Trump Hate: Hypocrisy of the Left Revealed

The Heart of the Matter

Exploring the reason for hatred of President Trump is like peeling an artichoke. There are spikes and thorns along the way, but at the heart of it, we found a rewarding treasure trove of tasty information. The Women’s Movement's hate, lashing out, foaming at the mouth, and constant anger is focused on an alleged predator; a womanizing President Trump. However, they fail to mention President Bill Clinton or President John F. Kennedy. Two very well known womanizers. As the layers of hate are peeled away, we find essential pieces of the discussion, as well as the ultimate reason.

Instead of addressing Clinton’s and Kennedy’s womanizing, during their presidency, and risk possibly negating their effectiveness and leadership, the news agencies kept it under the covers (Pun intended). For these two presidents, the media felt it was not appropriate to bring their private life to the fore. In addition to that, no one cared. These two presidents made America money.

What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

It is vitally important to address a clear distinction between the character flaws of Presidents Kennedy and Clinton. Unlike Clinton, it has not been inferred that Kennedy’s indiscretions were forced upon his women, whereas Clinton has been accused of numerous rapes and assaults. Arguably, one of these acts is much more egregious than the other and should be condemned. Affairs with willing women are bad enough.

President Kennedy’s steps toward the equality of everyone included signing Executive Order 10980. This order established a Presidential Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW). By doing so, many credit him with helping to create and gain momentum for the Women’s Movement, which Bill Clinton benefited from years later.

Kennedy was Pro-Life due to his Irish Catholic American roots. Abortion was not a political hot potato during his short tenure as president. Clinton, on the other hand, embraced by many Feminists and endorsed by the National Organization of Women (NOW), campaigned on Women’s Rights and being Pro-Choice.

That is Not What Pro-Woman Means

After all these years, and knowing their history, why would anyone continue to support the Clintons considering their actions against women? Inexplicably, the Women’s Movement vitriol has been focused on President Trump. They claim Clinton is a champion for women, and supporters willfully ignore his indiscretions, like sacrifices on the altar. They continue to despise Trump, however.

While there are many differences between Clinton and Trump regarding potentially inappropriate relationships, the most lucid fact is that unlike Clinton, the accusations against Trump are not from incidents occurring during a presidency. Also unlike Clinton, the accusations against Trump cannot be proven. His accusers have faded back into the woodwork, perhaps due to the fact they were consensual. Some women are clearly attracted to money and power.

Arguably, being a provocatively dressed dancer, singer, actress, model, or any role in life objectifies women. The Women’s Movement disagrees, however, saying it is their choice on how to use their body while empowering women to have personal control and freedom. This is their belief unless they are discussing the current First Lady. Melania Trump chose to pose nude earlier in her career. She is harassed, ridiculed, and mocked for doing so, even though in her current role she is fulfilling her duties with gracious dignity. She is linked to Trump and, therefore, hate-worthy.

To Touch, or Not to Touch

The Women’s Movement argument is to enjoy your body and promote it as you wish. Choosing to wear sexually enticing clothing should not be an open invitation to be noticed, touched, or offered sex. When a woman chooses to tease a man openly, it is her choice, and that man must ignore her unless or until she tells him it is okay.

How then does one enjoy those areas when they have been given the "hands-off" stigma? Let us think this through. What becomes the signal to a chosen mate when one is in the mood for sex? Command him, it would seem. This creates circumstances exactly the same as what Feminists have fought against having been done to them. They are now doing it to men. It is a backfired control issue.

The Women’s Movement wants to punish men for making them second-class citizens and property long ago. It was wrong then, and it is wrong to do it to men now.

Women’s Movement Created Girl’s Club

There are those willing to vilify and bully women who disagree with them. There are those who will only support a woman if she is in the Girl’s Club. This is the essence of the animosity toward President Trump and his supporters. The Women’s Movement cannot and will not realize the only equality gained was to do that which they protested against being done to them. This hinders them from seeing that in this day and age, women enjoy much more equality than they did in Kennedy’s day.

President Trump’s win was partly due to the many women who are happily independent, successful leaders. We are survivors of our own regrettable choices, and we choose to turn away from the Women’s Movement’s failed mantra. Seeing the number of winning women, the Girl’s Club has had to face grim reality, and they are lashing out. They cannot yet comprehend that being personally responsible and accountable for one’s choices leads to an independent life where we are not victims demanding love and/or sex. Join us. Learn to live a truly free life. Happiness and confidence are rewards as well as the true empowerment of women. Perhaps the anger and hatred of Trump will dissipate. Yes, there is hope.

Joanna Dannah / Writer

I am a supporter of our duly elected President Trump and vocal to counter the HATERs. I support the unforgotten men and women citizens who are the backbone of America. I strive to KAG for my children and grandchildren.
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  1. To be honestly fair. The article should have mentioned Republican Warren G. Harding and his mistress;Nan Britton. We must face fact, President Trump is not the first or probably the last POTUS on either sids with character flaws.

  2. Very well written Joanne. The hypocrisy of women today is astounding. It is just manufactured outrage and has no bases in reality and they know it. Tragically they don't understand they merely pawns in a bigger game and when they're no longer useful, will be discarded once again. The irony is fighting for a cause and being used and discarded anyway.

  3. The reality is the radical leadership of the "Women's Movement are Liberals first and foremost and radical Feminists only secondly. This is clearly seen by the simple fact that Conservative women in the media and in positions of power and influence are never championed by these people but are often ignored, or worse yet, attacked, belittled and vilified. It would not surprise me if the Women's Movement main source of funding and power comes from their very close relationship with the Progressives and Globalists.




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