Michael Ian Black Considers Pedophilia a Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

Days after “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn was fired because of offensive tweets that included pedophilia “jokes,” comedian Michael Ian Black’s old tweets began gaining attention on Twitter. Black tweets his disapproval regarding the NRA, referring to them as a terrorist organization, and is a very vocal critic of President Trump. However, it is Black’s tweets detailing vile, disgusting “jokes” which are pedophilic in nature that are prompting people to speak out against him.

Reasonable people know, it is no laughing matter to joke about pedophilia when thousands of children are trafficked and abused every day. The fact that Twitter has not made one move, to limit or suspend Black for such tweets, shows that Twitter seems to have one standard for conservatives, as well as another for blue verified liberals like Michael Ian Black.

Examples Are Archived

The number of leftists who came to the defense of Michael Ian Black is simply astonishing. Any sane, rational individual would immediately speak out against this behavior. Here are only two examples of Black’s offensive tweets about boys andelementary school costumes. While comedy is a subjective artistic expression, arguably, these tweets should not be available for general public viewing.

Apparently not enjoying the public reaction, Black slammed one person who brought his tweets to light, Mike Cernovich.

Michael Ian Black considers it normal to make “jokes,” find humor in, and laugh about an adult’s sexual attraction to a child. Making statements implicating oneself to be a pedophile is not a joke. It should be taken very seriously; the FBI should conduct an investigation into Black for the tweets that were posted on his Twitter feed regarding his so-called “jokes.” Let us, as a society, be clear: Pedophilia is not a joke. Ever.

Matthew McCarthy / Writer

I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College, and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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