Kamala Harris’ Travel Expenses Costing California Taxpayers Extra Money

Kamala Harris
Image from LA Times

The Honorable Rev. Harris

When preaching to her constituents the importance of prudence and frugality for a balanced budget, Kamala Harris needs to live by her own rules. She needs to be especially cautious considering that she used money through the budget department of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for personal armed bodyguards.

It is not hard to see the hypocrisy of using armed bodyguards while simultaneously preaching for gun control, even less so when taxpayers hard earned dollars are spent on those armed bodyguards. She is breaking the law and abusing public funds, taking over twelve trips outside her district in Los Angeles, to a party on one occasion, without the approval of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Above and Beyond

These “unprecedented” expenditures came to the attention of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on July 18, 2018. Chief Beck called the Mayor’s Office, and it was confirmed that Senator Harris had been using personal armed bodyguards, paid for by the Los Angeles Police Department Finance Office since 2017. Apparently, the decision to allow Senator Harris personal armed bodyguards was due to a recognized threat assessment made during 2017.

This protection detail was only approved for a short period, contrary to current use, according to reports. NBC4 reported Senator Harris’ use of taxpayers money went above and beyond what LAPD provides for public figures and bureaucrats who visit Los Angeles.

Practice What You Preach, Senator Harris

Senator Harris’ platform in her district has been based on speaking against pork-barrel spending, minority issues, immigration policy, and reuniting families who were separated when illegally entering the United States. Senator Harris has also asked all Democrats to vote on S.3250: Rent Relief Act of 2018, which was referred to Committee on July 18, 2018. It seems that taxpayer issues are something Senator Harris feels strongly about unless it is about personal armed bodyguards and transparency of her wrongdoing. Senator Harris’ attention seems to be on the taxpayers of her state, but she has forgotten that prudence and frugality begin at home. She says that she abhors overspending, apparently unless it benefits her. Senator Harris did not assist her taxpayers in reducing their expenses when it came to her personal armed bodyguards.

Transparency is a Must

It appears she forgot to let Mayor Garcetti, and LAPD Chief Beck know that she did not need her bodyguards any longer. Transparency is vital to a healthy constituency. It stands to reason that LAPD Chief Beck shut it down in July 2018, or else Senator Harris may have continued to forget that she was using taxpayers money for personal use.

Whether it is campaign finance, sexual harassment, or everyday expenditures, today’s Democratic Party does not play by the rules that they expect others to play by. The double standard that even reaches into felony territory is alive and well within their ranks. This is supported by a media complicit in covering up or redirecting attention away from the actions taken, never holding the Democrats to the same moral or legal standard.

Republicans will get called out by their own and by the media, should they be caught in the act of something illegal or dishonest, whereas for the Democrats this does not apply. The Democrats will defend their own, and the mainstream media will refuse to report on any such misdemeanor. This is very disheartening for our country. The fact that the chief in California called Ms. Harris for her impropriety shows that there is hope that things may be changing for the better. Perhaps finally, a fair country.

Shari Bradstream / Journalist
I am a Vietnam era veteran who loves her country and her family. I contemplated what can I say here to help you believe I am worthy of your view and I keep coming back to the same belief. Our country and Constitution is in a supreme battle right now, however, we have the right man at the wheel. We shall not be infringed. The freedoms I fought for do not have an expiration date. "I do not want to be so hypnotized by my environment that I surrender to mediocrity." ~ slb
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