The View Vs Judge Jeanine Pirro: Whoopi Went Hysterical

The View To a Kill

Judge Jeanine Pirro was invited to be a guest on the controversial show, The View, this week to promote her new book, 'Liars, Leakers, and Liberals.' What started out as a semi-pleasant exchange between the well-known leftists and Pirro quickly escalated to a Whoopi Goldberg meltdown. With both Jeanine and Whoopi being nowhere in sight once the 'go to commercial quickly because it is too heated, commercial break was over. As if watching Whoopi ask questions and then not allow the judge to answer them was not bad enough, Ms. Pirro stated that she was personally thrown out of the building with a profanity-laced tirade from a clearly deranged Goldberg, not excluding a healthy supply of spittle from the actress herself. Yuck! So much for civility.

Civility Is Dead

In what country do we live? Do we not live in the United States of America, where the freedom to disagree and debate are paramount? What has happened? Watching the exchange between Judge Jeanine and Whoopi play out on the screen, in real time, it is clear that the civility in this country has been completely lost.

Where did it go? As a nation, we used to be able to remain cordial, or at least pretend to be, when we were debating those of a differing viewpoint. We grew up in a time where debate teams in high school were promoted, and we had to defend positions we did not even believe in for the sake of understanding how important it was to be able to try to understand our fellows. If only for the purpose of civility, peace and simple human courtesy.

Those on the other side of the aisle are quick to blame Trump for this downfall of human decency. Whoopi did on that very show. They all do. Whenever they get called out for their own snafus, of one thing or another, they quickly mention how Trump promoted violence at his pre-election rallies, or tweets nicknames like crying Chuckie when he wants to make a point of how ridiculous Chuck Schumer truly is. While some people may think that it may be slightly childish on our president's part, it is effective, in that it gets the ball back in the court of the Democrats. Trump fights back. However, he usually does not throw the first punch and that is the difference. They are not used to his style.

The liberals may be suffering from George W. Bushitis. Mr. Bush took it all, for years, and then some. Trump does not, but they persist in blaming him and bringing up past so-called 'transgressions.' Have they ever been told that there is proof that Hilary's campaign paid people to be instigators at Trump rallies? Are they also aware that Trump merely tells the truth because he sees through the hypocrisy of political correctness?

Liberals seem to see truth-telling as an excuse to be mean or cruel. It scares them. They are so feelings based, so emotionally driven. Knowing the truth may hurt at times, they would much rather not see it. They are masters at covering up the truth; glossing it over and rewriting it to fit their narrative. This is a good reason why denial is such a massive problem in society today; Why relationships and families can be so dysfunctional; Why broken families and broken promises are rampant. We can thank many liberals for these predicaments. They have taken denial to a whole new level. Not only is it 'not just a river in Egypt' anymore, but it is also now an enforced social norm, especially when you are dealing with them.

Project Much?

On the View that day Whoopi said, "I'm tired of the president saying Mexicans are liars and rapists," however, as usual, she misrepresented what the President said. Even PolitiFact, who is nothing but critical of President Trump, debunked that he ever said all Mexicans are liars and rapists. She also overlooks the fact that many of the rapes and murders committed in our country are committed by illegal immigrants from Mexico. Their own country cannot control the drug cartels, who seem to run their towns and the people, and yet, Trump mentioning that problem is somehow cruel? The truth hurts to them. They refuse to look at it, or themselves. So they blame Trump.

They may try to blame him, or his supporters, for this downfall of basic human decency, but they could not be further from the mark. Projection comes to mind with fervor. The left has the psychological art of projection down to a science. They scream that Trump is misogynistic, while they praise the likes of Harvey Weinstein, who has openly admitted to bargaining sex for movie parts with actresses. They swear that ANTIFA is against fascism, while they burn down Berkeley to make sure that Milo Yiannopoulis is not allowed to speak. They praise ABC for firing Roseanne, for an insensitive tweet about Valerie Jarret, while they defend James Gunn for tweets about pedophilia. At every turn, they will swear that conservatives are callous and uncaring, watching gleefully as Michelle Wolf celebrates abortion, in full song and dance, like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They will spout that Trump has no class, while they praise a restaurant for refusing to serve Sarah Sanders. They are the intolerant and uncaring ones. They merely project it on to others.

We Are Not Going To Take It

The Democrats are slowly but surely tearing this country apart with nothing more than pure hatred and old-fashioned envy. They have not been able to get over the fact that they did not win the election. Their hatred for Trump has metamorphosed into something ugly and dangerous. We are in trouble. Whoopi's tirade is but a mere glimpse of how their hatred is bringing our country to its heels. The View is an excellent example of liberal hatred and intolerance, every day, but it is only one example. There are plenty.

Watching Whoopi lay into Judge Jeanine, her facial features contorted into sheer anger, yet blaming Trump in that same moment, it is not hard to think of Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said, "accuse your opponent of that which, you yourself, are guilty of." The mainstream media, the liberal talk shows, even Hollywood, they beat that same hatred of Trump drum, day in and day out. Then they turn it around on him, or conservatives, or Fox News, or anyone, but themselves. The difference now is that we do not hold on to it. We know where it comes from and we do not own it. They can keep their hatred. They can complain about Trump. They can hate this country, and they can be miserable doing it.

We will stay positive and MAGA. Eventually, everything will reflect back at them. Even Whoopi will not be able to hide.

Amy LaFrance / Editor

I have a BA in English Lit, with a focus on journalism. I minored in communications, as well. I've had many political editorials published. I'm also a creative writer and blogger. I love our president and support him 100%. It's time to fight back!
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