Jeff Flake on the Way Out! Tough AZ Primary Election Battle, Easy General Election Decision

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The Arizona Primary

Arizona voters had the opportunity on August 28th to choose which Democrat and Republican candidates would vie for the vacated seat of never Trump Senator Jeff Flake. While the Democrat primary was rather drama free with radical progressive Kyrsten Sinema easily defeating former CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) executive director Deedra Hill-Abboud, the Republican primary was a very different story. Three Republican candidates - former America’s toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio, conservative firebrand and former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward and moderate U.S. Representative Martha McSally fiercely battled to secure the party nomination.

The Republican primary, while light on issues, was heavy on personal attacks and deceitful messages coming from all directions. For the last several months of the long primary season, it appeared McSally had an advantage solely built on the split of conservative votes between Arpaio and Ward. Ultimately, McSally benefited from that split as well as highly funded PAC attack ads and conclusively won in a landslide. Almost all last minute deciding voters and independents who voted in the Republican primary voted McSally leading to a commanding 55% vote tally.

Arizona voters are now bracing for a tough general election battle. During the highly contentious GOP primary fight, Sinema was left untarnished and had a significant polling advantage over McSally. However, now that the Republicans have turned their attention to the Democrat challenger the polls have tightened to a near dead heat. The good news for Republicans is a 150,000 total vote advantage in the primary. While the Senate primary was uninteresting for the Democrats the Governor primary on the left was a three-way battle that brought out the Democrat vote. Both sides had excellent turnout so the large vote advantage can easily be interpreted to mean that if the Republican voters in Arizona show up at the polls, the seat will stay red. However, who exactly are these two candidates that Arizona voters get to choose between?

Martha McSally – The Moderate GOP Primary Survivor

Martha McSally is a United States Air Force veteran and has represented Arizona’s 2nd district since first elected in November 2014. She is one of only 9 U.S. Congressmen who represent districts on our southern border providing her with a unique perspective on border security and immigration. In the current House session, she introduced the Securing America’s Future Act which very much mirrored President Trump’s immigration plan with border wall funding, increased law enforcement at the border and the end of unfair immigration policies such as chain migration, and the diversity visa lottery.

To the dismay of some conservatives, the bill also included a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients which many consider an amnesty plan and are thus strongly opposed. Some Arizona conservatives are hesitant to support McSally due to her initial reluctance to support President Trump and her questionable conservative voting record. For example, Conservative Review has given McSally only a 37% Liberty Score based on the historical voting record in the U.S. Congress.

However, while Arizona conservatives may not see McSally as the ideal conservative candidate, according to the website fivethirtyeight.com she has voted in line with President Trump on 98% of her votes. What they can count on is that she will vote to support a border wall, she will vote for lower taxes, she will support conservative appointments and nominations, she will defend the Second Amendment and will most definitely not support the impeachment of President Trump.

Kyrsten Sinema – A Radical Activist Running for Senate

Kyrsten Sinema, on the other hand, is a conservative’s worst nightmare. A longtime radical progressive Sinema actually got her start as a Green Party candidate for the state senate. The “highlights” of her early years include protests of the war on terrorism where she was seen wearing a pink tutu during a protest, and publishing antiwar flyers through “Local to Global Justice,” a group she co-founded, that depicts U.S. soldiers as skeletons and refers to them as terrorists. In 2006 she desperately tried to backtrack from interview comments denigrating stay at home mothers as “fake feminists.”

What exactly did she say? “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls—t. I mean, what the f—k are we really talking about here?” (944 Magazine, 2006). In 2007 she fought to protect a loophole in Arizona state law that protected men charged with child prostitutes over the age of 12 because the young vulnerable girls “sometimes look older than their age.” Perhaps the most concerning of all was the uncovering by Trevor Louden of an ad placed in the People’s Weekly World, the official publication of the Communist Party USA, celebrating May Day and calling for “a people’s coalition to knock the right out of Congress in November.”

Since her radical days in the Arizona Senate, Sinema has moved on to the U.S. Congress representing Arizona’s 9th District. While she claims to be an “independent voice” who will buck the party line, her voting record belies the truth. Conservative Review has given her a 9% Liberty Score meaning she is 91% likely to vote against liberty for Arizona voters.

Numbers USA, an immigration reduction organization strongly opposed to illegal immigration gives Kyrsten Sinema an “F” based on her voting record. In 2016, Sinema received a failing 29% rating by the NRA compared to McSally’s 93% grade. This is the true Sinema, a radical tax and spend progressive who will continue to support the Schumer/Pelosi agenda of increased taxation, open borders/sanctuary city/amnesty immigration policies, gun law restrictions, activist judges, a VA for all healthcare system and most importantly the impeachment of President Trump.

The Decision

While the Arizona GOP primary was a contentious and difficult battle pitting conservatives against each other, the general election is an easy choice. Kyrsten Sinema is unbelievably dangerous to conservative values and must be defeated in November. Martha McSally is the e-a-s-y choice.

Patriot Movement AZ Political Advocacy Division / Guest Contributor
Patriot Movement AZ is a political activism group standing for all things America First. PMAZ is on the front lines of the AZ political landscape standing in the streets for the Constitution and President Trump and against the progressive agenda of the left. Follow Patriot Movement AZ on Facebook or if you are in Arizona likely you will find them at any political rally, protest or town hall … whether the left likes it or not.
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  1. Of course I'll vote for McSally -- what's the alternative? A neo-Marxist like Sinema? But I fear she's just another Campaign Conservative like Jeff Flake. He started moving Left as soon as he got to Congress. Based on her long-term voting record, McSally seems likely to do the same. Oh well ...

    Somehow, Arizona just can't nominate a solid conservative to the US Senate. I blame the GOP leadership - like those who assured us McCain was the conservative's best choice when we could have sent someone like Kelli Ward to the Senate.

    I hope I live long enough to see the day when AZ is again represented by at least one conservative senator.




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