John Brennan: A Sociopath or Not

Is John Brennan Insane?

It would appear that John Brennan is a crazy person. His tweets, since Trump has been elected president, would place him in the loony-bin if he was not a part of the deep state. The double standards of the left are for mental health issues, as well as criminal issues. His unhinged rantings have caused extremely troubling trepidations about the vetting this country does for law enforcement and our intelligence agencies.

However, let us concentrate on something else that seems to get little coverage about our former CIA director; the fact that he voted for the Communist Party in 1976. How did that pass the vetting process? How was he allowed to head our CIA when he was known as a communist sympathizer? This should concern everyone.

A Trip Through Time

What was going on in 1976? The Soviet Union was still going strong, and the Cold War was in full swing. When Brennan was voting for the Communist Party, he would have to have known about their human rights abuses. The fact that Lenin and Stalin murdered millions of political dissidents. He would have also known about the atrocities going on in China. Yet he still voted for communists.

How about Eastern Europe? Imprisonment, torture, and murder were rampant, just on a smaller scale. Read about the secret police in Eastern Europe, at the time, or watch old videos of people trying to escape over the Berlin wall and barbed wire fences. It is heartbreaking. Families and friends could not trust each other and betrayal was common. Eastern Europe was a paranoid and deadly place. This is what Brennan admired.

Question After Question After Question

Let us not forget the thousands of Americans killed fighting the Communists in Korea, Vietnam, and the many smaller conflicts in Central America and Africa. Many questions come to mind:

Did, or does, Brennan approve of the slaughter of people for the, “greater good,” in these areas?
How did he feel about the Vietnamese?
Was he ok with the North imprisoning, and killing, the dissenters from the South?
Did he have any feelings about the tens of thousands who fled by boat, many drowning?
Were the Killing Fields of Cambodia ok with him, just the sacrifice that needed to be made for a “fair and equal,” society?

The millions of people slaughtered by communist regimes are well documented and reliable. Brennan would have known the majority of this information, yet he still voted communist.

So, How Did He Get There?

The fact that Brennan not only got into the CIA but rose to the top is downright scary. They let a known communist into the rank and file. It is considered good manners or appropriate to say that the problems we have in Federal law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, are at the top and everything else is strong, reliable, and accountable to the American people.

This may not be the case. Perhaps, we, the people, need to take a hard, long look at the structure of these agencies, our classification system, and the accountability that should be in place. The more that comes out about the people, and actions of these Federal agencies, the bigger the problems get. With President Trump in power, there is no better time to make significant and meaningful changes. We know the establishment swamp does not plan on changing itself.

Liberty Smoke / Journalist
I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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  2. Great points. It is extremely disturbing what has been infecting our nation not just for the past 30 years, but in that span particularly brazenly. When the cat is away the mice will play. Our nation is the cat, and we have not held officials to accountability. So they've plundered, perverted, subverted, you name it towards ill causes with bribes & terrorist threats such as those faced by Kavanaugh & Jim Jordan today. While people like Schumer & Waters & Schiff & Lewis & Green & Davis continually spout radically & racially divisive anti-law enforcement ideology that is against our nation, pro-riots, pro-lawbreaking, corrupt, and disgusting! LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE DEM RUN CITIES - that is exactly what 'their' green & 'anti-gun violence' and 'pro-minority' solutions look like! Minorities full of rage, rioting, shooting cops, bouncing on their (the Dem Socialist) Geppetto strings like good little puppets on cue. With no jobs except human trafficking, drug sales, gang violence. Smog covered cities where people walk on sidewalks full of excrement. The slick talk IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THEIR MANIFESTED REALITY!!! Destroying the unity of this nation is!!!




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