Netflix Cancels "The Break With Michelle Wolf," You Lose When You Celebrate Abortion

Netflix's The Break with Michelle Wolf

Abortion Is No Laughing Matter

“If you want an abortion, then GET ONE!” “Don’t knock abortion until you tried it, and if you try it then really knock. Gotta get that baby out somehow... God bless abortion!”

Cue the canned laugh track which is basically what supported Michelle Wolf, a self-proclaimed comedian, between her meteoric rise from this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner to her recent Netflix series, “The Break with Michelle Wolf.”

Once a writer for Seth Meyers, Wolf joined the writing team of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After her hate-filled appearance at the WHCD, she was given a Netflix show. Yes, she actually claims to be a comedian. A woman of comedy. Remember, she is supposed to be funny. Funny. As in, people are supposed to laugh at her jokes.

The above quoted “jokes” brought massive attention to her. She did not assert that abortion should be a last resort and a mournful one, not celebrated. Instead, Michelle Wolf brought out a high school marching band while she acted like Oprah handing out free cars, only, she arbitrarily passed out abortions.

Pro-Life Versus Abortion

The attention and fame wave Wolf rode brought horror to many pro-life advocates. Those who were on the fence, who held the position of “not knowing,” who were unsure about the rights of the unborn, were tossed towards the pro-life camp when they recognized the murderous position Michelle Wolf held.

Between Planned Parenthood murdering on average about 300,000 babies a year to their tax-payer/government funded 500 million dollars a year subsidy, it makes one wonder why this organization is given a 501c3 non-profit status. James O’Keefe’s Veritas Project revealed that most Planned Parenthood employees actually make attempts to profit off the slaughter by selling organs and stem cells from victims.

Do not forget the very real and cemented history of this organization. Margaret Sanger was a noted eugenicist and racist who desired nothing more than to “exterminate the Negro” from the American population. This particular quote, in its full context, is in Sanger’s “Letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble”.

A word of note, both Snopes and Politifact have declared this particular statement as “False.” Let that sink in. The next time someone decides to use Snopes or Politifact to source a finding, remember that both sources claim Margaret Sanger did not want to exterminate the black and Latino population. To be balanced in providing the facts, NYU posted a written document about Sanger’s stance on being for eugenics.

With all of these points glaring at this abortion profiting organization, why do people like Lena Dunham and Michelle Wolf ignore these horrific facts about the founder and still push for Planned Parenthood to be funded by taxpayers? This question remains to be answered.

Comic Karma

Dear readers, you may rest easy now. No longer does one need to hear her whiny, fingernails on a chalkboard-like, high pitched nasally voice. One might feel a sense of poetic justice hearing about Netflix’s break with Michelle Wolf becoming a reality.

The whole staff found out via Twitter, of all places. Netflix pulled the plug on an unprofitable comedian -- or so she claims to be. While Netflix refuses to release the reason for the show’s cancellation, some state that it is due to her fake science, pandering Leftist narrative, and abortion pushing stance which caused viewership to tank.

As irony would have it, three months after its conception, after the first trimester of her show’s budding growth in the womb of Netflix’s placenta the series was abruptly aborted.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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