#WalkAway Movement Finds Additional Home on Reddit

Where the #WalkAway Movement Started

The #WalkAway movement was started by Brandon Straka when he posted a viral video explaining why he was leaving the Democratic Party. He has since been harassed and bullied by the radical left, but his sacrifice has opened the door for many others to leave the so-called “Democrat Plantation.” Straka’s tale was echoed across the internet. Over a month later, Democrats continue to blind themselves to their own party’s disenfranchisement.

Recently, a forum on Reddit.com called /r/WalkAway was founded as a gathering point for ex-Dems. Reddit provides an excellent platform for the movement, allowing users to post personal stories which are often too wordy to fit in a Tweet. The Reddit page swelled in popularity, much in the same way the hashtag rampaged across Twitter. Users wrote how they couldn’t bear the intolerance of the left any longer, how Democrat policies had let them down, how liberal friends were becoming increasingly radical and staunchly anti-American. There was a common theme. Everyone felt that the Democrat Party had let them down in some way.

Self-defeating Response

How did the left respond to the exodus? Hundreds of users descended on social media forums to call #WalkAway members Russian bots and paid actors. Instead of asking why people were walking away from liberalism in droves, listening to the grievances of its base and addressing them, the left missed a prime opportunity. The DNC pretended there was no problem and simply wrote us off as liars.

I can say “us” because I, too, am an ex-Democrat. My #WalkAway moment happened several years ago when I realized that both my health insurance costs and deductibles had skyrocketed under an act that was anything but affordable. When I shared my story of unending bills, people on the left sent me obscenities in Russian text.

Eating their Own

By not only ignoring the complaints of their allies but outright attacking fellow liberals, the left will only continue to push away their more centrist voters along with an entire swathe of independents. This will lead to a self-feeding cycle. As moderate leftists are alienated by the extremists at the core, the party will shift towards more radical stances. Those who are considered devout liberals today will be seen as merely left-leaning tomorrow. They, in turn, will be the next round of supporters to peel off as though the DNC were a snake shedding its skin.

Embrace Newcomers

In a time when the liberal left should be coalescing, the loudest and most vocal of its members are working hard to drive a wedge in the party. These are the cult-members who refuse to admit there is a problem. This division is not unlike a crack in a road. If left unrepaired, it widens into an unsightly pothole that will wreck a car’s alignment and bend its rims. So far, Democrats seem intent on letting that pothole form and deepen.

With the 2018 midterms a few short months away, the timing for this separation couldn’t be better for the Republican Party. Over one hundred thousand joined the #WalkAway movement, stunting the left’s momentum as another election season begins. Those on the right should do their best to welcome the ostracized men and women. Teach them how a rising tide lifts all ships. Show newcomers the tolerance that their previous party refused to give them. Most importantly, bring them with you to the polls in November.

Any ex-Dems reading who decided to #WalkAway? Please share your story on /r/WalkAway.

Bradley Birch / Guest Contributor

I am a Systems Engineer from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. I am the creator of many things, including video games, board games, software, websites, art, comedy and writing. I worked as a political activist during the 2016 US elections and continue to champion individual liberties.
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  1. We have all had to walk away from party affiliations at some point or other. More so those on the Democrat side than any other. I applaud their courage and determination to rise above what seems to be a growing party of hate, intolerance and division. I am hoping that out of this walk away movement grows a spirit of comraderee and fellowship as fellow Americans. We don't need another party of unilateral agreement. Our differences are what make us unique and American. It's having those differences and still being one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all that our founding fathers hoped for and fought for.

  2. When I wrote my #WalkAway article a few weeks ago, I didn't realize it would dovetail with a cascade of Leftist attacks on everyone involved. That means we are onto something. Naturally, Dems HAVE BEEN walking away or Trump probably wouldn't have won, so in a way we are merely recounting what happened in 2016. But for the future, this is important to peel away thousands here and there, specifically in tight-race states because, let's face it, California is almost a lost cause.

  3. I read this article not realizing until I the end who the author was. Nicely written Brad. We were democrats when we were young because our families were and they were supposedly the party of the poor. Would be interesting to see if our parents would have walked away now if they were still alive to see how the days of differences of opinions and healthy debate are gone.

  4. I was once a Union Democrat, I used to believe Dems represented workers and Republicans represented management, much like collective bargaining ... But as time went on, and we saw our democratic representives continually sell us out, it became harder and harder to support them. In regards to trade we watched as our brothers and sisters lost jobs to unfair trade practices, we petitioned our representatives to level the playing field, fair trade over free trade... With a smile and an empty fist pump they exclaimed, "We're working on it!" Ultimately this means absolutely nothing, no plan, no action, simply nothing...Along comes Trump,his platform was what we have been asking for decades ago. Party lines no longer mattered, I've been called a traitor to the Unions, to my brothers and sisters, and attacked for believing in platform over party. And that is why I walked away... You fight poverty by providing jobs, we in the unions are Americans, culturally diverse with one common trait, we like to build stuff �� #WalkAway

    1. I am a union laborer in my too....your words echo my sentiment to the dot on the i, and cross on the t...

    2. Neither party supports workers; Trump seems to be the only one reaching out to help American workers.

      When Hillary was NY Sen Clinton, I reached out to her because we were ordered by corp mgmt to train our foreign replacement workers. Our trainees/replacements were Tata India employees, holders of H-1b/L-1b visas.

      I was in direct contact w/Sen Clinton's staff worker Erin Ashwell (via phone & snail mail). She knew exactly what Tata India was doing to well-educated American citizens. What did Sen Clinton do? She went to Tata's Buffalo grand opening, probably left with a boatload of $$$.

      That was my point of acknowledgement, democrats are phony supporters of workers.

      one of my letters to Clinton staffer, Erin Ashwell

      an article on our communication w/NY Sen Clinton

      which landed me on Fox&Friends 10/17/2106

  5. My formerly democrat friends, we welcome you with open arms. Here on the right, we not only have room for disagreement and open debate, we welcome it. No one will police your thoughts. No one will call you names. No one will demonize or dehumanize you for failing to swalliw whatever new ideological poison that gets trumped up this week.

    You don't have to hold every single position. You don't have to parrot any talking points. Your live for your country is it. That's all that anyone would or could ask for.

    Welcome aboard.

  6. looks like the majority of us came from the democrats. I stopped voting a while back because IMO they were all idiots and not worth the presidential seat. Along came Donald Trump and I did some research on him listened and believed everything he said. so i switched to republican did some volunteer work for him making phone calls. I knew he is what America needed and I was determined to help him win the election and WOW what an election. sillymacaw

  7. I left the Dems many years ago after I voted for Bill Clinton in the first election. I was a liberal but all that changed after reading The Way Things Ought to Be by R. Limbaugh. The Democratic party has been hijacked by extreme leftists who truly hate everything America stands for. I welcome anyone leaving that party. They will find we are the true party of Freedom, and that Dems have morphed into intolerant facists.

  8. Rosalie ParadiseJuly 16, 2018 at 8:47 PM

    I need to #walkaway but my boyfriend will not let me.




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