Mollie Tibbets: Murdered by an Illegal Immigrant

Rest in peace Kate Steinle...

Remember Kate Steinle? A once-obscure name in the nation. Someone who would have lived her life in the San Francisco Bay area in total obscurity. She graduated California Politech with a degree in Communications. She probably would have used her degree and garnered an extensive career in her field of study. Making waves, bringing change, perhaps even accomplishing a feat in her field yet to have been discovered.

Maybe she would have gotten married to her sweetheart. The proposal might have been a spectacle to behold. She may have cried once he got down on his knee and showed the rock to her. Her father and mother may have cried when she said yes. There probably would have been an amazing wedding celebration no less. The cake, the kiss, the dances, the vows, the union of holy matrimony. They most likely would have had kids later on down the road. She probably would have made a wonderful and amazing mother to her children.

It will be a dream never known. Thanks to Jose Ines Garcia Zarate who was a five-time deportee, running loose on the streets of San Francisco, a “sanctuary city.” His defense claimed: he found a gun, it accidentally discharged, the ricochet hit Kate in the back as she was on a nighttime run with her father. Zarate was acquitted of the charges of first-degree murder as well as manslaughter. He may merely be deported again.

Another Life Taken

On August 21, 2018, a missing Iowa student’s body was found. It was the body of Mollie Tibbetts, a young girl from Iowa. She was 20 years old. She worked at Yarrabee Farms. She was a college student, studying psychology at the University of Iowa. She probably would have made a killer psychologist! She may have gone on to get her Ph.D. and made waves in the field of psychiatric treatments. One can also hope that she would have gotten married and lived her life well. What would Mollie Tibbetts have accomplished in her life?

It is another dream not known. Thanks to Cristhian Rivera who is a 24-year-old illegal alien from Mexico who crossed the U.S. Southern border, obtained a false identity to work at Yarrabee Farms for four years and has been found to be the prime suspect of Mollie’s murder.

Surveillance video showed law enforcement a Chevy Malibu that was connected to Rivera. It was on July 18th that for some reason, he decided to abduct her. According to his confession in court, Rivera claimed: He chased her while she was on her nighttime run, tried to kidnap her, panicked when she said she would call the police, killed her and then dumped her body. Another report suggests that he blacked out without remembering what he did to her.

Immigration Battle Lines Plague the Country

Both horrific examples beg questions that so many conservatives are up in arms about, for example- Why are immigration laws not enforced? Why are illegal aliens allowed to abuse our citizens? How many more Kates will there be? How many more Mollies? How many more victims have to be lost before this issue is fixed? Sadly, there were many more before Kate and Mollie. Ask the Angel Moms and Dads, ask the lawmakers.

Monopolized Media Feeds or Starves a Frenzy

It is clear that the mainstream media has taken a side and chooses to turn a rather convenient blind eye away from illegal alien crime. On MSNBC, Fordham University Professor Christina Greer dismisses the events of Mollie’s murder by calling her “a girl from Iowa” like she is some throwaway point. The professor metaphorically spits on Mollie’s grave in order to further spout her divisive rhetoric about President Trump. Only after the internet exploded with outrage at Greer did the “esteemed” professor “apologize” for her words, calling them “flippant.”

It seems that most of the mainstream media news outlets choose not to give the coverage needed for this issue. In turn, they sweep any story of an illegal alien killing someone under the proverbial rug. Their choice shows either a fear that the narrative of “bad hombres” is a reality or complicity to simply sway votes.

Know the Facts

When one takes the time to look at the numbers, it is telling. This may be why media will not share them. According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, illegal aliens make up 7% of the population of the United States. Of that 7% of the population, illegal aliens commit 22% of the Federal murder convictions, 18% of fraud charges, 33% of money laundering, 29% of drug trafficking, 72% of drug possession. It seems the “bad hombres” are, in fact - bad hombres.

This data laughs at the face of the Leftist talking points of these being “isolated incidents.” Numbers do not lie. Based on this data, these talking points can be exposed for what they are -lies. The only reason to lie is to sway votes in favor of the political party that needs to tip elections by using non-American citizens. The only collusion that can be seen here is between the Democrats and media.

Political Pawn

When an illegal alien kills a person the DNC and a monopolized media uses the story to try and sway public opinion with “apology” tours while keeping the populace blinded to the fact that an illegal alien murdered a girl. Their focus is to keep the public eyes sympathetic and not let this supposed “isolated incident” place a damper on all the other illegal aliens who may or may not be trafficking cocaine or murdering young 20-something college girls in the middle of the night.

Demand Answers

The question needs to be posed to the Leftist legislative leaders who love criminals and hate their own citizens. How many more Mollies? How many more Mollies need to die, Nancy Pelosi? How many more Kates need to die, Mayor London? How many more Mollies need to be murdered before it is too much, Elizabeth Warren? Senator Warren, you are upset about kids being ripped from their parents at the border? Great! We the People are all upset that a kid was ripped from her parents while she was on a run at night!

How many more Mollies and Kates need to die before the Legislature gets its act together? How many more illegal monsters will come in and wreak havoc on our women and children, our livelihood, our system, our very lives? President Trump has the answer.

John Lee / Writer
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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