RIGHT NOW: Faith Goldy Interview, "Faith for Toronto" Mayor Candidacy

Faith Goldy Interview portrait, Right Now podcast

Torontonians, put your faith in Goldy!

Canadian conservative political commentator Faith Goldy is running for mayor of Toronto. The election for mayor will take place on October 22. Goldy will face off against the frontrunner Tory as well as Jennifer Keesmatt, who is an urban planner from Toronto.

I am the ONLY mayoral candidate who will worth WITH the province to make Toronto safe again! Thank you @fordnation for standing with the people, not just special interest groups
— Faith Goldy (@FaithGoldy) August 20, 2018 

Faith Goldy Interview

Faith Goldy swung by New Right Network's RIGHT NOW podcast for a comprehensive interview on her Toronto mayoral run. She spoke on the difficulties she's faced in getting the word out on her candidacy for mayor. “There is a complete media blackout around my campaign,” Goldy said. This seems to be the sentiment being expressed by some who agree about the lack of coverage.

Considering there's no MSM coverage on Faith ppl seem to be responding positively to her and she most definitely has a boots on the ground campaign. #JohnTory is a weak mayor under his watch we have seen #Toronto go downhill. Don't hand him the city again! VOTE #FaithForMayor
— Mrs. Anna (@anna_938) August 20, 2018 

Toronto, City in Shambles

Goldy decided to run for mayor of Toronto because of deteriorating conditions within the city. Violent crime, crumbling infrastructure and issues involving immigration were all prime factors that led to Goldy entering the mayoral fray. The lifelong resident of Toronto expressed sadness in relation to the current state of affairs in the city. “Over the past several months, really since the beginning of the year and even before then, but the last several weeks have been the worst,” Goldy said.

Make Toronto Safe Again

She spoke about a time when Torontonians used to leave their doors unlocked. Now, the city has taken on the same big city crime problems affecting cities such as New York and Chicago. “Today young children our being shot by stray bullets in our playgrounds,” Goldy said.

When I become Mayor, I will make Toronto safe again.

Last month, two teenagers were shot and killed in the Danforth-Greektown neighborhood in Toronto. There have been over 30 fatal shootings in Toronto this year.

“I don’t recognize our city anymore. Everyday, a new headline about a stabbing, attack, or mass shooting on our streets,” Goldy said. “When I become Mayor, I will make Toronto safe again. I will reinstate Toronto's Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy and bring back the invaluable policy of carding so our officers have the tools they need to make sure our city is welcoming to everyone except criminals.”

Real Solutions to Social Concerns

Another key issue plaguing Torontonians is homelessness and the impact of illegal immigration. Goldy feels that the recent influx of people from locations outside of Canada to Toronto is pulling a significant strain on the existing social systems. “We need to put Toronto first, including our most vulnerable as opposed to being a boarding house to the world,” Goldy said. Goldy spoke in depth about how she was going to deal with the mass crowding issues in homeless shelters.

From her mission statement. “...they're being crowded out of our strained shelter system by an invasion of illegal migrants monopolizing our resources. As Mayor, I will evacuate every illegal migrant from our public housing and bus them to the front steps of the Prime Minister's official residence.”

It seems not everyone is happy Goldy is running for Mayor of Toronto.

Several leftist groups have pressured several Toronto area venues from not hosting a planned meet and greet for August 23.

Again, our venue was intimidated into cancelling.
The elderly man who runs the shop (which, by the way, has nothing to do with my campaign) is terrified for his restaurant's safety and economic future.
Social tyranny IS worse than government tyranny.
— Faith Goldy (@FaithGoldy) August 19, 2018 

Since announcing my bid to become TO Mayor:
-my campaign staff has received intimidating calls from political establishment -my events have been shut down by threats & much more!
This culture of intimidation is UNCANADIAN and it starts at the very top!!!
— Faith Goldy (@FaithGoldy) August 20, 2018 

Faith for Toronto Mayor

Goldy expressed disappointment that the venues could not hold her meet and greet events but expressed an understanding of why the decisions had been made. “I respect small business owners and I get where you are coming from,” Goldy said. “You don't want to risk your entire life's work for a political figure that frankly you have no ties to.” Ultimately Goldy hopes Toronto voters will take the time to listen to what she has to say and not pre judge her based on negative mainstream media coverage. “I just urge people if you want to know the truth go and actually listen to me in my own words,” Goldy said. For those interested in learning more about Goldy she has a campaign site https://faithfortoronto.ca

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