Optimism Is the Antidote to Toxic Feminism

Optimism causes girl in red shirt to smile, antidote to feminism

Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant in a culture of toxic feminism...

Women are being given special privileges, to the point where all they need to say is, “rapist!” to any man, and he is in jail with a criminal record and no due process. It has gotten to the point where men have gone their own way, and refuse to engage with women as the stigma of toxic femininity takes root in society, education, media, and life in general.

Due to the growth of cultural Marxism, relationships are going down the drain; marriages are in decline, birth rates are dropping, and values are literally being tossed to the side. Technology is so prevalent that most teenagers are forgetting how to talk, much less scrape their leg while climbing a tree, or running around playing hide and seek.

One can watch the world, listen to the news, and take stock of culture around the world, and things may seem dismal. What can one do when one values the ideology of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Hope is a good start. Being hopeful, and living life in a way that displays that hope, as well as looking for ways, no matter how crazy or out of the box it may be, to bolster this hope. We could also try having fun!

Live the Life You Love

It is essential to focus on the good aspects of life. Dwelling on the negative parts of culture can lead to gloom. There are things so wrong in our world. It is important to work on finding the joy in life and to focus on values rooted in our conservative ideas. Religion can help as well, by calling on faith in a power more significant than the world. Happiness is always possible, regardless of the way it seems.

It will be hard to find things to have hope in when so much of our world looks and seems hopeless. Especially in Western society, when feminists screech at men and toss around words like “patriarchy” or “intersectionality” or “rape culture” or “gender pay gap.” There seems to be so much hatred. Colleges that help to spew hatred also add to the gloom and make the world seem bleak.

Hope is knowing that not all women are like that, and one must know where to look to find them. Some would argue that international women may be the answer when the availability of good women are in short supply. Other times, it might not be in the collegiate sector, or in the education field that you will find them.

Where is a Guy to Look?

Country concerts, libraries, churches, or maybe even your local grocery store might be spots to find a good woman who shares the same values. Some single women may find themselves surrounded by soyboys, with little testosterone, who do nothing but sip on a latte and talk about being a feminist ally. They may be used to men who cannot lift a toothpick, much less change a tire or the oil. They are looking for a traditional male.

It is not always easy to remain optimistic when you cannot meet the right person. If traditional marriage, and a family, is the most important thing, the changing attitudes, and lack of tradition, make it much harder to find. It is important to remain hopeful, knowing that everyone does not share the new, less traditional attitude toward love and commitment. The majority of men and women still want the same things; they may simply be a little harder to find.

It's All Fake News

Again, the world only looks hopeless when the mainstream media feeds us all of their hopeless propaganda. All we hear are lies and fake news. We are also treated as second class citizens because of our conservative views. We are not given a fair shake in the media and in culture. The fire of hope needs to burn deep within us knowing that there are avenues and ways to live with the negativity that is fed to us.

We need to remember our values. We must stand tall and take an Antifa punch to the face, though we would prefer not to. It is important to remain firm in our convictions. We must never back down. We must wear our MAGA hats proud and stand up for the second amendment.

Stay the Course

Our country has changed a great deal in the last few decades. We are now seeing political ideologies, once shunned by all, now accepted and even pushed by some. This is not the same country we knew and loved and when we see these types of things happening it is easy to get discouraged. Our future does look bleak if we allow ourselves to focus on all of the hatred and division. We must not do that.

It is imperative that we remain at the ready to fight for what we believe in, and for our beloved country, but we must also try to focus on the good people and the truth. This is the greatest country of all, and that will never change. As long as we are ever vigilant and steadfast in our resolve, we cannot lose. Optimism is always the key to success, which is a big reason why we are winning with President Donald J. Trump. Pessimists need not apply. God bless the United States of America.

John Lee / Writer
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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