Activist Tommy Robinson Freed on Bail

A Bit of Background

On May 25, 2018, Tommy Robinson was arrested for breaching the peace, for disrupting a trial and was sentenced to 13 months in prison, a combination of a prior suspended sentence and the newer, ten-month sentence. The judge ordered news media not to report on his jail sentence. This gag order prompted a reaction in the USA by conservatives; among whom were Donald Trump, Jr., Roseanne Barr, and Steve Bannon. At the time of his sentence, Robinson steadfastly claimed: “I’ve done nothing.”

Already known to the Court by his reporting outside the courtroom, and despite a permanent Twitter ban for claiming Islam is murderous, Robinson continued to live stream video to a viewer base estimated at “hundreds of thousands” of followers. His arrest a year prior, in 2017, for filming Muslims who were on trial was seen by the court as prejudicial against the accused. The arrest carried a 3-month suspended sentence. The judge gave Robinson a warning that a future offense would carry a prison sentence.

Hunting the Hunter

Tommy Robinson is the founder of EDL – English Defense League, which seeks to ban Muslim immigration to Britain. EDL also advocates the tearing-down of mosques in Britain. Tommy Robinson targets grooming gangs, of which, he claimed that 90% are Muslim males.

In May 2018, Robinson’s incendiary style and claims were considered by the court as being prejudicial to the sex assault trial of the Muslims he had targeted. The judge put a gag order on the reporters witnessing Robinson’s trial and sentence until the Muslim’s trial was concluded.

Time Served

At the time of the August 1st decision, the judges decided not to release Robinson for “time served,” instead choosing to have him re-appear before the court at a later time. They concurred that the time served may not be adequate for the act. Time served was not considered in the granting of the bail release.

Today, Tommy Robinson is a free man, released from jail Wednesday August 1, 2018. Successful in his appeal for a contempt of court conviction, and freed by means of procedural failings, a flawed case and rushed process, Tommy is free, but faces a re-trial. When judges decided upon his release today, applause broke out in the courtroom as Lord Burnett announced the decision.

Lin Cava / Writer

I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.
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  1. Tommy Robinson reports on news people are interested in. Good article. Thank you.

  2. Once democracy is eroded and the freedom of speach withdrawn, then it is too late...Governments should stop the infiltration, before it starts! As always, the problem lies with Agenda and radicalism...and there is the good and the bad to be found in any race or creed. The values and principles of the Nation should be preserved, and revered...not modified to cater for the whim and fancy of the interloper. The Nation's own values and its primary citizens welfare and security should be any government's prime concern.

  3. Thirty-five-year-old Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, known to us by his moniker of Tommy Robinson, was released Aug 1, 2016, today, on bail by the British court after hearing his appeal.
    In a subsequent televised discussion, Tommy Robinson commented on abuses he was subjected to while impreisioned - by Muslim prisoners, as they passed his cell to go to prayer. Feces and spit were put put into his cell by a barred window as these other prisoners passed by to to to their internal Mosque, just beyond his cell at the end of the corridor. Freedom IS being eroded world-wide, and the situation is distinctly more advanced in some nations. Once again, the most sage statement that can be made was voiced long before I was born. This quote, with minor changes, has been attributed to many, and it stands: Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.
    These days, our HISTORY is being tampered with: In school texts, in "New" teaching methods and in abridging our history; changing the impact of full facts.
    The effect of this has confused - in the minds of MANY - the full difference between FACT and TRUTH. If one wants Truth, which is SUBJECTIVE; one should find their truth outside of factual reporting. the PROBLEM, as I see it, is that our Main Stream Media - the large US News Media should be responsible to uphold the Journalist's Creed to report The Facts, ALL The Facts and NOTHING BUT the facts. Opinion must be clearly stated as such. Instead, MSM is reporting their abridged, often to the point of total obfuscation, as TRUTH. Indeed, it has become the accepted Truth by many so-inclined. However, one cannot find an item that is FACTUALLY Complete upon which to base that opinion. It IS most certainly eroding our freedoms, giving a balance of momentum to the uninformed, well lead people who are so against the current Administration they willingly swell as a unit following the MSM reports as though Lemmings off a cliff, or Rats following the pied piper.
    Thank you all for your read. Please comment.




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