God Bless America and Donald J. Trump

Rebellion from Tyranny

The words reverberate out, grabbing the attention of Americans everywhere: “Let freedom ring.” Our insides tingle with pride. Our hearts warm instantly. It matters not whether we are an expat living overseas, or a Southerner sipping sweet tea on a front porch swing. We instantly share the same feelings.

Americans also share something that most people around the world do not understand, especially the globalists. It is something inherent in every man, woman, and child blessed enough to call this great nation their home. It has been the driving force behind every person serving in our military; it inspires the twinkle in President Donald J. Trump’s eye when he speaks at his rallies, it calls out to the passionate fervor of young conservatives who travel around speaking at colleges across the country. It is rebellion from tyranny.

The American Dream

Initially, our country was nothing more than an extension of England. We were ruled by a tyrannical king who allowed settlers no freedoms of their own. That was illogical to our pioneering, young Americans-to-be, who were busy trying to make a new life in a new land. Logic and fear of oppression became a big part of whom we would become as a country. We knew we deserved better. We had established successful settlements. We knew someone living thousands of miles away did not deserve the fruits of our labor without giving us the freedom to voice our thoughts and live freely. British rule was not listening to our issues. Government was broken, and we needed to fix it. Rebelling against this tyranny, colonists stormed cargo ships and threw chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. It represented the beginning of our fight for independence and led to the birth of a new nation.

Through this brave beginning, our independent nation has taken rebellion from tyranny to a whole new level. Within each of our souls is the aspiration of The American Dream — the promise of its achievement through personal determination and hard work, and the gratification in realizing that dream as our personal motivation. It is as American as a Fourth of July parade, as patriotic as the Stars and Stripes waving in the breeze, and it is something we have all grown up believing in. Reading late great American authors like Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, and Louisa May Alcott, we learned that the promise of success was there for the taking. Working towards it, and rebelling against tyrannical thinking and an oppressive mindset, Americans could succeed. We turned away from naysayers who said it could not be done — and proved it could.

The Great Re-Awakening

These are the roots of our American spirit, and the driving force behind a movement called #TheGreatAwakening. Americans have been in sleep mode for quite some time. Now for the hard questions: what caused us to fall asleep when we were once at the wheel of our own country? Why did we hand over control to those who did not have our best interests at heart?

After the horrific events of 9/11, there was a wonderfully patriotic coming together of our nation. We had that rebellious spirit working overtime; we would not allow anything to harm our nation again, or so it seemed. Yet, we fell back asleep, lulled into a false sense of security that all would be well. The ensuing wars were a distraction from problems at home, and a factor in our declining economy. We were presented with words of hope by our presidents, and we blindly believed them. However, nothing seemed quite right. Little by little, doubt crept in. Justice was being denied. Criminal politicians were not being held accountable. We fully awakened once we realized that the politicians had taken advantage of our freedoms. It was the very freedoms we revere — the ones we share in our blood with those brave, young Americans-to-be, who dropped the tea overboard; the pioneers who rode west over the prairies to stake their land and build a new home; the soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy. Nothing gets American blood pumping faster than losing our freedoms. There it is — rebellion from tyranny.

People all over are waking up to the truth that globalist tyranny has taken a foothold in this country. The damage has been done, but the American spirit is as rebellious as ever. It is with that spirit that the first president in a very long time, one who loves this country as much or perhaps even more than we do, has been elected to the highest office. President Donald J. Trump has lived the American dream. He is the embodiment, the poster child. He has the optimism and faith in us that he had in himself. We feel his optimism; we share his love of country. He even reveals to us his rebelliousness — a characteristic that is perhaps the best part of all. We finally have a president who wants for us what America has always been about from the beginning: Freedom from a tyrannical government that, if given the chance, would take away our Constitutional rights. Freedom from the very type of government that the Constitution was written to protect us against in the first place.

Let Freedom Ring

Reminiscent of General George Washington’s rebellious nature, President Donald J. Trump is protecting our freedoms. He speaks out against any who would dare put down the American people, their spirit, their warmth, and their pride. Negative naysayer arrogance is countered with his steely determination. He protects us like a father caring for his children or a lion watching over his pride. He fields the onslaught of hatred and insults, day in and day out. He does this with his own refreshing and honest style, as we watch in awe. That song is more poignant than ever now. We tear up with gratitude and pride in our country. Let freedom ring! May God Bless America and Donald J. Trump.

Amy LaFrance / Editor

I have a BA in English Lit, with a focus on journalism. I minored in communications, as well. I've had many political editorials published. I'm also a creative writer and blogger. I love our president and support him 100%. It's time to fight back!
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