Three Ways The Facebook Empire Could Crumble

How Would a Social Media Networking Empire Fall?

First, excess. Is Facebook overextended? A few weeks ago, most stock charts showed Facebook going straight to $245 from $200 per share. Thinking momentum and value were not there, spy news was grating on the company. Two days later, the stock price fell to what is believed to be a fair market price of $175, as shown by it mainly staying there. This pricing fluctuation indicates there may be some bloat in Facebook. Is there more? Since Facebook tends to be secretive and impulsive, the answer is a probable yes.

Second, competition. Does Facebook have any direct challengers to its throne? No. Despite the hype about users being in shock from revelations of Facebook's lack of data security in their privacy sector, an exodus did not occur. The shock was allayed by a response of quickly sending out privacy policy statement pop-ups to indicate, "they care,” and are protecting users. Major internet websites followed suit. Soberingly, the underlying question is still there: what about those revelations?

Third, corruption. Is Facebook a corrupted organization? Seemingly, yes. Naturally, a company like Facebook cannot deal with large amounts of personal information without attracting hackers. Facebook is constantly under assault. However, it may be wiser to worry more about what is going on inside the company. Claiming to not sell data outwardly, while giving third parties access behind closed doors, allows the data to be potentially shared without the user’s consent, a technical difference with the same result. Who is running things? What are the company goals?

In terms of ultimate ends, Facebook may not appear to be as worrisome as Google, which allegedly wants to rule the world. Facebook may have cornered social media, but Google owns the platforms and now the undersea cable.

Free Market

Perhaps readers came looking for news on how Facebook is going to sink? Unless people stop wanting to communicate through Facebook, there is no such collapse in sight. It is like saying Coca-Cola should collapse because their products are bad for bones and stomachs, or that ConAgra should fail because they hurt the American farmer. It is not going to happen unless consumers, en masse, abandon ship, and go elsewhere for their needs and wants. That is what the free market is all about. Having said that, it looks like people are stuck with Facebook for the time being.


What about the censorship of conservatives? This is an easy fix. Facebook and Twitter could abandon a program of censorship tomorrow, with no ill effects on the bottom line. They do not make money by hurting conservatives. In fact, they lose money.

The question is, will they give up censoring conservatives? No, it seems they will not. It has become an almost ideological-like game. They appear to be having fun doing it, like a kind of twisted revenge. It is spiteful, immature, and damaging to all concerned, but they have such a large empire, they can weather the storm of controversy.

Federal Intervention

What if the FCC and FEC got involved, and demanded an end to conservative censorship? Is it not interesting that Donald Trump was forced not to block people on Twitter who commented on his posts, but no such order was put in place for everyone else? Oddly, the court may have got it right - The President and all people in public office must not block comments, as the public is,"petitioning the government," according to the way the Constitution was interpreted to read.


Is Facebook enforcing this freedom evenly? Is Facebook making sure every candidate gets a fair shake by ensuring all comments are posted in a timely and correct fashion? Of course not. Many conservatives report being thrown off Facebook for losing their tempers, cussing, or just lashing back at internet trolls and assorted misfits. Facebook seemingly has found a way to continue censoring conservatives lawfully and is hell-bent on doing so by putting them on a ‘time-out,’ in the proverbial corner.

Is Facebook content lawful? From its infancy, social media has generally enjoyed less responsibility regarding user content. In an online bullying case, which lead to another girl’s suicide, there were no guidelines put in place to prevent another such tragedy from happening. Any other corporate entity would probably be held to a higher standard. The fact such disparity of responsibility has been going on for about 20 years sets a precedent, which many judges are reluctant to change.


It comes down to the nature of the Left and the Right. Oversimplifying, and stereotyping each extreme side in this game of tug of war: the Left tends to complain, report, whine, and manipulate feelings like a professional victim projecting their faults onto others. The Right views these methods as demeaning, weak, and poor sportsmanship and tends to avoid using them as they lean towards using more of a religious and ethical standard. Unfortunately, the game is being scored on Leftist scorecards because they control the media; therefore, many on the Right are finally realizing they cannot enjoy a victory without getting down in the slime.

To Crumble or Not Crumble

The fate of Facebook depends on who wins the match. After one realizes how high the odds are stockpiled on Facebook’s side, it does not seem likely to happen. Without strong enforcement of rules and laws, the Left will continue to win, and social media will remain as it is - strong Leftist.

If the Right manages to win the Left, still having several levels of crazy to descend, will continue to make the win feel more like a loss, by refusing to lock-step in the cakewalk. The only hope in leveling the playing field for free speech is an earth-shattering change to the nature of the Left, and the Right, political parties.

Tommy Max / Writer
I am a patriot who doesn't like to see America pushed around. I stand up straight for what I believe.
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  1. Good article! While Patriots must get in the mud to win, we must do it with kindness, logic and fun - not dirt ;)

    We can do this!




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