No Skin in the Game: Barack Obama Becomes Democratic Frontman for Midterm Push

Barack Obama Nope poster

Holding back their active congressmen, Democrats make Barack Obama their 2018 midterm-vote frontman...

“To have ‘skin in the game’ is to have incurred risk (monetary or otherwise) by being involved in achieving a goal. In the phrase, "skin" is a synecdoche for the person involved, and "game" is the metaphor for actions on the field of play under discussion.” (Wikipedia)

The Democrats, sinking in their own rhetoric, swimming hip deep in the blame game, fear tactics and a reluctance or inability to put forward an effective, seated Congress-person as their spokesperson or their lead, have resorted to employing someone who is no longer invested in and no longer has an active input in the workings of Congress.

He Cannot Be Held Responsible

Ex-President Obama has nothing to lose, has no impact in the hands-on business of neither Congress nor the Presidency. He is in the position because he has no risk, which would otherwise need to be present by a representative of a political body. In this role, Barack Obama has become less than the proverbial “snake oil salesman,” as a snake oil salesman has “skin in the game.”

That the Democrats have this un-invested person as their spokesman to whip up their base, in effect to make any claims that he can no longer be held accountable for, is a clear demonstration that they have nothing new to say and that what they do say cannot rebound directly upon the seated Democrats. Their use of Ex-President Obama is not upstanding, it is shameful.

Not one of their active Congresspersons will stand up in these two months preceding the 2018 midterm vote as a Democrat representative to speak for and of their goals and be held responsible for claims made during the campaign. This choice was made by party leadership and is as cunningly sly as politics can get. Clearly, this tactic is one that holds the party fail-safe from having to make any statement that bears any substantial weight in Congress; in fact, or in truth. As such, this is their warm-up act. The warm-up act consists of the comedian who comes before the local audience and here, their base, to get the base to engage.

Obama Is a Frontman

Frontman: “A Man Who Serves As a Nominal Leader but Who Lacks Real Authority.” (free dictionary)

Mr. Obama can say whatever he wishes and never be held to account for any of it; not to the People of the United States, not to the Democratic Party, and not to any standard. He is there as a frontman. He has no skin in the game.

As someone who is simply there to whip up the base vote, there is no accountability of the Democrats, nor of anyone seated in Congress. It is a disingenuous carnival act filled with misrepresentations, abuse of facts, use of partial fact, and misstatements posing as fact.

It will leave the press, interested in the accurate representation of fact, scrambling to recover after every warm-up act put on by this ex-president, to correct his public statements so as to reflect the facts.

An ex-president departs office with a legacy. Some of that legacy will be neutral, some will prove to be imperfect or unsubstantial, and some of that legacy will have a lasting positive influence. Mr. Obama has chosen to make his final legacy as “Ex-President and Frontman Obama,” diluting his two-term time as the President of these United States, by taking the position as unaccountable frontman for a midterm election in 2018.

In this midterm vote, to understand that the Democratic base can be so influenced by someone with no skin in the game underscores the need for the largest opposing party to get out their vote to those who do have skin in the game. This very situation may well bring those who see through this rouse as a distortion and distraction from the issues, to consider what they are doing in the polls in November. Perhaps many will now understand the manipulation of their base by their party who continues to underestimate them. Perhaps, they will simply walk away.

Lin Cava / Senior Contributor
I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.
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  1. Good article. Personally, I love the irony of "no skin in the game" while Ds tend to focus on skin, sadly... the color of one's skin.

    Praying people will open their eyes and see the games being played with lives!

    1. Thank you, Jo. The reason I listed the definition is because it's old terminology, not knowing if all readers may recognize the meaning of this old expression. Sad that not a single seated Democrat will take responsibility for speaking for the Party. Makes me wonder why they're held in such esteem.

  2. During the 2016 campaign, President Trump has set his outspoken campaign goals as his Presidential Agenda. Comparatively, there cannot be found among the seated Democrats, a spokesperson who either can or will stand up for the goals and mores of the Party. Simply put, there is no Democrat in office who will put themselves on the line for their members nor for the People who are not party members but choose to vote Democrat. In using an unseated spokesperson, it isn't irresponsible, it is denial of any responsibility; not to their base, not to voters who are not Party members, and not to the Citizens of the United States. –Lin Cava




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