Texas Debate: Cruz Hopes to Crush His Opponent

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Deep Red Pockets

The Republican party is getting somewhat nervous about the Ted Cruz re-election campaign. According to the Daily Beast, his lead has begun to decrease slightly. With his “fondness” level among the other senators still not at its optimum, the GOP has decided it is time to rally behind Cruz just before he took the stage in Texas to debate his opponent Rep. Beto O'Rourke D-TX last night.

Cruz is currently a Senator for the great state of Texas. Texans tend to have deep red pockets. Pockets that do not want to see any changes in its red, republican status. After all, when is Texas not red? It is a state where the only blue they want to see is on the jerseys of their beloved Cowboys football team.

Republicans Rally ‘Round

Of course, there are also deep red pockets in many other great places in this great country. That includes Washington, DC. Republicans there feel the same way as their GOP brothers and sisters in the Lone Star State: Keep Texas red.

Believing that a Presidential visit would booster Cruz turnout, as well as the rest of the GOP ticket, and having chaired candidate Trump’s campaign in Texas, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick reached out on a trip to the White House with a plea to the President for support.

The answer was a positive one. President Trump is scheduled to visit Texas in October. There will be an excellent blowout rally for Senator Ted Cruz’ re-election campaign. No one does a rally like President Trump. Supporters welcome a ‘Trump Talk’ because it brings people together for fun, laughs, information and inspiration while candidates enjoy favorable results.

Subtracting Trump Hate Factor

Not everyone welcomes the rallies. There are those who think Trump support can be a hindrance. To paraphrase a report in the New York Times, according to Trump Administration Cabinet Member, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, “Republicans would probably be better off if they could somehow ‘subtract’ President Trump’s personality from some voters minds.”

Further, he is quoted as saying “If you figure out a way to subtract from that equation how they feel about the president, the numbers go up dramatically.” Mulvaney says, “There’s a very real possibility we will win a race for Senate in Florida and lose a race in Texas for Senate, O.K.?” He continues, “I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s a possibility.”

By The Numbers

Both sides are nervous as the polling numbers keep going back and forth, up and down as to who has the lead. It must be remembered that Cruz is up against a smooth, friendly personality with the looks of a Kennedy. While looks and personality do not mean someone will be the best candidate for the state, it may garner some votes.

Cruz may not have the most loved personality, but he certainly gets the job done. This is similar to President Trump, in a way. It is widely known that there are actually many people who do not like President Trump’s personality. While that may be so, many of those people surely love what has been happening in this country.

Family Man

On a sweet note, another story in the Daily Beast told of how Ted Cruz is somewhat of a video game aficionado. It is true. He was “outed” about his Candy Crush ‘crush’. Of course, his daughters must have absolutely loved being mentioned as co-players in the article, while apparently his wife may not be fond of the game playing.

It is not possible to see all sides of a person in politics. Nor would it necessarily be relevant. However, sometimes it would be a good thing.

Call to Action

Mulvaney must be wrong, patriots. Deep red pockets are not needed to help Ted Cruz win his campaign. What is needed are votes. President Trump won without deep-pocketed donors. Active supporters voted red.

The same can be true for Cruz. All Texans are called upon to rise up and make the commitment to vote in support of candidate Ted Cruz. Allow him to stay in the position of Senator and continue his great work. Every GOP candidate needs the same commitment, help, and support across this country, especially in the upcoming midterms.

Rene' Rights / Journalist
I am an instinctual writer. From penning Haiku as a teen to taking a couple writing classes in college, I have always sought to express myself through the written word. Now that I enjoy early retirement, I turn to every platform I can to support President Trump’s agenda.
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