#WalkAway: Trump’s America, A New Look at Patriotism

What Google Wants You to Think

Here is an interesting thing that comes up when one does a Google search for something like “sources of American pride” or variations of that theme. The results produce mostly references to the LGBTQ movement and related fanfare like the Gay Pride Parade. The liberal media company uses the opportunity to falsely claim that President Trump does little to support these movements, staging liberal media links that support such a narrative.

The Reality

Contrast what Google wants you to think with the reality. Switch up the search words and look up stats on those who are “extremely proud to be American” and you will find results that are considerably more positive regarding our President, our nation, and where we are headed. The percentage of Americans who were extremely proud of their country was at 70 percent in 2003. At the end of 2015, it was at 52 percent, according to a Gallup Poll, which was an all-time low.

According to a poll in March 2017, conducted by the American Enterprise Institute out of Washington D.C., the number has skyrocketed to 75 percent and at 77 percent are the people who are extremely proud of our Armed Forces. Is Trump making America great again or what? Wait though, there’s more!

Hero Worship

Although there are many notable differences between Presidents Trump and Obama, one that stands out, in particular, is whom each considers their heroes. President Trump had his heroes on display at his second State of the Union address in 2018.
Carryn Owens, the widow of a Navy SEAL killed in a controversial raid in Yemen.
Retired Cpl. Matt Bradford, the first blind, double amputee to re-enlist in the Marine Corps.
Ryan Holets, a police officer in New Mexico that adopted a baby whose parents were addicted to opioids.
Army Staff Sgt. Justin Peck, part of a team clearing IEDs from ISIS territory in Syria last year.
Preston Sharp, a 12-year-old boy leading an effort to place American flags and red carnations on the graves of soldiers.
Jon Bridgers, founder of a nonprofit rescue organization that helped respond to the 2016 floods in Louisiana and to Hurricane Harvey last year.
David Dahlberg, a fire-prevention technician who helped saved 62 people from a wildfire in Southern California last July.
Ashlee Leppert, an aviation electronics technician in the Coast Guard who rescued dozens of people during last year's hurricane season.

In contrast, consider President Obama’s guest list from his first and second addresses.


Leonard Abess, "a bank president from Miami who reportedly cashed out of his company, took a $60 million bonus, and gave it out to all 399 people who worked for him, plus another 72 who used to work for him.”
Ty'Sheoma Bethea, a schoolgirl from Dillon, South Carolina who wrote a letter to members of Congress asking for help to revitalize her school.

2010 None

There are two important things to note here. First, these are the lists of attendees who were acknowledged, according to sources. In the spirit of fairness, President Obama’s guest list for his final State of the Union was much larger and had some people with impressive accomplishments. By then, however, the damage to the American spirit had already been done.

Second, President Trump focuses on everyday people doing whatever they can to help positively impact their fellow Americans, like 12-year-olds ensuring sacrifices are not forgotten, and police officers who save babies at their own expense.

Welcome to the Land of Plenty

Were that to be all Trump has done to reshape America, that would be a lot. Like a gift that keeps on giving, there is so much more. Anyone paying attention can see what happens when you put a street-smart patriot like Donald J. Trump in office. You get a roaring lion who puts the world on notice, and the world responds. Just ask Kim Jong Un.

You also get a robust economy that invites investment and development, with the expectation that profitable companies are not going to have to pay out all of their profits in taxes. That leaves enough for them to give raises and pay out employee bonuses.


There is something else going on and gaining momentum; that is the #WalkAway movement. It is a growing list of former diehard liberals and Democrats who are finally seeing the Democrat Party for who they really are. More importantly, they are seeing the damage the party has caused.

Many who are making the change are finding warm welcomes when joining conservatives. They are shocked to learn that a conservative can be gay, have differing opinions and be free to live a productive life without being demonized. That is something that cannot be said about the Democrats.

Who are the Democrats?

The Democrat Party is essentially made up of three groups:

The Base: No or low IQ voters who vote straight party-line Democrat. These are the vast majority we see on a daily basis and includes mainstream media journalists and former FBI leadership.
Low-Informed or Uninformed: This group looks at what the Democrat Party was under FDR, Truman, and JFK and thinks that it is still the same, all while getting their news from Jon Stewart or any of the cartoon news networks that comprise the mainstream media.

The Morally Bankrupt: This is comprised of people like Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton (Hillary is in Group 1), Tom Steyer, the Koch Brothers and any never-Trumper or RINO with an IQ above 10. As you know, an IQ of 10 in the Democrat world is like what we consider IQs of 160 or higher.

The #WalkAway movement is comprised primarily of people from the 2nd group, who, thanks to President Trump for exposing it, are finally seeing the truth. Moreover, as many of us outside those groups know, truth is something that Democrats fear the most. Once people know the truth, they tend to #WalkAway.

Thank you Donald J. Trump for Making ‘Merica Great Again! God bless America, and God bless President Trump!

Ted Beagleman / Writer

I write political satire and biting commentary on social media. I have an eye for spotting the ridiculousness of Democrats and “never-Trumper” Republicans. I am a biker and American patriot who is ready for liberty and truth to prevail in America.
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  1. America is on the move again. These are exciting and proud times.
    We must be ever vigilant to those who wish to destroy our great republic. Defend ger at all cost.
    No Socialisam
    Stick with our great Constitution

  2. "Here is an interesting thing that comes up when one does a Google search for something like “sources of American pride” or variations of that theme. The results produce mostly references to the LGBTQ movement and related fanfare like the Gay Pride Parade. "

    Here's something else interesting. Google displays results based on what you've previously googled. ;)




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