Concern for the Future: A Left That Is Calling for Violence

A Joke?

What do you call a vegan, pro-choice politician who supports Palestine and has coping issues? Adolf Hitler. If you are a Republican, you may well have laughed just then. If you are a Democrat, you may be feeling insulted. Does this sound like someone you know? Is it you?

Directional Labels Are Sleight of Hand

  • Left
  • Right
  • Fascist
  • Socialist
  • Liberal
  • Communist
  • Conservative

The list of labels is endless, and for the most part utterly senseless. We needlessly place ourselves in boxes based upon religion, politics, geography, ability, race, education, and economic standing. It causes division and highlights differences. It formed a big part of Adolf Hitler's 1000-year Reich.

Our separation across invisible, yet distinct lines of indignation in the sand is exactly the tool Hitler aimed to use to reform and rebuild society into a construct of strict division. That reformation was his key to desensitize people so that they would not be horrified at the disappearance of entire communities. The power of public opinion can have immense effects on the very world in which we are all supposed to live together.

Back to the Future

Philip, the Second of Macedon, is the historical figure attributed with the phrase “Divide and Conquer.” It was later used by Caesar and changed from the phrase “Divide et empira” to the term “Divide et Regnes,” or divide and rule. There has been no more significant tool for harnessing the strength of the people than the use of separation tactics. We are seeing it now.

In the late 80's and 90’s, there was a pull towards unification, and it gained some headway. Issues that had previously divided, such as race, age, gender, and sexuality, were constantly tackled. People like Will Smith, Oprah, Roseanne Barr and even Bruce Willis, all gave us a message of unity. For a short time there was a relative peace that settled over America. The people were strong, their freedom assured. This power was stolen from America and the world.

September 11, 2001

The old lines of division were being defeated. People who should have remained poor were becoming affluent and had influence. Whether you are a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, or whether you accept that the reports of the day were accurate is of little importance here. The fact is that there have been two wars fought in the USA and the West, an open war against terror and a covert war involving smoke and mirrors.

Let us focus on the second. On that day, a new enemy emerged. You could not see him, and you would not be able to catch him. He fed on your fear. So, too, did the Bush Administration, which almost instantly began to take freedoms away from the American people through Congress. Hitler offered protection for the guns of the German people. George W. Bush offered counterterrorism for your right to privacy.

Since September 11 there has been a massive growth in the sale of private information. There are very few in the world who do not have a massive internet presence. If you Google search yourself, you will find a ton of references to you and to others who share your name. You will also find companies that will try to sell you even more information about the person for whom you searched. There is no privacy; everything is known about you.

An Oxymoron of Phraseology

There is a new social type in the west today. We refer to them as progressives, and it is a term that means fair and good; it is an open-handed noun that inspires hope for the future and sets us a familial goal for humanity to attain. It opposes everything that Hitler stood for. It unifies, Nazism divides. It brings together, the right keep us apart. It is peaceful yet imposes legalism.

People should be free to be all they can be and to self-actualize their wildest dreams. However, as we saw in the summer of 1969, this hedonistic approach does not lead towards a place of peace and tranquil prosperity. Instead, it separates society even further. It causes anger, feelings of doubt, paranoia and one of this world's strangest oxymorons of phraseology. The violent liberal.

I have had the privilege to have worked with over a thousand millennials as a painter and decorator of all things. I have found them to be some of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever come across. If they lack in wisdom, they make up for it with heaps of empathy and wide-eyed awe at how great the future could be.

Unfortunately, they also have some interesting responses to being told that they cannot do something, or that the word no is even an option. They, just like all of us, were raised on the promises of things like, “The dreams that you wish will come true” or “If you work hard enough, it will be yours.”

A West Filled with Little Hitlers

The Reagan generation was spoon fed a lie, and out of that lie developed a sense of resentment. That has led to growths in the suffering of mental illness. We started to have children while we were only children ourselves and realized that the dreams that you wish do not necessarily come true.

Previous generations of defeat are now watching this generation’s moral downfall. We owe millennials and Generation Z an apology, as your grandparents the baby boomers owe my generation an apology. There are more 30 and 40 somethings wondering around today with broken dreams and no qualifications than at any time in human history.

The 'you can do anything' mentality of the 1990s only led to a hangover, and this generation of youth is the fruit. Our generation lost all grip on what has been traditionally termed as morality, and we have raised our young into that world. While they have beliefs of equality and unity, merely wishing for something will not give you anything.

This generation is finding that there are people with the same equal right to disagree with them, and they have no idea how to assimilate that new information. We the parents failed to discuss things, to teach them how to discover opinions, and what to do with them. This has led to threats of violence, accusations of bigotry, and actual attacks upon people who share different values and beliefs to their own.

A Social Construct of Fear

Hitler was able to turn an entire generation of youth into a mob of creatures who would gladly throw rocks at Jewish people in the street and worse. So today there is a social construct of fear and enmity towards people who hold even classically liberal views. The parents of this generation have failed to teach them what to do with their emotions.

The parents of this generation are only just beginning to mature as we step out of what has come to be known as adultolescence: children in adults bodies. Do you know the difference between a toddler and psychopath? Size! They have been shepherded into massively segregated and distinct social groups, and they are growing more and more angry with each passing day.

Threats of violence against the first family and people with differing values are at levels we have not seen since Nazi Germany. Where generation X discovered apathy, millennials and generation Z are discovering enmity and hate. This generation seeks to destroy.

Fueling the Political Inferno

The modern media, rather than taking responsibility, is feeding the hate with a one-sided conversation of division and attack. This has caused a mob mentality across the West, but especially in America. Donald Trump is the focal point of that hatred. Anyone who sides with him, from Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the greatest civil rights campaigner in the world, are fair game in a war of hate-filled attack from an army that claims to be tolerant and for equal rights, yet has no idea what those two things actually are.

Trump is not racist, and Dr. Alveda King is not a bigot. Yet we are all attacked almost daily by a band of little Hitlers who are bent upon the destruction of society’s fabric. Society’s fabric has served and taught us how to coexist in ways that profit society for millennia. These attacks are the expression of what had once been internalized, being actualized. A warning: the future, right now, is looking likely to become a place of violent anarchy, a war of more than just words, where a group who feel wronged will exact their revenge. A time where persecution based upon belief will be seen as the greater good for society.

People with conservative values will be assaulted, attacked, or maybe even killed for their beliefs. The Progressive elites have lost all compassion. Anyone who dissents from their views is seen as an enemy to be berated and dehumanized. Hitler did precisely this with the Jewish people, gay people, those with birth defects and people of color who didn't suit his purpose. This is how he started. Please research what the outcome was and use this research to create a better future than my generation has provided for you.

Tony Parton / Writer

I am the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice from here in the U.K. I enjoy writing and have a written for a couple of blog posts and online News feeds.
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  1. LOL@ being the first Brit deported under Trump. You know i have to ask why you were deported (over stay your VISA?) and why you support him in spite of that.
    Great article. Very well written and thought out.
    I agree with your premise. Perhaps we did oversell and unercut the generations. I pray we can learn as a society as a hole that there is a balance between the "you'll never be anything" and "you can do anything you want" extremes.

    1. Yeah I overstayed. It sucks. I'm so hoe sick!!! It's my own stupid fault. Where as there are many who would blame Potus, I can't. I really like the guy.

  2. I agree with most of what you say.

    As a baby boomer I don't know which event (s) you're referring to in the summer of 1969; and as the mother of a 34-year-old responsible young woman and mom, I am proud that she lives with the faith, morals & values I taught her. I don't know what other baby boomers did, but I took my responsibilities of motherhood seriously.

    As always, I applaud your contribution.




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