to account. Let them know that you will remove your support for their candidacy unless something is done. This is how America is truly great. Few have the encouragement to get things done -- you can be that encouragement. Make America Great Again and make it your priority.

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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  1. Well-written article, Tony. My view is, many children are pawns in this game, and the game has been going on now for decades. Cartels use them, as do communist groups like La Raza for photo ops. Then there are the hoaxers like "cage kid" which was staged. This mimics Palestinian staged dead children bodies, which have also been used in Syria to justify "refugees" which are mainly able-bodied men abandoning their country for "greener fields" and jihad/invasion.

    My compassion is low because this is not the first time this has happened. Also, this is the "caravan" that was supposed to be stopped and wasn't. Also, it's not like they don't know what's waiting for them. Also, Obama caged kids, if this is the right terminology. Also, what are we even doing except committing cultural suicide for the sake of cheap labor? And what happened to E-Verify?

  2. Figures the Democrats would not want the families put back together nor do they want the southern border secure as it is not part of their agenda as they are using every dirty trick in an attempt to again take over congress so the Clinton/Obama machine can have control of the country again




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