Planned Disruptions: The Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

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Planned Disruptions at the Kavanaugh Hearing

Day one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was wrought with planned disruptions and outbursts from the obstructionist Democrats and their mob of angry protesters. The events lead to over 63 people removed from the hearing, 70 people arrested, and over an hour and 15 minutes of planned delays by the Democrats.

This planned ruckus happened while Judge Kavanaugh and his family waited patiently to answer questions from both sides. The debauchery from the left was so extreme that Judge Kavanaugh’s daughters had to be escorted from the room because of the hateful comments and screaming from the mob.

From the beginning, Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley could not get his welcoming statement completed without being interrupted. Senator (D) Kamala Harris from California asked Chairman Grassley to postpone the hearing because there were 42,000 documents released the night before. This was followed by a barrage of obviously ridiculous objections and interruptions from the Democrat Senators throughout the day. They looked like a bunch of children who did not get their way, rather than adults who are being paid to do their jobs.

Obstructionists Perform on Cue

Senator (D) Dick Durbin was asked about the planned disruptions. He confirmed there was a phone call with Senator (D) Chuck Schumer which outlined their strategy. Durbin also commented that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump who may be attempting to block future proceedings from the Russian witch hunt. This was a coordinated attack and planned to derail the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. There were protesters allegedly seen being paid outside the meeting room after they had been thrown out. The madness displayed by the Democrats and their mob of left-wing anarchists was a disturbing display of behavior.

The first day of Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing was nothing more than a political stunt by Democrats such as Senator Cory Booker and Senator Kamala Harris who may each be running for President in the 2020 election. Months ago, many of the Democrats said that they would not vote for Judge Kavanaugh before the hearing began. Many Democrats refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh prior to the hearing for questioning. Their organized complaint is that there is not enough information and the confirmation should be adjourned until further documents are provided.


The Democrats know that Judge Kavanaugh will most likely receive enough votes to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. They are just making themselves look even more pathetic by disrespecting a highly qualified nominee. Judge Kavanaugh’s record and service to our country apparently mean nothing to the left. The Democrats will not be able to discredit Judge Kavanaugh because he has had an outstanding career and history as a Judge. Their collective no vote will be based on identity politics. They are showing themselves to be nothing more than Schumer puppets who only know how to resist.

John McGeever / Journalist
I am a combat veteran who proudly served in the U.S. military. I have an Associates Degree in engineering technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in project management. Above all, I am a Republican and strong supporter of American freedom.
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  1. Your first article? You would never know it. Your facts are clear and precise. Your lean to the right is inspiring and on point. Look forward to seeing more of your work. By the way...Thanks for your service, sir!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that very much. #MAGA

  2. You really have to ask "how did these people get in?" Well, the same way Code Pink always seems to get in. And you would think the "next time" would have more security. Given that the Right is always sent to the corner to eat a pudding pie, it's amazing how the Left always has access, can get "dangerous" signs in, etc. To me, it's a tactic to make people throw in the towel in disgust. It's a petty little thing - access - that frustrates because it's one-sided - JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE. Maybe one day we'll wake up.

    1. The hearing was open to the public.The Capital police couldn't throw them out until they started causing ruckus. It's frustrating and despicable.




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