Radical Left Encourages Public Harassment Against Sanders

Sarah Sanders at a press breifing

Taking It Too Far

In an MSNBC interview with Joy Reid on 7/1/18, purported conservative Republican contributor Jennifer Rubin did not hesitate to attack Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. #NeverTrump Rubin stated that Sanders should “be made to feel uncomfortable for the rest of her life. Don’t play defense. Play offense. ...get up and leave. Or, in unison holler back. They sit there. They take it. They record it. ‘We have to be there. We have to let them say their peace’. No you don’t. Your lives are in danger. Your lives are on the line”.

Rubin later continues noting that Sanders should be made to feel uncomfortable for the rest of her life. This comes within weeks of many Trump Cabinet officials, including Sanders, face growing harassment from the radical left. Actor Peter Fonda horrifically called for Sarah Sanders to be kidnapped. Fonda also called for the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to be stripped naked in a public square to be whipped. The radical left have shown their growing hysterical derangement with President Trump, as well as his supporters. Many reasonable people are extremely concerned this hysteria could lead to another violent incident like the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise and the heroic Capitol Police officers.

Frothing media with interviews like Reid and Rubin’s stir up division and ludicrous stories to continue the momentum of hate. Many on the left are convinced that the Trump Administration is using ICE and DHS to kidnap children of illegal aliens from parents entering the country, and, that the Press Secretary lies to cover it all up.

Receiving this kind of misinformation and stoked by media, the radical left have become so unhinged, they are completely convinced they must stop President Trump. They believe they must resist him every step of the way, to remove him from office, to derail his agenda, to hurt his administration personnel. Unfortunately, to obstruct in this way, they are going even further left.

Over the weekend, many on the left including elected officials, have called for the complete abolishment of ICE. This is a far-left ideology. President Trump answered these remarks by leaning in, and on, the Democrats stating if they chose to run on this message, they would no doubt lose the election.

It is time for Democrat leaders to get their base under control. No reasonable person wants to see another violent incident like the one Scalise and the officers endured. The Press focuses their vitriol on Sanders at each Press conference, calling her a liar. The harassment needs to stop before someone is acts upon Rubin, Reid or Fonda’s words.

Matthew McCarthy / Writer

I have taken a TV and Radio Broadcasting class at Mott Community College and I am currently taking Communication, with an emphasis in journalism at the University of Michigan Flint. I have extensive knowledge of politics and love reporting real news, not fake news.
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  1. These individuals calling for harrassment are actually advocating violence from the numerous unhinged far left psychos. Very manipulative and seriously dangerous. Arrest these violent agitators before there is murder perpetrated by a person with a criminal mind as happened at a ball game in Washington.




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