America Welcomes All Cultures, Not All Ideologies

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Principled pluralism: It's what America is about...

Abraham Kuyper is a noted thinker, and Christian philosopher, who touted the notion that those in the religious sphere should be open to understanding principled pluralism. With respect to the religious community, to be principled in pluralism is essential to honoring those with differing viewpoints, for the sake of open dialogue. It allows for discussion, and debate, with those who may be interested in learning more, and also keeps the lines of communications open.

Obviously, according to Christian standards, a church that sings songs about the deity of Jesus Christ, is not going to give a platform to a Buddhist monk to speak about karma, or a Muslim imam to tout Quranic ideals. Vice versa is true, with other faith systems. Enter Kuyper’s approach, who, for the sake of peace, and being able to see those not of the Christian faith enter into it, explored other cultures.

America is exactly like that on a socio-cultural arena. Using this principle, America extends a hand of peace to the international community. When people adopt this premise, it generally means that all CULTURES are welcome here--not all IDEOLOGIES. Notably only the BEST of a culture is welcome here. What does that mean?

South Korea - Gaegogi

Did you know that in South Korea, and other Asian countries, it is culturally acceptable to eat dogs. Granted, due to western influences, that is now becoming frowned upon. It is still possible that a stray dog, from the city, may find itself the next meal on a table in the eastern countryside. In America, people love dogs as pets, not food. Here, dogs are to flourish, grow old, and die peaceably, after living with a family that loved it from puppy to old canine.

India - Untouchables, One in Two Doesn’t Use the Loo

Did you know that in India, the culture accepts open defecation? In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 50% of India’s population openly takes a dump in the street. So, no, it does not smell like curry in India. No matter how overtly spiritual, and nirvana-esque, one may claim the country is, no matter how much you “eat, pray, love” and seek enlightenment, the stench of human feces festers in the air.

India is also culturally fine with the forced ostracization of an entire group of people known as untouchables or Dalits. In India’s Hindu caste system, they are the lowest group in society; unclean outcasts, due to past lives. These people are THE most marginalized. According to the culture, set forth by the ideology of Hinduism, once an untouchable, always an untouchable. They receive no education, no money, no growth, no progression, just the dregs of Indian society. In America, there is no such caste system. Depending on individual wealth accumulation, any person can flow between poverty, middle, and upper class, without restriction.

Afghanistan - Bacha Bazi

Did you know in Afghanistan, there is a common cultural practice known as “Bacha Bazi”? Translated, it means “boy play”. To Americans, it means pedophilia, which is the sexual attraction to children, and in this case coercion of young boys. Essentially that which pedophilia comedy defenders such as Todd Nickerson, James Gunn, Patton Oswalt, Anthony Jeselnik, or Michael Ian Black apparently support.

Repeating again, due to its importance: reasonable people condemn pedophilia, as it is right up there as the WORST occurrence anyone can try to bring into this country, and attempt to normalize, along with Female Genital Mutilation.

To Embrace or Not to Embrace, That Is the Question

It is one thing to be accepting of other cultures. It is another thing entirely to embrace them as equals. Obviously, not all cultures are the same. Not all ideas deserve the same platform of equality.

In America, immigrants are welcome. If someone is tired of their old way of life, because of a caste system, no upward mobility, bad policies, poor living conditions, no economic growth, no job, there may be space on our shores. With an idea, a dream, and a work ethic of excellence, anyone can begin the steps to being a millionaire. It doesn't matter if someone comes from a downtrodden culture. That is the beautiful spirit of America! This is where principled pluralism comes into play. America is the land of opportunities. Anyone CAN make it!

As long as someone is able to put aside other cultural familiarities for the propagation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as per written in the Constitution of the United States of America. They also must solemnly swear to live by this document, and all points written therein. It is then that they may become an American citizen. When a person from a foreign culture does this, they will be permanently carved into the tree of Liberty.

One needs to be willing to live within the bounds of the freedoms, however. Americans believe all people have been “endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights”. The hand of American freedom and liberty is extended to those who want it, deserve it, and are willing to work for it.

Many freedom-loving, free-thinking, pro-Western constitutional republic fanatics travel here to be an American. Learn the language. Learn about the melting pot of cultures.

America’s immigration history is reflected in the motto chosen as the Statue of Liberty poem. Welcome! America will leave the torch burning.

John Lee / Writer
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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