Kavanaugh Accused: The Lynching of the SCOTUS

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SCOTUS Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh Under Scrutiny

This weekend Senator Dianne Feinstein revealed a letter from July 30, 2018. The letter made accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh going back to his high school years in the 1980’s. The letter clearly states there was a third party who was present. Through other information released, it was revealed that the accuser never mentioned the incident, having “suppressed” it, until 2012, six years ago while in a joint counseling session with her husband.

The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford described the event as a physical and sexual assault. Since her statement, she has revealed her identity. Ms. Ford is said to be represented by an attorney known for working with claimants in the #MeToo movement.

In her statement, Senator Feinstein, in possession of the letter for more than a month, claimed she had spoken to the accuser who did not want to come forward, and so the letter was released to the FBI on Thursday. Hours later, the accuser came forward, and additional information has been revealed. In what appears to be a last-minute effort to undermine, cancel or postpone the confirmation vote of Judge B. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, the letter describing an unsubstantiated claim from 35 years ago has been released for public review in a redacted state. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has stepped forward and denied the allegations. Additionally, Mark Judge, a conservative author, has been identified as Judge Kavanaugh’s friend who was named in Ms. Ford’s letter.

Coming forward to support him, 65 women who knew him during his high school years wrote an open letter in support of him.

Where There Is Hearsay Focus on the Accuser, Not the Accused

Two legal tenets are being manipulated, the tenets of Hearsay, and the Statutes of Limitations. In her accusation, Ms. Ford claims there were three people present. The other two people both hold that her accusations never happened. Senators are elected to Serve the People under the Constitution and Laws. The laws, in this case, are clearly defined. One cannot convict nor punish the accused based upon hearsay. Statutes of Limitations also serve as protection of Citizens against those who have other motivations to make false claims well beyond the time a person can defend against them. Our Democratic Senators are not serving the People; they are not serving the Law, nor the Constitution. What they are serving is their political goals. We should not permit a de facto trial of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The confirmation must continue.

Timing of the Release of the Information Is Casting Doubt

The accusations are being given momentum by Democrats to delay the confirmation process. The letter, with its accusations, is being afforded more weight than can be ascertained by the uncorroborated, refuted claims that lack any evidence. Once again, there appears to be more of the same drama as seen in the hearings by Senators and loud gallery spectators alike.

Without evidence and with statements refuted by the only other witness Ms.Ford claims was there, the letter should not be of consequence to the confirmation vote. An accusation of an event that supposedly happened 35 years ago, and has well passed any statutes of limitations. The accusation happens in a way that casts suspicion upon its reliability.

Could There Be Another Reason Why Ms. Ford Remembers Kavanaugh?

Ms. Ford claims to have suppressed the memory of the events she now elaborates on. However, might there be another reason that “Judge Kavanaugh” may be on her mind? Might there be a confusing issue with her long-suppressed recall?

According to the files of record in the State of Maryland, Judge Kavanaugh was a ruling judge in the 1996-97 foreclosure proceedings of Mr. Ralph G. Blasey. Judge M.G. Kavanaugh signed off on the return of bond and the dismissal closing the case. Mr. Blasey would have copies of both items which would be the final rulings on the foreclosure at the State of Maryland court level. Mr. Blasey is Ms. Ford’s father. The Judge Kavanaugh presiding at that time is our candidate’s mother: Judge Martha Kavanaugh.

Lynching of the Supreme Court Has Been Attempted by the Guile of the Democratic

The facts must be reviewed in this, but neither baseless accusations nor possible incentives to make unsubstantiated claims against Judge Kavanaugh for the seat on the Supreme Court should even momentarily be entertained in order to put off the vote before the October 1st new Supreme Court session.

It’s become standard procedure for the Democratic Party members to sink to the level of snake oil salesmen in order to obstruct for their own Party goals. We need to bring back both protocol and decorum to the members of Congress and the procedures they use to be effective. As the People that Congress is charged with serving, we must insist that they return to the respect of the People and reinstate both decorum and protocol to Congress.

Lin Cava / Senior Contributor
I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.
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  1. Mention is made regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's mother as to her brief two rulings at the end of a dismissed foreclosure proceeding where she ruled to close the foreclosure (it never went through) and release the required bond. It may or may not have been known by Ms. Ford, as these records would have been signed by Judged M. Kavanaugh, and likely at the top of the records. In consideration that Ms. Ford claims she suppressed the event she is claiming, it may also be possible that she remembered the Kavanaugh name from that paperwork of 1997; time can do that to memory. So in that aspect - the possibility; not necessarily the probability of a trick of the memory - may be 'in play' here. - Lin Cava




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