Twitter’s “Perceived” Shadowban Practice Is Affecting New Right Network Partners

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A Little Background

In true Orwellian fashion, Twitter is shadowbanning conservative voices from their platform. While touted as a neutral platform for free speech, over the years, silicon valley moguls have been scrubbing their platforms of opinions and voices that do not line up with their own.

It is no secret that conservative voices have been the staple target for many years, but the reality of how it can be was brought to light by our current Presidential administration. The shadowbanning practice is so entrenched at Twitter that it took a tweet from President Trump to get Jack Dorsey’s attention, and involvement to finally take notice of what Dorsey calls the "perception of shadowbanning" practice on his platform.

Note that there are two quality filters: search and notifications. The search quality filter is located on the search page is turned on by default and resets for each new search. It differs from the notifications quality filter that controls your account notifications. Here are excellent detailed instructions on how to turn each of them off.

As part of Twitter's so-called "healthy conversation project," the QFD was introduced on May 15, 2018. According to the website “shadowban.eu”, QFD stands for “quality filter discrimination” and causes tweets to be invisible within the latest section of a search, including hashtags, when the search quality filter is turned on. The site suggested a means to get out of the ban: in a nutshell, do not follow the wrong accounts. It would seem that the wrong accounts are those of a conservative nature.

Testing, Testing, One, Two

Members of the New Right Network decided to put Twitter’s practice to the test and see if our voices were being squelched. Upon investigation, it seems that New Right Network and some of our partners have a QFD ban on their accounts.

 New Right Network  @NewRightNetwork

Wayne Dupree  @WayneDupreeShow

DeAnna Lorraine @DeannaLorraine7

 Kevin Fobbs @KFobbs

 Brandon Straka @USMinority

Joe Biggs @RamboBiggs

Mike Cernovich @Cernovich

 Debbie Aldrich @DebbieAAldrich

 Comrade Stump @GranTorinoDSA

 TheGeekzTeam @TheGeekzTeam

Other partners “do not exist” according to shadowban.eu. When clicking the account link from there, a Twitter page opens saying, “This account is suspended.” One such partner is a good friend, @blackhannity. You can research this yourself by inputting account names from both sides of the aisle.

Unfair Advantage

The deceptive nature of Twitter’s shadowbanning squelches free speech by making it harder for voices who do not line up with the corporation’s current cultural narrative to be heard. It also causes them to leave out of sheer frustration. Currently, it is possible that a left-leaning Twitter employee sitting in front of a monitor may decide he does not like what a right-leaning user tweets, can deem it violates, “community guideline standards,” and then proceed to shadowban the account.

For example, one of our partners, Aja Smith, is running as a Congressional candidate for District 41 in California. Her account is QFD banned. Her opponent, Mark Takano is not. Alarmingly, that shows that there is not a level playing field in this upcoming election. Quite disturbing!

Honesty Would Be a Better Policy

The awful truth is that Twitter, as a private company, can do whatever it wants when setting ridiculously vague and overarching “community guidelines.” It is not about civility, but honesty; if it comes out and says it is an echo chamber for the left, they have every right to do so, but to say they are free speech advocates is insulting.

Jack Dorsey makes that claim when he says Twitter is a platform for free speech. It claims to be a forum where people, who may not want to read James Gunn’s tweets celebrating pedophilia and respond in disgust at it freely, may block and report Gunn’s account for a punitive reaction.

Yet, Jack Dorsey allows such accounts, including Peter Fonda’s, to remain open, not QFD banned and blue check verified; by doing so, one may start to question if Jack participates in this shady underworld style, where banning occurs.

Stay tuned as our investigation continues; we now have President Trump’s involvement, as of 4:30 am EST on July 26, 2018. He plans to conduct findings regarding Silicon Valley’s monopoly on social media platforms, and the heinous practice of possibly using shadowbanning on dissenting thoughts on their forum.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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  1. We are all to some degree affected by this, whether we are tweeting or receiving tweets. We're getting close to exposing the pedos and therefore they are panicking.

  2. It seems that this article misstates Twitter's position.


    Therefore the actions of Twitter's #ShadowBanning may be actionable.

    It certainly is in it's Stock Price, Everyone should SHORT TWITTER STOCK Heavily we can impose our own Sanctions on Twitter this way while further legal actions are considered




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