InfoWars Alex Jones Sandy Hook Faces Possible Defamation Trial

Alex Jones in Legal Battle

InfoWars host Alex Jones is currently in a legal battle against several parents who lost children during the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012. The effort to sue Jones for defamation is being led by Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, who lost their son Noah during the massacre.

On Wednesday, lawyers for the Pozner family argued in an Austin, Texas courtroom that Jones should be liable for defamatory statements. The family claims Jones’ commentary brought about harassment and forced several family relocations. If the judge decides a defamation claim be allowed to proceed, several other Sandy Hook families could sue Jones for damages.

Mark Enoch, the lawyer representing Jones asked the judge on Wednesday to dismiss the defamation lawsuit. Enoch argued the case should be dismissed under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which protects free speech against plaintiffs who aim to silence through costly litigation efforts.

Mainstream News Coverage

The job of a journalist is to cover a story without bias and to report only on the facts. If you read several mainstream news stories from the past week, you would see an inherent bias against Jones.

Here is the lede from the August 31 article in the NY Times entitled “Alex Jones, Pursued Over Infowars Falsehoods, Faces a Legal Crossroads.”

“In the five years since Noah Pozner was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., death threats and online harassment have forced his parents, Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, to relocate seven times. They now live in a high-security community hundreds of miles from where their 6-year-old is buried.”

Is There Bias in the Aforementioned Lede?

Here is another story with a slanted lede against Jones. This article was written by New York Magazine on August 1 and entitled “Alex Jones Wants Sandy Hook Parents to Pay His Legal Fees.”

“It’s not enough that Alex Jones has accused the parents of Noah Pozner, a 6-year-old killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, of being actors. It’s not enough that he’s exposed them to death threats and harassment that has led them to move homes seven times. And it’s not enough that he’s made tons of money in the process. Now the founder of Infowars is asking a Texas judge to throw out a defamation suit filed by Pozner’s parents and trying to get the family to pay more than $100,000 for his court costs.”

These are just two examples from two mainstream media sources, both exhibiting inherent bias. Both demonizing Jones. Journalists are not supposed to show bias in their work. They are supposed to cover a story objectively, weighing the facts and providing enough information for the readership to make their own conclusions.

The New York Times and The New Yorker Fail to Do This

Jones took to Twitter on Thursday and offered a rebuttal to the claim that he was trying to force the Pozner family to pay $100,000 worth of court costs.
Fake news media caught in huge Sandy Hook trial hoax!
— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) August 2, 2018 

“Under Texas law where someone sues you for defamation, the law kicks in where attorney’s fees, if they lose, are paid up to $100,000 dollars. We had to finally get to the first hearing to then waive that, something no one ever does, super high road, even though we know big money’s financing these lawsuits against us to shut down the First Amendment,” said Jones.

“I waived that in front of all the media and none of them reported it – in fact, they reported the opposite – that’s deception,” he added.

Infowars Faces Increased Scrutiny

The defamation lawsuits against Jones are one of the troubles currently facing the beleaguered independent news outlet. Spotify announced on Wednesday that it has pulled several episodes of the Alex Jones Show for violating its hate speech content policy. This move comes on the heels of similar actions taken by Facebook and YouTube in recent weeks to de-platform InfoWars content.

Conspiracy Theory or Good Journalism?

The crux of the argument against Jones and Infowars is that their reporting is baseless and full of conspiratorial half-truths. The defamation lawsuits currently being pursued against Jones is in relation to prior broadcasts where Jones has questioned the official narratives of tragic events such as Sandy Hook and Parkland.

Should journalists ever question the official narrative of tragic events? Or should journalists always strive to ask the tough questions and pursue anomalies that may occur during reporting?

Here is one example of an anomaly that took place after the Sandy Hook massacre. Would a good journalist find it strange Sandy Hook parent Robbie Parker has a sudden change in demeanor once the cameras were rolling? This clip here shows the anomaly starting at 3:10.

Another instance of questionable behavior was provided during a press conference by Dr. H. Wayne Carver, who was the chief medical examiner for the Sandy Hook massacre. Here is the full press conference.

These two examples show two cases of questionable demeanor. It would be fair to say both men were under extreme duress. Does their behavior mean there was some sort of conspiracy? Probably not!

However, there will always be a need for journalists who are willing to ask tough questions and to pursue angles that may not be correct or savory. Journalists should always ask tough questions and challenge outcomes of tragic events.

That is Good Journalism!

Should Jones be liable for pursuing angles that may be not correct or savory? Should families or individuals be able to sue journalists and news organizations for pursuing angles that may be unsavory? Should individuals be able to sue journalists and news organizations for being mislabeled? I.e., racists, alt-right, etc.?

Good journalism involves investigating every angle. It is not conspiratorial to investigate angles that go against accepted mainstream narratives. Journalists should try their best to report on facts and not add conjecture. Most mainstream media outlets rely on half-truths and conjecture. Jones is theatrical and sometimes attracts persons who have emotional and mental problems. So do MSNBC and CNN.

James Hodgkinson, who shot up a congressional baseball practice last year was an avid left-wing news connoisseur. Should MSNBC and CNN be liable for his actions against Rep. Steve Scalise and others?

There should be a place for Infowars as well as the Washington Post and the New York Times. It is troubling to see media organizations rallying against Infowars as they are in direct competition.

Fair and Balanced Reporting Should Always Supercede Conjecture

Pack journalism from mainstream media news organizations does not give readership an objective take. Regardless of your opinion of Alex Jones and Infowars journalistic media outlets should stick to facts and not conjecture.

Let us hope fair and balanced reporting makes a return from hiatus. It is troubling to see the effect of pack journalism on their ideological adversaries.

Jake Highwell / Writer

I am a political pundit and equal justice advocate with two decades of journalistic experience. Currently residing in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago and a recovering Obama voter, I strive to bring insight and commentary to the MAGA Nation.
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  1. I think Alex jones does a great job in reporting the news.i also think the charges should be dropped against him. go after MSNBC or CNN




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