Are You Kidding Me: Rewarding Domestic Terrorism, the Kino Jimenez Model

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The New Killing Fields

Earlier this month, a man assaulted and terrorized three 16-year-old boys sitting in a burger joint waiting for their order, simply because one wore a red MAGA hat. After Twitterservatives engaged in a doxxing campaign to identify the aggressor, police arrested Kino Jimenez, and his employer fired him. Unfortunately, in the fervor to uncover the identity of the attacker, his ailing mother was also doxxed. As an aside, including innocent family members when revealing the identity of the attacker is something to be avoided, and any intentional acts should be condemned.

When an Aggressor Plays Victim

Another act that should be condemned is the setting up of a GoFundMe account in support of a grown man assaulting teens, claiming that the funds are for bail. He deserves to be locked up in a jail cell to think about his actions. One would be hard-pressed to justify panhandling for the man’s legal defense, especially when his crime was directed at teenage boys who were physically weaker than himself. However, that is exactly what someone did.

Sara Issa, a sweet Texas belle, has started a campaign on GoFundMe with a goal of $85,000, bless her heart. She even posted a proper Democrat talking point to explain why she was asking the general public to do something a public defender can do for free. How thoughtful.

Killing Freedom of Speech and Expression

In the campaign description, Issa justifies Jimenez’ assault of the teenagers by claiming the teens were racist. She states, “Kino has been fired from his job, fair. But he does not deserve to be ridiculed by the public and called a ‘coward’ for standing up for his political views in a somewhat violent way.” Actually Sara, reasonable people understand that, yes, he really does need to be called out.

She continues defending his actions saying, “Reason being, is that the boys have been reported to be having a conversation that included many ‘racial’ comments before the video began recording. Kino was only acting on what he had seen and heard.”

It gets worse. Issa apparently believes in and blames ‘white privilege,’ stating “In recent news there have been many attacks against people of color, for simply existing in their own skin. When caucasian harassers are called out, they get to go on TV and shed some alligator tears after losing their jobs, thus gaining support and starting conversations where there might be a good side to his/her story." Commenters on the GoFundMe account did not agree with her views.

Reasonable Americans Respond

Reading through the comments section will renew your faith in humanity, in general, and Latino humanity, in particular. Here is one such favored comment:

I am also of “Latin Heritage” and I would have never reacted like that. His is a disgrace to the Latin people!! We want the citizens of this country to accept and treat us as equals and then one of ours does something like this? Inexcusable!! Do not donate to this fraud!!!

April Gonzalez, in the quote above, is not the only one speaking out against the unjust way Issa describes what happened, or the reasons for it. The one good thing about the assault is that it has received negative attention, which it certainly deserves.

People are tired of identity politics and the championing of perpetrators. It is time for the radical left to get a grip. Reasonable people do not tolerate the unwarranted demonizing of teenagers in order to garner sympathy from people for someone who did something criminal. This 30-year-old man attacked teenagers, claiming they said “mean” things. Adding the phrase “before the video came on” is not proof the teens made insensitive or racial comments. Even if they had made insensitive comments, assaulting them is a terroristic and criminal act. The GoFundMe account has now been taken down, possibly because of the negative backlash.

To Kill a Nation, Kill Its Children

When a nation justifies the unmitigated and unjustifiable act of attacking and terrorizing teenagers and violating their civil rights, because something they wear offends you, that is the day we lose our country. Our children — regardless of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their peg on the poverty scale — are America.

More specifically, they are the beating heart of America, which is why they are being targeted. To kill a nation, kill its children; the rest of the nation will soon follow. Allowing a man a fair trial by a jury of his peers, assisted by an attorney paid for by the taxpayer, is a good thing. To launch a campaign to minimize the crime and vilify the victims with unproven or unprovable statements is an outrage that must be condemned.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all around, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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  1. culpable., You never disappoint! Bravo for an excellent report of this heinpus incident. After all, this still is the land of the free!




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