Stand With Sarah or Sit With Bullies

Sarah Sanders, Jim Acosta transcript: Reading their exchanges are as funny as they come. Sarah stands tall, while Jim sits and pouts...

On August 2, 2018, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders arranged to bring in five high-level administration members of the National Security team to share information about interference in our elections and answer questions. Due to the camera position, Jim Acosta was noticeable in the first row. He sat slumped, and seemingly bored with the presentation of information, and questions to the administration.

Jim Acosta’s behavior seemed incongruous, given the inordinate amount of time he and others spent on that very issue. Instead of asking pertinent questions to those directly involved in the war against national cyber interference, Acosta chose to wait until Sarah was back at the podium. It was only then that he perked up to ask a question.

National Security vs. Personal Opinion

Acosta seemed to be silently stewing and ignoring the National Security conversation. When Sarah accepted a question from him, Acosta’s mannerisms quickly changed. He did not face her throughout his speech or his question, choosing to look at the floor most of the time. He asked whether she would say that the press was not the enemy of the people.

Sitting forward in his chair, Acosta included in his dissertation that Ivanka had said they were not, in an earlier interview, breaking away from her father’s view. The accusation that Trump said the press was the enemy of the people is a falsehood to start with. To say that the president's daughter openly denounced something he never said is preposterous.

Sarah’s mannerisms seemed to infer she preferred to look down at her notes rather than directly at Acosta as he spoke. In the exchange, she stated: “The president has been very clear on this.” Responding to being asked her personal opinion, she reminded the press, “We are not here to talk about me. I am here to answer questions for the President.”

Sarah Sanders, Jim Acosta Transcript

Acosta pushed on, saying, “Here in this room, with all of the members of the press, it would go a long way if you would say it.” As Sarah started to answer, he talked over her. She said “I was trying to answer. I waited for you to finish.” When she was given the floor, her response was beautifully timed and well articulated.

Sarah thrust the coup de grace sword of truth: “I have been personally attacked by people in this room. When I was hosted by the White House Correspondents at a dinner, where most of the people in this room are members, the comedian chose to personally attack me -- she called me a "traitor to my gender,” she mocked my looks -- no one stopped it, or said anything against it. To my knowledge, I am the first Press Secretary to need Secret Service protection.”

One member of the press called out to interrupt Sarah, as she talked about the WHCD. Raising his arm, and palm out toward that person, Acosta continued, on the edge of his seat, to lead the salivating mob, telling them to let her speak. Mistakenly judging her choice to answer a personal question as a weak error, the ignorantly arrogant bully thought he had her down on her back, hoping to inflict a wound.

Carpe Diem

Acosta seemed encouraged that the silence of the crowd meant agreement, and thought he would be victorious. Instead, determined, she rose to the onslaught and did not submit to his brow-beating will. She stood proudly, independently, freely. While not his intention, he fell face first into a minefield. By breaking protocol, he lowered the drawbridge by asking for her opinion, and she gave it to him!

While respectfully answering a request for her opinion, Sarah chose to take the opportunity to challenge all of the members of the press. The media members who have enjoyed attacking her personally, and those who have not spoken out against it. They have collectively agreed that she should be hounded, made fun of, and challenged for her personal beliefs. Sarah faced them all openly.

A Great Place to Close

After Sarah finished, she took a question regarding SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh's confirmation. Welcoming a thorough examination, she cautioned the request for National Archives fathomable paperwork as a potential "fishing expedition." Fittingly, the final question returned to the topic her briefing began on: National Security.

After answering that the President will not be satisfied until all of Korea is denuclearized, she pointed out progress was being made through continued cooperation, like allowing our service members remains to come home, which makes everyone, "incredibly grateful." On that thought, Sarah said it was a "great place to close."

You Decide

The Press Secretary, a strong warrior with the sword of truth, personal confidence, brains, and beauty, who remained in control of the skirmish, sheathed her sword and ended the press conference.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a true role model for American Women. She stands up to any man or woman who tries to bully her. She stays calm and dignified, in the face of insults, like at the WHCD. If you attack her, she will defend herself with civility, showing the grandstanding attempt for what it is- bullying. You must decide: Will you sit quietly with the bullies or stand with her?

Joanna Dannah / Writer

I am a supporter of our duly elected President Trump and vocal to counter the HATERs. I support the unforgotten men and women citizens who are the backbone of America. I strive to KAG for my children and grandchildren.
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  1. Sarah is an amazing,strong,beautiful woman.She has so much patience with those tabloid reporters.(They are not real reporters)
    She truly is a role model for young girls.




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