Pedo “Joking” Reaches Epidemic Proportions

Defending the Indefensible

The perversion persuasions just keep right on coming. The more people dig into blue check twitter accounts, the more of this they find. The latest? Justin Roiland, in an extra crass tweet, shows us an ink drawing he did that depicts a naked Barron Trump on his knees, with his father behind him.

So many questions arise from the image. Two prominent ones are: “Do you always draw pictures of naked little boys?” and “What are you trying to say, man?” There are many impressions and interpretations one can glean from the drawing; the most obvious of which is an inference that Donald Trump is a pedophile. Another could be that Roiland, instead, is the pedophile and finds Trump’s 12-year-old son attractive.

The incidences of finding blue check pedophilia smearing the annals of Twitter seem to have grown into an epidemic. Earlier this week, and led by the infamous Mike Cernovich, the public saw the outing and firing of former “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn. Arguments swirl with tornado force winds as to whether or not it was right for him to be fired.

Roseanne Barr Tweet vs. James Gunn Tweets

According to James Gunn, it was totally fair for ABC to fire Roseanne after she made fun of Valerie Jarrett’s looks in a personal tweet. Although saying Jarrett looked like what would be produced from the joining of the Muslim Brotherhood and “The Planet Of The Apes” carried a more complex political thought, it was erased by the assumption it was racially motivated.

Simplifying it enabled the masses to be divided and pick up racial torches. Left extremists immediately tarred her with the racist label, and rode her out of ABC on a rail. Through a video posted to her page, Barr informs us her protestations of believing Jarrett was white fell on deaf ears. Honestly, with the PC filter off, the interpretation of it being a comparison of Jarrett to the pretty Planet of the Apes character is a compliment.

Barr, quite naturally, feels a measure of disgust at reading and hearing support for Gunn, even though the vile tweets he posted are far more numerous, and far worse in nature, than her own single tweet. This is how it is on the left, though. The double standard takes hypocritical to a whole new level. Leftists enjoy, and support one another’s complete freedom of speech, but will dogpile anyone else who does not share their mindset when exercising the same freedom.

Right or Wrong

Hypocrisy seems a staple for the left nowadays. This is not the party of Jack Kennedy’s Democrats; all of this turmoil defending that which is wrong, and impugning that which is right, is reaching biblical proportions. Many right-wingers can and do recognize the days we are living in. That which is wrong is now considered right, and what is right is now considered wrong.

Pedophilia is wrong, yet progressives defend it. MS-13 murders their way through the streets of our towns, yet progressives are offended that the president calls these gang members animals. Their incorrect claim is that the president means all latinos are MS-13 animals.

It is an epidemic on the left. They take things, such as murderous gang members and disgustingly pedophilic tweets from directors, not to mention radical Islamic terrorists, and defend them as if they were being persecuted for [insert any SJW cause here]. It is simply reprehensible.

For that matter, so is misrepresenting and condemning the words of a woman who spent her whole life championing others, and fighting against evil in an effort to keep her off the air. The reason why the left wants to keep Roseanne off the air is plain. She supports Trump, and they have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They cannot allow the American people to know how much support he actually has.

Freedom of Speech Is Not Freedom From Consequences

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, however. In a lovely piece of “turnabout is fair play” or sweet delicious irony even, the very same people condemning Roseanne Barr for a tweet that was clearly not intended to be racist are being found out.

This is what should happen when you attack another person. When claiming a personal interpretation of a single tweet proves the person is something their life shows they are not, do not expect to sit on a holier-than-thou high horse of hubris, decreeing like a god, while an extra sickening volume of tweets exposes your life as the one in need of prayer and reflection.

By his very own disgusting tweets, an accuser and defamer gets knocked off of his horse, onto his ass. This makes it possible for those of us who do not believe any of this should be happening to people on either side, to laugh ours off. Karma has a funny way of evening the score.

Mary Magaline / Copy Editor

I thrive on political dialogue. Communicating truth has a way of cutting through the noise in this world. When there is chaos all around, you will find me grounded in my Christian faith and networking with like-minded friends online. I love President Trump and I want my country back!
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  1. Thank you for another well-written, important article.
    It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Those who agree and those who don't. #PedophiliaIsNotFunny

  2. You realize of course that you're still "discussing" this and not smashing these people's heads in (figuratively, so the censors don't get incensed).




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