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Erin Cruz is a native Californian, born and raised. She is Author of the political and business communication book, Revolution America, Producer and Host of The Erin Cruz Show....

New Right Network's DeAnna Lorraine, a world-renowned “Red-Pilled Relationship & Dating Coach” conducted a fabulous interview on September 7th with former candidate for U.S. Senate (R-CA) Erin Cruz. Cruz is a true American patriot who fought a tough battle against incumbent (D-CA) Dianne Feinstein and has already announced her next run in 2020. Cruz said she got involved in politics during 2008 but became "seriously involved" when former President Obama hit the scene. Erin Cruz is a tea party Republican, constitutional conservative, and fiery political activist who took on (D-CA) Feinstein, whom she called “one of the most corrupt politicians of all time.”

During the interview, DeAnna Lorraine asked Erin “what was it like running?” Cruz said, “We knew that there was a dirty swamp. We didn't realize how much of a sewer there is across the United States, specifically in California.” She received death threats, severe bullying, resistance from her own party and the violent Left. Cruz stated she had to contact the FBI on several occasions. This was a very tough fight, but she never gave up. In fact, she stated this was “just the beginning” and plans to continue fighting for California and conservatism. Currently, she is working hard to get California back on track.

Conservatives Need to Unite

Erin Cruz speaks from the heart and truly believes that conservatives need to unite. She believes despite all the media’s rhetoric and Leftist nonsense that younger Americans are starting to be proud that they a conservative. Her goal is to unite people; she said, “this is about freedom, the future of our country, our republic.” She is in the fight for the long run. She hopes that people will follow the lead of President Donald Trump and deliver the truth. Erin explained that President Trump is being blamed for dividing people, while Democrats will not compromise on anything. The DACA deal is a prime example in which President Trump made every attempt to make it work. However, the Democrats would not participate in negotiations and resisted as usual.

President Donald Trump is working for Americans, to better America, for future generations, and that would include legal immigrants. — Erin Cruz

DeAnna Lorraine asked Erin about the book by Bob Woodward, all the media bias, and if it will sway voters. Erin Cruz said, “I think a lot of that is just noise. Again, I believe we need to provide people with facts and information and let them decide.” Lorraine discussed how the media is brainwashing people. Her comment on how people should deliver their own “truth bombs” was razor sharp.

Plant the Seed

Erin Cruz made a fascinating revelation, “plant the seed. You might be the stepping stone. You don’t necessarily water the seed. There may be someone else that comes along that does that.” There is something to be learned from Cruz and her statement about “the seed.” It may not work, but at least you tried. You may even feel good about planting the seed in a liberal mind.

In conclusion, DeAnna Lorraine delivered an excellent interview with the real deal Erin Cruz. It was sensational hearing both ladies emphasize how crucial it is for conservatives to get involved, the need to unite and to be the community they want to be. Stand tall and help conservative grassroots candidates who support family values, fewer taxes, less government control and fewer regulations. Most importantly, get out and vote for Republican conservatives who will support President Donald J. Trump and Keep America Great. Erin Cruz continues her Senate bid for 2020. Read about her America First platform on her website.

John McGeever / Journalist
I am a combat veteran who proudly served in the U.S. military. I have an Associates Degree in engineering technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in project management. Above all, I am a Republican and strong supporter of American freedom.
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