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Terry Exdemlatina Portrait for Interview

About Exdemlatina

Terry “Exdemlatina” is a naturalized citizen and says, “You can either call me Cheekys or Exdemlatina,” since her real name is five names long, and a whole alphabet soup of letters. Exdemlatina is from “swampy” Arizona also known as the copper state or the Grand Canyon state.

Based on our quick research, there indeed is no swampland in Arizona. However, we did find a web page with a couple of fun answers, but no, no swampland. Her 14-year-old sister raised them. “She was a saint” for what she did at the young age of 14 to keep the family together. All siblings turned out to be good people. They all worked hard and still do, doing right by their parents.

Triggering Leftists

Exdemlatina wanted a name that would instantaneously trigger as many people as possible during the campaign. She was all about the campaign because most Latinos hate Trump. “We were shamed into voting for Hillary,” she says. It was made clear that people of color had better vote for Clinton “or you will be stripped of your rights!”

The narrative is that if you are black, you will be stripped of your rights and if you are Latino, you will be stripped of your rights and they will send out deportation squads even if you are not illegal! We were made to believe that the only way to stop this was to vote for Hillary.


Exdemlatina was a lifelong Democrat until Obamacare. Obamacare was awful, so she started to do some research. After scouring over YouTube videos and various website, she came to the conclusion that she loves Trump.

I love what you (New Right Network) do on social media.
— Terry "Exdemlatina"

She chuckles in her bubbly way as she tells us about when she “came out” to her boyfriend (a naturalized citizen from El Salvador) that she was going to vote for Trump and that she was a Trump supporter. To her surprise, he said, “yeah, me too!” He went on to tell her all the reasons why he was voting for him. She said it was so funny because she had been terrified to tell him due to what was on mainstream media and social media, which is all controlled by the left.

Watching YouTube hearings of Benghazi made her cry, and she thought, “I can’t believe this woman thinks she can be president and do this!” Her boyfriend would then engage in her research, as well.

Epiphany Strikes

For her, it became not just about voting for Trump but about saving the country; her parents came to America for freedom, and she was emboldened to ensure it did not turn into a second Mexico. They wanted to come here to be Americans because they respected this country that much.

Her parents were migrant farm workers. Her father drove them all up here and migrated here during the exchange of labor program. He then immediately started all the paperwork to make them legal out of respect for this country. Tragically, her parents were killed in a car wreck by a drunk driver in 1976, killing seven of her relatives in an instant.

It would be futile to try and convince her to condone illegal immigrants. Her father made sure that they were legal citizens of this country. They had so much respect for this country that she, in turn, made sure that her children were legal, also.

It Is About Policy

Exdemlatina loves Trump’s policy against illegal immigrants. It is straightforward- abide by the laws that are on the books. People want to complain about the wait for legalization; there are hundreds of people waiting in line to get into this country legally. Exdemlatina states that they need to wait in line.

People complain and cry about separating families. There is no excuse for not filing the forms, paying the fees, getting in line, and waiting for the process to be complete to become an American citizen. They know they are here illegally and they know that the consequence is that they could be deported.

What Trump did for them regarding crimes committed against them by illegals is one of the reasons she voted for him. Exdemlatina left California after the fifth crime committed against her by illegals. Immigration is where the liberals really screwed up; she hates it when white liberals tell her they must have illegals in their neighborhood, just because they are all Latino.

Trump is winning the Latino community over, but they are private about it. Trump is revealing the lies from the other side, and in turn, he is gaining more confidence from the Latino population. On Cinco de Mayo, the polls came out, and Trump still has the highest rating in the Latino community. When asked her thoughts on DACA, Exdemlatina says “DACA is caca”!

Rene' Rights / Writer

I am an instinctual writer. From penning Haiku as a teen to taking a couple writing classes in college, I have always sought to express myself through the written word. Now that I enjoy early retirement, I turn to every platform I can to support President Trump’s agenda.
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