Peter Strzok Publicly Testifies Before Congress

Investigating the Investigator

During an opening statement, Strzok claimed that his personal opinions of then Candidates Trump and Clinton never interfered with any part of the Russia Interference Investigation or the Hillary Clinton Email investigation. Strzok claims that the Russia Investigation is not politically motivated, nor is it a hoax or witch hunt. Trey Gowdy grilled Agent Stzrok on the beginnings of the Russia Probe, and how he drafted and published the original document as well.

Gowdy pointed out to Agent Strzok how 10 days before the document was drafted, Strzok had written in a text that a Trump presidency would be disastrous, destabilizing the government. Gowdy asked Strzok how many interviews he had conducted within that week about alleged collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians. Strzok refused to answer questions, prompting Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the Committee, to state that Strzok was under subpoena and required to answer Trey Gowdy’s question.


Democrats on the Committee proceeded to interrupt Bob Goodlatte. Goodlatte stood his ground and overruled the Democrats on the Committee. Goodlatte stated to Sztrok that he failed to state any legal basis for not being able to answer the question, he would be subject to the possibility of being put under contempt of Congress, facing possible criminal liability.

House Democrats began trying to push through motions to adjourn the hearing, Goodlatte refused to recognize the motions, directing Agent Stzrok to answer Trey Gowdy’s question, Sztrok proceeded to confer with the council sitting behind him. Sztrok again stated his refusal to answer the question. Goodlatte voiced his displeasure, stating that at the end of the hearing, they would summon Sztrok based on his refusal to answer the question, to allow the Committee to consider proceeding to hold Strzok in contempt of Congress.

Sparks continued to fly during the hearing, a House Democrat stated that if Goodlatte was going to hold Strzok in contempt, they should hold Steve Bannon in contempt for not answering Gowdy’s questions. Gowdy again repeated his question, and Stzrok again refused to answer the question.

Strzok Senseless

Gowdy questioned Strzok on the text stating that they would stop Donald Trump from becoming President. Strzok began defending his text message, stating that he meant the American people. He stated that no one in the FBI was trying to interfere with the 2016 election. He further stated that he did not recall writing the text message, but that it was written late at night, in shorthand style, and sent in response to Trump’s alleged disparaging of a Gold Star family.

Democrats proceeded to begin interrupting Gowdy, saying that Gowdy was not letting Peter Strzok answer his question. Democrats also claimed that Gowdy was harassing Strzok. Gowdy then acknowledged Strzok’s claim that he did not mean that he or Page, in their capacity as agents, were going to stop Trump.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan got his chance to publically question Strzok, lighting a fire under the Committee, and causing Strzok to become nervous very quickly. Jordan began immediately questioning Strzok about two individuals that were mentioned in one of his text messages, establishing that it was David Corn from Mother Jones and Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS. Jordan then asked Stzrok if there were three copies of the Dossier, and again Stzrok refused to answer.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Jordan told Strzok that during the hearing they held with Glenn Simpson present, Simpson claimed that he had no contact with anyone from the FBI. However, the Strzok text details someone with the last name Simpson who provided a copy of the Russian Dossier. When asked about that, Strzok again refused to answer.

Congressman Matt Gaetz questioned Stzrok about the meeting with “Andy” and whether Bob Mueller questioned him about the “Insurance Policy.” Strzok answered no. Gaetz also questioned Stzrok about the text message referencing the impeachment of President Trump, Stzrok answered that Bob Mueller did not question him about any text messages.

Gaetz sounded off on how damaging it was for Peter Stzrok to be on the Mueller team, as well as several other staffers who had connections to Hillary Clinton. He also brought up the fact there was apparent bias on Peter Strzok’s behalf. Gaetz stated that Strzok’s understanding of Robert Mueller’s perception of him was unreliable.

A Virtual Silence Dogood

Strzok considers himself to be a patriot for his work on the Russia probe, as well as being on the Mueller team, entirely believing his opinions of Donald Trump to be of no bias whatsoever. Strzok was conflicted, damaged, and corrupted, tainting the Russia Investigation. It is evident that Agent Strzok was seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency through any means necessary, even if it meant bending/destroying the very rule of law itself.

The Justice Department’s move to push Peter Strzok out of the FBI, revoking his security clearance, was the right decision. Strzok had an extreme loathing for this current President, as well as the individuals that supported him. Strzok had labeled all Trump supporters as disgusting, smelly, stupid hillbillies in one of his text messages. Strzok has absolutely no credibility for his apparent bias for Donald Trump and his supporters, he should be the subject of an investigation to determine if he made any attempt to subvert our sacred dually elective process.

Matthew McCarthy / Writer

I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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