"Selective" Hearing: Christina Blasey Ford and Juanita Broaddrick

Juanita Broaddrick’s Story

In 1978, registered nurse practitioner Juanita Broaddrick, who ran a nursing home, volunteered for the election of then-Attorney General (AG) William Clinton. Although she was not really one to be involved with politics, she decided it would be great for business. After a month of volunteering for the campaign, Broaddrick received a call from Little Rock, Arkansas, specifically from the office of one AG William Clinton who stated that said Clinton will be in town.

Believing this to be an excellent opportunity for her and her business, she met with Clinton, who was touring her town. She was able to get a photo op with Clinton and have a front page spread of the photo in the newspaper. Clinton then took it upon himself to start chatting her up. An excited Juanita would be able to plead the cause of nursing homes, and the need to increase funding for them as per diem rates were so low, and this line of work was struggling at the time. Much to her delight, Clinton decided he wanted to hear more and offered to meet with Nurse Broaddrick to discuss these matters in depth the next time she was in Little Rock.

Invitations were exchanged, and when Juanita went to Little Rock again, she called up the Office of William Clinton to meet and go over what they had previously discussed regarding the state of nursing homes. Obviously, an excited Juanita had every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. She compiled stats, numbers, data, charts, and research regarding this particular line of work, nursing home conditions, and funding.

Juanita Traveled To Little Rock

On April 25th, 1978, Juanita and another associate traveled to Little Rock to meet with the AG and discuss the state of nursing homes. Clinton was not in the office, so she was given another number where she finally connected with him. He told her that he was not in the office and could not meet her at her lunch hour, but that he would be willing to come to her hotel right then to converse about her findings. A surprised Juanita said “Yes…” and began to prep herself.

Her numbers were set, she was dressed to impress in her nurses’ garb, and ready to meet at the agreed spot which was a coffee shop located in the hotel to talk and discuss these matters regarding nursing home funding. Clinton arrived a little past 8 am on April 25, 1978. He called her room and stated that there were people all over and requested to simply have coffee in her room instead. Wearily, she agreed because he was the Attorney General. Clinton came to her room and stood with sunglasses on. He entered her room and sat down as she poured him coffee. He then beckoned her over to see a building that was adjacent to the outside area of her hotel window.

It was then that Attorney General William Clinton grabbed Juanita Broaddrick, forcefully pulled her to him while forcing kisses on her. He threw her on the bed, began tearing off her clothes, and continued to kiss her as she screamed. He bit her upper lip so hard that it became swollen, and the rest is history.

The very last scene of that morning that Juanita remembers is of William Clinton putting back on his sunglasses, looking straight at her as he is exiting the room, and nonchalantly saying, “You better put some ice on that.” Juanita was found in a catatonic state by her colleague, Norma Johnson, who iced Broaddrick’s upper lip.

On April 25th, 1978, at 8:30 in the morning, registered nurse Juanita Broaddrick was raped in her room at the Camelot Hotel by then Arkansas Attorney General, William Jefferson Clinton.

Enter Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford is a contract lectern at Palo Alto University for their Psychology department. Within the last two weeks, she has come out with accusations against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Blasey Ford claims that Kavanaugh, at a high school party in Maryland 36 years ago, was drunk, took her to a room, and proceeded to grope her in a drunken fit. He supposedly even went so far as to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming for help.

This is the accusation that Blasey Ford has against Judge Kavanaugh. However, according to Christine herself, she does not recall the location of the party, the house the party was at, the street the house was on, nor the day and month in which the party took place. She also cannot recall who started the party, who was at the party, or who she was with at the time of the alleged “assault.”

When her witnesses were called upon for corroboration, including Ford’s “lifelong friend” Leland Ingraham Keyser, all denied ever attending such an event. Keyser’s own lawyer relayed to the Senate Judiciary Committee following statement, “Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh, and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present; with or without Dr. Ford.” Keyer is Blasey Ford’s “lifelong” friend, and even she cannot adequately provide corroborative evidence regarding Ford’s accusations against the Judge.

At this time, the allegations of a sexual assault against Blasey Ford that happened at an obscurely remembered party, in an unverified house, took place on an unverified street, during a time that is not remembered by anyone who was called on to provide supporting evidence still stands until today. There will be a Congressional hearing under penalty of perjury, and each party will be under oath to tell the whole truth.

The Hypocrisy Is Evident

All of this is occurring prior to the mid-term elections and the instating of a new SCOTUS. It is interesting to observe that the Democrats when faced with an accusation against another Democrat, one that was rife with details and heartache chose to mock and dismiss her. However, it seems that every time a Conservative is running for office or awaiting a confirmation vote, they choose to believe a parade of accusers who cannot remember details, have no evidence and whos witnesses have denied being witness to anything.

As Judge Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford enter into a hearing today, let us remember that the same opportunity was not offered to Juanita Broaddrick. Broaddrick was dismissed as well as many other accusers of William Clinton. As the left aim to slander a man for political purposes, they still champion the man who has been accused of rape many times. Where is Juanita Broaddrick's hearing?

John Lee / Senior Contributor
I am a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country, and music. I am proud to be American and want to MAGA!
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