#WalkAway Movement Kills Any ‘Hope’ of a #BlueWaveRising

Taking the Bait: ‘Hope and Change’

I remember the warm November night very distinctly in 2008 when Obama secured the Presidential nomination by defeating Sen. John McCain. I remember the excitement, hope, and jubilation as Obama and family walked out onto the makeshift stage in Grant Park, Chicago. A black man had overcome racism and bias to secure the highest position in the land — the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces and leader of the free world. It was a glorious night for many!

Obama was an eloquent speaker adept at using the teleprompter. He drew massive crowds at home and abroad. He spoke about hope and change. Obama was attractive to many people, including myself, who were looking for a departure from neocon global entanglements.

For a brief moment on that warm fall evening, I felt that anything was possible. This was the musing of a man who was not highly invested in politics. A person who was mesmerized by the bright lights and the eloquent words of our new President, who promised a new golden age of cooperation among Americans and an ending of the racial strife and division.

Bait and Switch

A decade later, I can unequivocally admit that I was wrong! I decided to walk away from the Democratic Party shortly thereafter, when the bright lights and rhetoric faded to black. The words of Obama and the Democratic Party would prove to be hollow and meaningless.

There would be no hope, as Obama and friends would go after opponents by weaponizing governmental agencies like the IRS. There would be no change in regards to global conflicts, as the United States would find themselves enmeshed in foreign entanglements in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

The false belief was that there would be a change in the way Obama and the Democratic Party would treat others who did not share their progressive ideals. The next decade would see terms such as “White Privilege” enter the societal lexicon. Militant groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter would also grow out of obscurity. The names of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown would be used to inflame racial strife and division.

We would see efforts to ban Judeo-Christian symbols and holidays. Merry Christmas would be replaced with Happy Holidays. Masculinity would be criminalized, and little boys would be encouraged to embrace their femininity. The left promised hope and change but ultimately provided hate and despair.

The New Golden Age of Conservatism

There has been an awakening by many who may have decided to take a brief detour down the road of liberalism. The conservative heart might stray, but as with the prodigal son, it always returns home. As such, many Democrats are taking part in the growing #WalkAway movement.

The GOP, in general, has been growing exponentially since 2010, and specifically the New Right. The Democratic Party has been losing its grip on local, state and national positions of power. The 2016 election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was a seminal moment — one that ushered in a new golden age of conservatism.

The Party of Hate and Evil

The truth is the New Right/GOP will most likely utterly crush the Democratic Party this fall. The Democratic Party has been revealed to the mainstream for what it truly is — a party of hate and evil. The core tenets of the left are intolerant of others who do not adhere to their progressive principles.

  • If you believe in God, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you believe in the sanctity of life, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you believe in strong borders, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you are a woman who believes in the traditional family structure, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you are gay and do not want to discriminate against those who follow traditional lifestyles, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you believe in Capitalism and limited government, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • If you believe in the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment… Well, if you believe in the Constitution at all, there is no place for you in the Democratic Party
  • However, if you support open borders, non-traditional family systems, secularism, globalism, misandry, abortion, socialism, resistance to Trump, and on and on, there is plenty of room on the Democratic wagon.

The left has no message but intolerance and hate. The likes of Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters, and Samantha Bee represent the modern Democratic Party. The party is led by socialists such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who want to abolish ICE and turn the United States of America into the Wild West.

The left is going to have a hard time convincing the mainstream that they are the party of hope and positive change — not the party of resistance and Antifa violence. The left has loaded the bases. Now it is time for voters on the right to hit the ball out of the park. Moreover, my belief is, they will!

Jake Highwell / Writer

I am a political pundit and equal justice advocate with two decades of journalistic experience. Currently residing in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago and a recovering Obama voter, I strive to bring insight and commentary to the MAGA Nation.
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  1. Thank you for writing your #WalkAway. It is sad that the Democratic Party has chosen to act this way. But, how does America go forward with them? IF they continue down this road, will there be a split in America? I see it coming. Wish they would act professional and stop the name calling. Thank you again!

  2. It has become a policy of scorched earth for the left. The ideas once held as lofty goals and common sense positions on governing the Nation responsibly by the DNC have now not only been abandoned but have become taboo and the focus of open hostility. If Bill Clinton were to give the same speeches on many topics that were given during his term as POTUS the DNC of today would come out strongly against him with accusations of racism, bigotry and a slew of other abhorrent buzz word insults the left now regularly utilizes to frame anybody with different ideas as "Bad people. evil, without compassion, treasonous, unstable, crazy, mentally ill, deserving of death and just about any other hateful rhetoric one could imagine.
    This Nation is at war with itself, Trump and those whom support him arr not perfect but believe in the constitution, God and freedom for all deeply. They are almost exclusively NOT racist but expect responsible immigration policy that doesn't burden the Nations resources or budget and shows respect for the rule of law and sovereignty. Many struggle economically and have seen others struggle with a variety of challengess and attacks on personal beliefs.They have no issue with another persons sexuality but do not want society to be burdoned with accomadating others in ways that compromise there own beliefs. (Men in Womens bathrooms, Transgender Expenses assumed by Military or Social Programs) Most happily support Gay marriage, lets be serious... straight marriages failed miserably starting in the 90s and now most end in divorce, so who is anyone to judge) This new breed of American sees a need for the Nation to fix itself and quickly. No more Political Correctness, No more removing Christianity from society, no more long term welfare, no more taxes.They feel they have been ignored for over decade, therefore they do not feel there is any "extra" money afforded by tax to go to issues that haven't already existed and are burdensome to communities everywhere. Drugs, Homelessness, Drugs, Drugs, Drugs, High Taxes, Slow Economy, The sense of loss of very identity of an America that appreciates Patriotism, Police, a higher power / GOD/ not being a taboo word nor topic of discussion. Clinging to Bibles and Guns is preferred over clinging to Alynski Rules for Radicals literature, Socialism and Identity Politics.

    1. Your comment wins the internet for tonight, in my opinion! :cheers:

  3. The saddest part of it all is that we are more divided than we have ever been as a nation. Will we recover? We will come Novemeber and beyond but the healing this nation needs is years in the making. Somewhere, somehow I pray that healing comes.

  4. If you are gay and were part of the politics, you saw that the democrats led us around by the nose, collected our contributions and only used us. When it actually came time to do something when Obama had the house and senate, they wouldn't even return our calls. If they had wanted to pass any legislation, they could have but instead they blew us off. All of the organizations and groups were nothing by shills for the DNC. They did not advance the lot of GLB people. They embarrassed us over and over. ANd now they want to embrace pedophiles??? MADNESS.
    In such a situation, the only honorable thing to do is #Walkaway




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