Helsinki Talking Points, Act 1: Vladimir Putin, Scene 2

Talking Point: Economic Prosperity

“We paid more attention to economic ties and economic cooperation. It’s clear that both countries, the business of both countries are interested in this. American delegation was one of the largest delegations in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. It featured over 500 representatives from American businesses. We agreed, me and President Trump, we agreed to create a high-level working group that would bring together captains of Russian and American business. After all, entrepreneurs and businessmen know better how to articulate this successful business cooperation. We’ll let them think and make their proposals and suggestions in this regard.”

During the Helsinki press conference with President Donald Trump, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin expressed a desire to address the economic state of both countries. His idea should have fair weather Trumpers cheering -- if we could get the Wallace Watch to tell us about it. Currently, there is absolutely no in-depth analysis of this idea and how it would affect the economic state of both countries, if not the world.

The establishment is focusing on distractions: “Did he say would, or wouldn’t?” “OMG, he didn’t condemn the hacking publicly!” “Oh, look how nice he is being to Putin after he insulted and attacked our allies!” These diversions are being tossed out there to keep people from reading and analyzing what was said.

Consequently, no one will have assessed the weight of what was spoken, which means voters will have less information on which to make decisions. Using the perfect fear tactic of “Putin ad Portas!” ensures that it, above all others, will move the voters in the direction that the establishment wants. That is the very heart of control in America. By controlling the mob, and you control the country.

Talking Point: Russian Interference in America's Election

“Once again, President Trump mentioned the issue of the so-called interference of Russia with the American elections, and I had to reiterate things I said several times, including during our personal contacts, that the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs, including election process. Any specific material, if such things arise, we are ready to analyze together. For instance, we can analyze them through the joint working group on cyber-security, the establishment of which we discussed during our previous contacts.”

Amidst the annoyance of being asked once again and the adamant protestations of innocence, there is this gem: “And I had to reiterate things I said several times…” This statement clearly shows that the 'Trump does not care about Russian interference' and he is 'in Putin’s pocket' claim by the establishment is clearly a lie. A person who does not care about a subject, especially one who is a puppet, would not risk inquiring about it over and over again, would they? It should be noted that Putin claims “The Russian STATE” has never interfered with American “affairs.”

Later in the questioning, President Putin reiterated that the STATE did not have anything to do with hacking American elections. “For instance, the Concord company that was brought up is being accused, it’s been accused of interference. But this company does not constitute the Russian state. It does not represent the Russian state.” This is a bit of a weaselly, slippery statement. It seems to admit Russians were involved, but not their government. One is hard pressed to remember an instance when Russia did not have control of every aspect of its internal affairs.

Amid numerous attempts by the establishment to deny the American public the information needed to make decisions concerning our country, was the fact that “Russians” also tried to hack the RNC, Donald Trump’s campaign, and that the information taken from DNC was, among other things, the entire database of Trump opposition research.

Talking Point: Russian/American Relations

“I think you know that recently we hosted the American Congressman Delegation, and now it’s perceived and portrayed almost as a historic event, although it should have been just a current affairs, just business as usual. And in this regard, we mentioned this proposal to the president, we have to think about practicalities of our cooperation, but also about the rationality of the underlying logic of it.”

“And we have to engage experts on bilateral relationship who know history and the background of our relationship. The idea is to create an expert council that would include political scientists, prominent diplomats and former military experts from both countries who would look for points of contact between the two countries and would look for ways on putting the relationship on the trajectory of growth.”

What Vladimir Putin is saying here needs no explanation. Across this whole world, despite operational and cultural differences, many countries share the same desire to have good relationships with other countries. What does needs explanation is why the establishment as a whole, particularly the left, does not want this to happen with Russia.

Abusive Tactics

This calls to mind that the same reaction that happened when President Trump paid a friendly visit to Kim Jong Un. Although there is a difference between the two visits because some aggressive talk was shared between Trump and Kim prior to the meeting, the very same scare tactics were used by the establishment. Screeches of “We’re all gonna die!” were heard. The very same villainizing of the North Korean leader was propagandized.

Abusers always have the same tactics. They want their target isolated and alone so that no one can interfere in the abuse. This would include criticizing behaviors as abnormal, or bizarre. Abusive behavior is rampant within the establishment. This is especially true where the #WalkAway movement is concerned. Witness the behavior exhibited when Kanye West decided he could think for himself, or when Candace Owens says just about anything. Not even gay people can get away with declaring independence. MAGA must stand united to stop the abusers.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all around, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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