Judge Kavanaugh: Untouchable

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Delay Tactics

Judge Kavanaugh was untouchable despite the Democrat’s shenanigans throughout the 13 hours of hearings on September 5, 2018. It is even more apparent now. Judge Kavanaugh arrived well prepared for the barrage of malicious protests and manipulation of questions planned by the Democrats.

Kavanaugh answered questions with accuracy. He recounted in detail his opinions that were based on precedent previously established by the SCOTUS. Judge Kavanaugh stated several times, “I’m just a judge and follow the Supreme Court precedent” when being cross-examined.

Senate minority leader Schumer (D-NY) invoked a rarely used tactic to delay the hearing by calling the Senate into session. This would normally prevent the Senate Judiciary Committee from holding a hearing during the same time. However, Republicans countered Schumer’s action by simply taking a short recess which made the deliberate delay ineffective. In fact, Schumer’s comments during the delay were more of the same ridiculous statements made by his colleague’s.

Protesters once again caused timed disruptions throughout the day of hearings. There are several groups allegedly being paid to create these disruptions. The protesters are made up of people who represent abortion rights, gun control organizations, civil rights, labor unions, and over 20 activist groups.


Capital police reported 73 people arrested on day two of the hearings. The protesters are being charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, crowding, and obstructing. It is reported bails are being set between $35-50 which are presumably being paid by the activist groups. It appears that the Women’s March and Center for Popular Democracy are paying protesters for travel, accommodations, legal advice, and bail for their participation.

These hearings have become a circus of activists and left-wing anarchists which has made the process utterly disrespectful. When asked about the protests, President Trump stated: “It’s embarrassing for the country.” President Trump continued, “In the old days, we used to throw them out, today I guess they just keep screaming.”

Capital police cannot close the doors to a public meeting. They must wait until someone starts a ruckus before anyone can be removed. Republicans have expressed their concerns on how these protests are becoming more of a nuisance during the hearings and should not be allowed. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said, “I don’t know that the committee should have to put up with the type of insolence taking place in this room today” while he was interrupted by outbursts from the mob of activists.

Democrat Supports Mob and Anarchy

The Democrats once again sit on their hands, condoning the mob of protesters who are disrespecting Judge Kavanaugh and his family. The apparent intent of the Democrats and their mob of protesters is trying to sway the votes of a few Republicans.

Democrats who may be running for President in 2020 turned this confirmation hearing into a grandstanding campaign for themselves. Senator Booker (D-NJ) tried cross-examining Judge Kavanaugh over an email which he would not provide to the witness regarding racial profiling. Senator Harris (D-CA) questioned Judge Kavanaugh about a law firm which has over 350 lawyers in nine cities regarding the Mueller investigation. Harris also would not provide a name for the Judge to properly answer the question fairly.

Get Out the Vote

Americans must get out. We must vote for Congresspersons who will support the President’s agenda. We must vote for President Trump in 2020. We cannot let people who attack a reputable person like Judge Kavanaugh aided by the pressure of an angry mob run our country.

It is clear that the Democrats and their angry circus clown mob are out of control. During this hearing, Democrats tried to manipulate Senate Committee rules and evidentiary information to benefit themselves while screaming for transparency. Americans must remember these despicable actions by the Democrats when going to the voting booth this November and in 2020.

John McGeever / Journalist
I am a combat veteran who proudly served in the U.S. military. I have an Associates Degree in engineering technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in project management. Above all, I am a Republican and strong supporter of American freedom.
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  1. Those who found Democrats behavior unacceptable, need to voice that, via voting in November. Imagine test people bare getting paid. Ugh




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