2018 Midterm Elections: Gambling with the Future of the MAGA Movement

Fighting the Resistance

After suffering a resounding defeat in the 2016 Presidential Election, Democrats began devising post-election steps forward. Rather than acknowledge the reality of the election results and pledge to work with the President-elect, Democrats openly declared war on the incoming administration, vowing to resist and obstruct President Donald J. Trump at every turn.

Part of this obstructionist/resistance approach was to introduce a story of Trump and “Russian collusion.” Mainstream media covered this topic, which was introduced with the sole purpose of delegitimizing President Trump’s win. Media, Democrats and establishment politicians knew the great threat Trump’s agenda posed to their interests by giving power back to the American people.

Despite the intense opposition the President receives, his administration has fulfilled many campaign promises and is charting a new, safer course for America. However, in order for our President to continue reaching great heights, it is imperative to understand the consequences of a Democrat-controlled Congress and for every Trump supporter to vote in this year’s midterm elections.

Implications of Democrat-Control

In addition to every fake scandal that emerges daily, the Russia witch-hunt is still front and center. For 13 months now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have been investigating “Russian interference in the 2016 Election.” This task is viewed by many as a means to try to take down a duly-elected president. With no crime found, and countless leaks to the news media, Democrats have used this investigation to undermine Trump’s presidency.

In addition to this daily distraction, Democrats continually attempt to bring impeachment charges against the President. So far during the Trump presidency, the House of Representatives has already voted on two impeachment resolutions, one on December 6, 2017, and another on January 19, 2018 — both of which failed. These two impeachment resolutions are important reminders as to the potential power Congressional Democrats would wield, if they were to control both houses of Congress.

It is not just impeachment that Democrats would focus on if they were to regain control of power. Democrats would further stymie President Trump’s agenda, including his ability to get additional legislation passed. Any newfound power would result in a whole new level of obstructionist tactics, as Democrats attempt to appease their far left base.

The stark reality Americans would face, with a Democrat-controlled Congress, should be enough to galvanize all Republicans, Independents, and those who support our President, to vote this year.

Beware of the Snake Oil Salesmen

In voting for an incoming congressman or woman, voters must be aware of who the candidates truly are, and of their priorities. It is imperative to vote for Republican candidates who are 100% behind the MAGA agenda, and who will always stand behind our President.

During the current election cycle, the Democrat Party is attempting to deceive voters in many pro-Trump states and congressional districts, by putting up candidates who are branded as “moderate” and “reasonable,” while, in reality, they will be nothing but pawns for the liberal agenda.

Take, for example, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. As a Democrat running for re-election in a heavy pro-Trump state, he tries to appease both sides of the political spectrum, in order to keep his moderate status and to win over Trump voters. However, Manchin’s unreliability could not be more clear, as exposed in this article by lifenews.com. Manchin tries to have it both ways in the abortion debate. Similarly, he has considered becoming Republican numerous times, yet continues to remain in the radical overrun Democrat Party.

Regarding legislation, Manchin has voted against key elements of Trump’s agenda. One such example was the repeal of Obamacare. The second was the GOP tax bill, which is already yielding positive results for many Americans. While Manchin may talk a good game, he is not a reliable ally, nor someone who supports the MAGA agenda. Joe Manchin is just one example of the Democrat Party’s attempts to deceive voters.

The President needs those who hold steadfast values and are committed to his agenda, not those who see which way the wind is blowing before picking a side.

Avoiding an Apocalyptic Outcome

Further threats of impeachment, continued obstruction, and baseless instigation by the Left, are outcomes that can be avoided. To prevent these catastrophic outcomes, voters must elect more Republicans to both the House and Senate — ideally, candidates who are endorsed by our President.

To truly Make America Great Again, President Trump needs the support of Congress. This support is lacking due to slim Republican majorities and “moderate” Republicans who align with Democrats on many issues. President Trump cannot do everything on his own. He needs those who will help him achieve his goals. The American people are responsible for providing him with that help. This must be done through the voting booth. Voters need to wisely harness their power and send candidates to Washington who stand for what is right — standing with our President through thick and thin. The very future of the MAGA movement depends on voters doing just that.

John Stewart / Writer

I am a millennial who cares deeply about my country’s future. I am committed to the MAGA movement and all it entails. I will use my writing to advance my conservative beliefs and to express my 100% support for our President.
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