#WalkAway Campaign: Showcases Former Democrats As They Walk Away

What Is the #WalkAway Campaign?

Maybe you have heard of the #WalkAway campaign among the Democrats (Dems) that is happening on Twitter and Facebook. While comprised of mostly millennials, these Democrats are choosing to leave their party. After seeing the implosion of the Dems, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and others, they have finally had enough.

They have had enough of defending violence. They have had enough of watching their own civility wasted, when their compatriots turn into raving maniacs and verbally attack their opponents. They have had enough of hearing the right referred to as "Nazi" simply for being on the right.

They understand that blacks are not "coons" for being on the right, and Jews are not "vermin" for being Republicans. They understand that to say minorities cannot fend for themselves without liberal help is the actual racism. They understand that alignment with people who claim to be against racism, but are not, is worse than aligning with people who may not want to help everyone out of economic or social concerns.

The #WalkAway former Democrats want national security. Even if they do not agree with a border wall, they still disagree with open borders which allows in terrorists, drug dealers, sex slave trade, kidnapped children, and undocumented people without even health checks or vaccines. While some do not agree with a travel ban, they disagree even more that every Muslim is pure and innocent or driven by opposition to occupation. They know 9/11 and Fort Hood are real.

A Pivotal Time in Political History

The #WalkAway former Democrats want something akin to a bygone day, just like many #MAGA Republicans and independents. They may not yearn for Reagan but they do for JFK, or some better version of a Bill Clinton who is not perverted. Certainly, #WalkAway Democrats do not want a Hillary Clinton or even a Bernie Sanders. They are not looking for socialism or communism. They want the American way of opportunity, freedom and fairness, in a safe environment.

They understand this cannot happen with the current Democrat Party. Beyond Antifa, Black Panthers and communists, there is Maxine Waters, who is the face of hysteria, childishness and mania. The #WalkAway former Democrats want lucidity and rationality and ideas. They do not want insults and personal attacks and physical attacks. They see, and do not want, violence in the streets, nor attacks against women like Sarah Sanders. They do not want doxing of those with whom they disagree. They want conversation, not madness.

Where We Go One, We Go All

The #WalkAway former Democrats are a growing movement. They are heartened that the right, while admittedly not nearly perfect, are at least open-minded. They’ve noticed shifts in the right which appeal to their millennial sensibilities. They see some form of embrace and camaraderie which lets them know they, at least, might be heard. Whereas those they left behind, former Democrat colleagues, have stopped being their friends and have even become their mortal enemies. They resent and detest this type of herding and fear-mongering. They prefer the moderate right, or to be independent or not affiliated. They have walked away from the Democrat Party.

We, on the right, should not think this is because we held our tongues, or that we are martyrs or more civil. Instead, the #WalkAway former Democrats noticed that even though some on the right are rough and coarse, they still make more sense than most of the so-called leftist intelligentsia. The right has good reason to celebrate, not because we were pious or meek, but because we were factual and tough. The #WalkAway former Democrats, being rational and tough enough to walk away, admire this more than anything.

So please, welcome #WalkAway former Democrats with open arms. Embrace them as new members. Converse and learn together. Yet, do not make the mistake to think that they want to see how well mannered you are. They did not come to respect the right for manners but rather for facts over feelings, toughness over weakness, sanity over psychosis.

What is the result? More Democrats are leaving their party for the right, or choosing to be independent than Republicans are leaving the right. Therefore, the 2018 midterm elections could mean fewer leftists in Congress, and eventually a Trump 2020 victory.

Perhaps you remember the Democrats saying, "the Republican Party is dead" back in 2008? Let us not become arrogant and make the same mistake to assume the Democrat Party is dead. Let us always work towards being factual and tough, and attract new people to our ideas.

Tommy Max / Writer

I am a patriot who doesn't like to see America pushed around. I stand up straight for what I believe.
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  1. Great article for me to include in posts about the movement.

  2. I thought this whole movement was nonsense but it's starting to make sense. I don't know what's happening to me, it's just all so clear why the alt right is the direction we need. I feel awful and I couldn't ever tell my leftist friends, but I'm just hating the MAGA crowd less and less. I feel like a bad person. I'd love to talk this through with someone because I feel really confused.




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