RIGHT NOW: Geoff Diehl Interview, U.S. Senate Candidate Vs. Elizabeth Warren

Representative Geoff Diehl

Safeguarding the Future

The people of Massachusetts have proudly endorsed Representative Geoff Diehl (R-MA) who will challenge incumbent Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) this November. I had the privilege of an interview with Diehl in which we discussed several important domestic and international issues. The citizens of Massachusetts should read and think about what Diehl had to say on these key issues.

On November 6, 2018, your vote should not be based on whether you are a Republican or Democrat. It should be focused on safeguarding the future of your family and our country. Representative Geoff Diehl has been fighting for you the entire time he has been in office! Where has Elizabeth Warren been?

Diehl’s Record

Representative Diehl was elected on November 2, 2010. He has served as State Representative of the 7th Plymouth District since his inauguration in 2011. Since being elected to office, his priorities have been working daily to put money back in the pockets of Massachusetts families and leading the fight for transparency and accountability from Beacon Hill.

In this he has seen success, saving the taxpayers of Massachusetts billions of dollars. He is, and always has been, a conservative patriot who considers serving the people of Massachusetts a privilege. He aims to continue working as the U.S. Senator for Massachusetts, and defeat Sen. Warren

Comparison to Warren

My first question was, “Other than the obvious, how are you different from your opponent Sen. Warren?” Diehl replied, “I have a track record of cutting taxes, putting more money back in people’s pockets. I’m all for public safety. I believe we need to ensure our veterans and law enforcement officers are respected.”

“Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to undo the tax cuts that have given Massachusetts record unemployment. We’re at 3.5% unemployment. All the new jobs, all the new wage increases from the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 (she voted against) have resulted in more people working, higher wages which has translated into 1.6 billion dollars on Beacon Hill.”

Free Market

Diehl explained that by taking in new tax money, it allows the local government to pay for new schools, law enforcement, and services they promised the citizens of Massachusetts. Sen. Warren wants to take this all away if the Democrats take control this November.

I want a limited government that’s efficient, that’s responsive to the people and transparent.

Rep. Diehl remarked, “I want a limited government that’s efficient, that’s responsive to the people and transparent. Whereas, she is for an ever-growing government. She wants to increase individual taxes more than 50%. She wants fully run government health care, single payer, which means it would cost $32.6 trillion to implement. Our annual federal budget is $34 trillion. She wants to double the size of government.”

He explained further, “Government does not run businesses or services efficiently, that’s why the free market is so important to keep involved with health care.” Diehl stated, “It is innovation and competition with prices that create a health care system that leads the world.”


Rep. Geoff Diehl is all for protecting the citizens of Massachusetts, and he laid out a few points about Elizabeth Warren that should concern everyone. Diehl noted, “Warren is for open borders. She signed on to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) Open Border bill, and called for the elimination of ICE.”

“She is for leaving America without borders and without law enforcement to protect our citizens from things like; drug trafficking, human trafficking, MS-13 gang members from coming into our country.” Diehl expressed, “When you’re for open borders it’s not just a financial drain but also a public safety issue.”

“On the financial side, right here in Massachusetts, annually, we spend almost 2 billion dollars to cover the cost of those here illegally.” Wake up Massachusetts voters! Nearly two billion dollars could be spent on infrastructure, controlling health care, making sure that schools are funded, and other programs for legal citizens.

Accomplishments in Office

Though Rep. Diehl has a list of accomplishments on his website, I invited him to describe some of his proudest moments. Rep. Diehl replied, “I was the leader of the 2014 ballot question which repealed the gas tax indexing law. We ended up saving taxpayers in the state two billion dollars in the process. The gas tax would have affected people in different ways; household budgets would have taken a beating.”

I was the leader of the 2014 ballot question which repealed the gas tax indexing law. We ended up saving taxpayers in the state two billion dollars in the process.

Rep. Diehl explained how the state was mishandling money, “Fifty percent of the gas tax was going to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). So, people who live outside the 495 Beltway were paying to maintain the MBTA. We found the MBTA had six billion dollars of deferred maintenance. So, they weren’t spending the money where they were supposed to.”

Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars

“The other 50% of the gas tax was going to maintain the roads.” In 2013, the Massachusetts legislature linked the gas tax to consumer price index which would have allowed the tax to increase yearly automatically without a vote. The mishandling of taxpayer money happened while Governor (D-MA) Deval Patrick was running the state.

Rep. Diehl explained that Massachusetts was spending $675K/year/mile to maintain the roads when the national average was $145K/year/mile. Diehl said, “They wanted to have the gas tax go up yearly and take away any accountability from the D.O.T. on how they were spending that money.” Diehl noted, “Thankfully, under current Governor Charlie Baker (R-MA), he is making sure the D.O.T. is using the money more effectively.” As a result of Diehl standing tall for the people, he saved Massachusetts taxpayers two billion dollars.

Olympic Sized Misspending

In 2015, Rep. Diehl and his team worked diligently to save Massachusetts taxpayers from paying 10 billion dollars in the 2024 Olympics overruns. He partnered together with the other side of the aisle and crafted a ballot question leading to the Olympics committee ending their quest to bring the Olympics to Massachusetts.

Diehl rationalized, “I felt taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for a private venture like that. Ultimately, we were able to protect taxpayers from a big hit that would have come down the pike had we not stood up to them.” Diehl put partisan politics aside, fighting for families across Massachusetts and defending their financial interests.

Law Enforcement Support

I asked Rep. Diehl what he thought of the recent comments made by Sen. Elizabeth Warren regarding our law enforcement officers. Diehl said, “She makes a statement in New Orleans on how our criminal justice system is racist front to back. She’s running around trying to campaign and be the nominee for 2020 to run for the White House.”

“It’s an irresponsible and destructive comment to make about an important sector of our society that’s trying to protect the citizens daily.” Every American should agree. Warren talking this way about our law enforcement officers is plain disrespectful! No wonder so many law enforcement officers are murdered on an alarmingly frequent basis.

Supporting President Trump

In 2016, Rep. Diehl was Co-Chairman of the Massachusetts movement to elect President Trump. I inquired whether he would continue to support our president. He stated, “When I got behind the President in 2016, he was speaking about issues I considered important on Beacon Hill for years, like: Keeping the border safe. Putting American interest first internationally. And, making sure that our country was as strong as possible. He’s delivered on those promises. I look forward to having a seat at the table in Washington that Elizabeth Warren will never have. She’s been the face of the movement to resist everything that’s good for the American people.”

Blue Wave?

Rep. Diehl is not convinced there will be a “Blue Wave” this November. He explained, “How are you going to have a blue wave when the Democrat candidates are trying to make people feel bad about the current successes we are having with jobs, with businesses doing well, stock market up at record levels.”

“We’re seeing countries like North Korea freeze their nuclear program. Iran is no longer able to fund terrorism at the level they were before. We’re seeing successes internationally and domestically. I think it’s going to create an opposite effect to a blue wave.” All things to consider for the people in Massachusetts before voting for an obstructionist like Elizabeth Warren.

Remembering 9-11

We held this interview near the 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001. I asked Geoff if he would like to comment about that day 17 years ago. He replied, “Like everyone else around the country, I had a sickening feeling in my stomach. I had a fear for the people in New York, fear for not knowing if this was an attack around the rest of the country as well.”

“It’s important that we never forget our first responders who put their lives on the line to protect people at the World Trade Center and our military that keeps these acts from happening here in our country.” He added, “I want to make sure that I serve those who serve us down in Washington as effectively as I can and make sure that anybody who wears a uniform gets the respect and support from the United States we are obligated to give.”

Action List After Win

I asked Diehl what he will try to accomplish first if he wins this November. He stated, “I would reach out to businesses and municipal leaders to create an action list of what I can do as their Senator to help immediately with issues that are facing the state to include: health care, communications, infrastructure in central and Western Massachusetts, a potential energy shortage due to the Pilgrim Power Plant being shut down, trying to restore the fishing industry that affected Gloucester, New Bedford, and other ports.”

I’m going to commit to the full six years working for the people of Massachusetts, unlike Elizabeth Warren who refused to sign a pledge to fulfill the full 6-year term.

Diehl stated an essential key point for Massachusetts voters, “I’m going to commit to the full six years working for the people of Massachusetts, unlike Elizabeth Warren who refused to sign a pledge to fulfill the full 6-year term. It’s very clear her focus is more about Elizabeth Warren than it is about the people of our state.”

Review Responses and Vote!

Rep. Geoff Diehl emphasizes the following, “Warren is for increasing individual taxes, repealing the tax reform bill of 2017, open borders, eliminating ICE, fully funded government run health care that will double the size of government, she wants the government to control businesses, and resist everything good for America. I think the people of Massachusetts are tired of that, they are tired of Elizabeth Warren overlooking them.”

Consider the future of your family before you vote on November 6th, 2018. Diehl has never let the people of Massachusetts down and has a track record to prove it. Vote for Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-MA) for U.S. Senate to unseat Senator Warren. Get involved. Get your family and friends involved, before it is too late. Take back Massachusetts, and Keep America Great.

John McGeever / Journalist
I am a combat veteran who proudly served in the U.S. military. I have an Associates Degree in engineering technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in project management. Above all, I am a Republican and strong supporter of American freedom.
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