Breaking: Senate Judiciary Committee Requests Delay on Kavanaugh Vote

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

In an unexpected turn of events, a few minutes ago the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote to the floor, but wishes to delay it by one week to allow for an FBI investigation. At the time of writing, PredictIt.org shares are trading at 34¢ for “49 or fewer” and 66¢ for “not 49 or fewer”; a few hours earlier, they were at 22¢ and 78¢ respectively. Interestingly, the odds for Kavanaugh not getting confirmed were a lot higher on the 23rd of September, when the accusations were first levied; but they declined sharply on the 26th.

The push for a full FBI investigation into this more than 35-year-old alleged incident is bizarre, and a very transparent attempt to delay proceedings. It is unclear what evidence the Democrats and Senator Flake hope will be uncovered; there is a good reason why statutes of limitations are in place, because it is extremely difficult to do any meaningful investigation of something that happened so long ago.

A Disgraceful Strategy

This is not the first time Democrats have used unsubstantiated rape allegations to their advantage; in the recent Alabama senatorial election, they managed to squeeze out a narrow victory thanks to rape allegations, which were similarly based on shaky evidence. It is a wonder why people are not seeing through this, particularly in this case as the Democrats knew about this accusation since July, but decided to sit on it until it could do the most damage.

Unfortunately, today’s decision has shown that people are still being fooled by this tactic -- how many reputations must be ruined by unsubstantiated claims before people start to wisen up? One thing we can be sure of is that the Democrats will milk this dry; expect to see more rape allegations against Republicans in the future. Ultimately this will only mean that legitimate rape victims will not be taken seriously; as usual, the Democrats are quite happy to hurt the real victims if they think they can make short-term gains, such as against Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh. It is time for people to wake up and realise that the left does not have the best interests of women in mind; it only seems that way sometimes because their own goals appear to line up with accusers such as Ford.

Editor's note: this article was updated to clarify that the vote has not been delayed yet, but the Judiciary Committee has made a "gentlemen and ladies' agreement" to have it delayed.

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