Dear David Hogg: Grow up and Be Substantive or Sit Down and Shut Up

David Hogg US Capitol running for congress by age 25

Dear David Miles Hogg...

You have attempted to make your mark upon the culture as someone who claims to know the facts about guns and gun control. You are also playing the “child” card when you cannot stand against the scrutiny of overwhelming evidence countering your talking points about guns.

A little history lesson will serve you well. I suggest you recount the notion upon the principles, and statutes of what this nation is built upon. Let them serve as a little reminder before you spout false facts and overarching generalizations regarding your ideas about guns.

U.S. History Lesson

In the 18th century, 13 independently associated British colonies banded together and revolted against a monarchy that acted tyrannically. These colonies all said, “No, to British rule!” They did things to show their revolt against the British government. They dumped tea in the harbor and stopped paying any taxes. Their soon to be former government responded with force and, in 1776 the colonies declared their collective independence from ‘The British Monarchy’ to establish a new nation.

This new nation was not built as a democracy, but rather upon the principles of what is known as the Constitutional Republic. It is a self-sustaining government incorporating democratic practices to allow people to vote and find consensus, with fair and equal representation. For Presidential elections, voting is funneled through an Electoral college process versus the mob rule of a “democracy.”

In its conception, when the United States of America was born, a specific document was born. Known as the Constitution of the United States of America, it was written as the law of the new nation. The Constitution was built upon rights that no person, let alone a government, could grant nor rescind. It named those inalienable rights: the freedom to say what you want, gather how you want, write what you want, worship how you want, and the right to defend the aforementioned rights. These are the linchpins of the Constitutional Amendments. Sadly, they are not known or understood and disputed in today’s world.

Not Putting Your Best Self Forward

Now David, with this history in mind, let us fast forward to the reality you continually present to average, everyday, law-abiding American citizens. Your plethora of tweets and retweets crusading for, “common sense gun laws,” are meant to inspire kids, but it is clear that only girls who think you are cute and, ‘sensitive,’ are following in your footsteps.

While you rile up children, you fail to recognize history, policy, and law, for the sake of a narrative that does not exist. The venomous vitriol you continually spout towards NRA members, as well as NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, with no evidence, documentation or real substantive facts, does nothing but incite liberals.

Let me make this letter abundantly clear. You are a bully -- a straight up, 100%, total bonafide bully. While you have every right to voice your opinion, please understand that when you enter the public arena, voicing your thoughts on policy, and propose legislation, everyone who hears your talking points also has the right to voice their opposing opinion.

You have consistently been vehement in your rhetoric. You even attack people personally. In normal debate, the only time one gets personal is when their opponent draws first blood. You, on the other hand, are almost always the antagonist, using your ad hominem attacks, fake findings, vague generalizations, incorrect use of statistics, weak references and sources to bully. Ultimately, as in a typical childish tantrum, you scream out and put forth your feelings over facts.

You have been unprofessional in your diarrhea like diatribes on national television. On a personal level, you are on your way to becoming a lousy human being, if you are not already there. You talk about how you should be validated, regardless of being 'too young.' Truthfully, a lot of what you decree would not be so off-putting if it were not for your flagrant hypocrisy. You made mention of a, “mean tone”? Are you serious? You whine about Laura Ingraham’s, “mean tone,” as you go after her sponsors. Who is the bully?

When you are faced with scrutiny, you play the “I’m a kid” card, as if that would make your opinions untouchable. If you want to be taken seriously, act like an adult discussing your ideas on ways to prevent more gun violence.

Instead, you choose to play identity politics against many adults who have studied, researched, and commented on this topic for years. They are highly knowledgeable about guns, the right to bear arms, and our right to self-preservation, as per written in our Constitution via the Second Amendment. They disagree with you, and state you are entirely wrong.

Understand Right Now What You Are - A Useful Puppet

Currently, young Mr. Hogg, you are a puppet of the left, constructed to be a cybernetic superhuman victim on the back of the Parkland tragedy. You are a ploy to be considered untouchable as you go out to ridicule, mock, bully, berate, and push forward unconstitutional policies. When there is any pushback against your commentary, people are conditioned to side with victims as they cry, “How could they? Think of the children!”

It is understandable that one would be emotional in the face of such a tragedy, especially when it happened to you, and people you know. There is a reason why emotional people are not asked to create policies. You were in the midst of a tragedy as a 17-year-old. Teenagers tend to lack critical, rational thinking abilities. Add to that, your complete lack of self-awareness. You seem to forget the fact that, on average, teenagers between the age of 16-19 are three times more likely to get into car accidents.

No one is saying the opinions of kids are invalid. We know full well that kids do unbelievable things. A simple YouTube search will show that! What we are saying is that the average American is sick of the left weaponizing teenagers to enter the public arena, espousing policies, demanding legislative changes, and then claiming, “underage immunity to any criticism.” You are either the kid or the expert. You cannot be both.

Remember, the very young people whom you claim will win, are also the young people who are consuming Tide Pods. It is vital that you understand that young people need to grow up a bit more before they are ready to take on experts and debate a topic of which they know very little. Also, when you hold up a Che Guevara fist in the air, while wearing an armband around your suit jacket sleeve, you are making quite the statement. It may just rub people the wrong way. (Cough, Brownshirts.)

What is wholly unfair to you, David, is how you are unknowingly being exploited by adult leftists for their political gain. You seem oblivious to it. Would you like a historical reference on how this has happened at another time in history? Just Google “Hitler Youth.” You are behaving very much like the brainwashed masses under Hitler rule. Hence, you may want to change your image, as the raised fist and armband are not helpful in the perception arena. Add the gun control preference, and you might understand that you are looking very much like Hitler Youth.

David Hogg for Congress by 25? Face Reality

David, here is the point. It is not because you are 17 going on 18 and think you'll be a congressman by 25. It is not because you are a liberal. None of the animosity directed at you is due to a lack of empathy for the situation you and your classmates have faced. Everyone wants solutions to this problem. People have different means of getting there. You are going to find out soon, David, that people actually do care. They may have different methods of reaching a solution, but you have to allow for differing ideas and opinions. You cannot call for bringing people together and then say, “No one can come together unless we all agree on my ideas.”

The reason no one takes you remotely serious is that:
 a) You demand a platform to speak, yet refuse to engage or debate with anyone who disagrees with you

b) you claim to be as serious as an adult, yet conveniently call those with opposing viewpoints ‘haters of children’, wishing them to be killed

c) You simultaneously name call and swear, while demanding everyone else be civil.

People do not respect what you have to say because you are a manipulative, divisive, verbally abusive bully who wants a different set of standards applied to you and your friends.

Sincere Success

David, we want you to succeed in life and do well. That is the American dream. We want our young people to succeed. This goes for you as well, young Mr. Hogg. Change the world, grow up, and succeed! Go nuts!

First, however, you should learn discipline. You are going to find out quickly that Twitter bullying cable news hosts, and socio-political figures, might work for a brief moment, but you cannot Twitter bully your bosses, potential wives or husbands, classmates, colleagues, co-workers, or anyone else living in the real world. Enjoy this seemingly fast-paced attention. When you become genuinely educated with wisdom, you will find out that you have been exploited by CNN, Vox, and other socio-political outlets, to further a toxic narrative rife with agendas against the American people, who are the very people you claim to support.

When the dust settles, and all the fandom and stardom fades, you will find that CNN played you for a fool. All the media starlets, who you thought were your friends, will consider you yesterday’s trash and old news. When you are out on your own, you will still need a job, a credit score, a mortgage, a car, a degree, a checking account. You cannot Twitter bully and manipulate all that into your lap. You will be opposed, and you will face scrutiny. You can not swear at them or call them names, When it happens, and it will happen, you will be left alone wondering where everyone has gone.

Learn this lesson now, David. When it happens, you will not thank CNN or Salon or Vice News or dead Johnny Mathis. If you are self-aware enough, you will thank all those who have attempted to help you navigate through this intelligently.

You are almost 18. Do yourself a favor and wake up to reality or the young people will not win, and it will be your fault.


A Conservative friend who cares more about you than you think.

P.S.  Emma is a bully, too.

John Lee / Writer
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. Great article! I hope he reads & retains the history lesson. Hogg in Congress by 25? Nightmare. Sorry David, but I will forever picture you in that adorable yet disturbing little meme of you riding your bicycle. Priceless.
    Thanks for the good work Culture Conundrum!




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