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Laura Loomer, the always lovely investigative journalist, joined us for an AMA on The New Right Network podcast. A former member of Project Veritas and The Rebel Media, she has now gone independent. Since going independent, she has focused on getting to the bottom of the Las Vegas shooting, which happened in October of last year. Loomer also “loomers” around progressive and Democrat candidates asking them the questions that “the media refuses to ask them that everyone wants to know.”

In her senior year of college, late 2014, she started working with Project Veritas. She defends James O’Keefe in the midst of claims that Project Veritas selectively edits clips and calls O’Keefe “one of, if not the most honest person, who I have had the pleasure of working with in this industry and I would personally trust James O’Keefe with my life.”

Liberals and progressives will always criticize and scream fake news at Veritas videos
— Laura Loomer

Character Assassination

When called “Alt-Right,” she responds with the fact that she is Jewish and claims it is nothing more than an attempted character assassination. Although she is not a very spiritual person, she identifies as an ethnic Jew and says that “everyone has a right to defend their heritage.” This principle is shown in her defense and love for the State of Israel. She blames the rise of anti-semitic thought worldwide on the mass influx of Muslim immigrants, from the middle east into Europe, citing a study by Dr. Bill Warner which shows that anti-semitism is more prevalent in the Quran than in Hitler's Mein Kampf.

When responding to a comment made by an AMA viewer asking “Will you agree that Jews have campaigned for open borders?” she responds that not “all Jews are equal.” She further explains her response with specific examples, such as George Soros and the Anti-Defamation League. In her opinion, Soros and the ADL are prime examples of Jews putting political ideology over their faith as both rail against calls for the western world to close its borders entirely. She goes on to say that Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden are “long gone,” and says she does not have “high hopes,” for Western Europe.

Investigating the Las Vegas Tragedy

Regarding the Las Vegas shooting, she has found many inconsistencies in the official story. These inconsistencies have led her to believe wholeheartedly that the FBI, and the Las Vegas Sheriff Department, are not giving the public the full story. Publicly stating they have yet to figure out a motive for the shooting; they also claim it was not an Islamic State sponsored attack.

Loomer believes the shooting was an Islamic State terror attack with multiple shooters involved. She maintains that Steven Paddock was connected to the Federal government, as well as the Islamic State, by repeating ISIS’s claim that Paddock converted to Islam six months prior to the shooting.

She also repeats claims from audio experts that multiple weapons were used. Citing the final report that 24 guns were retrieved, Paddock supposedly used 14 of them within 9 minutes. Loomer points out how ridiculous this claim sounds.

She also believes that Paddock may have been a government informant in an operation gone wrong. Loomer has written up various essays on the inconsistencies of the reports, you can find these on her website.

Not a Supporter

Loomer is also a very profound critic of Islam throughout the interview. She explains how the Quran encourages Muslims to copy the warmongering ways of Prophet Muhammed, arguing that there is no such thing as radical Islam, just Islam.

She rails against non-Muslims who make excuses for radical Islamic terrorism. She advocates for putting Mosques under surveillance, as there have been some found to have housed weapons, or have connections to terror cells.

Tommy Robinson

In the case of the UK, the arrest of Tommy Robinson to Ms. Loomer is the result of a blasphemy law, and the first step to full Shariah law. She encourages members of the audience to speak out about the dangers of Islam. She believes that Islam should be illegal in the United States, arguing that it is not a religion protected by the constitution. Instead, she feels it is a political ideology governed by Islamic law above all else.

On a Personal Note

At the end of the interview, a viewer asked what inspired her to have a brunette makeover. She explained that, along with blonde hair being hard to manage, she was too easily recognizable while doing undercover journalism.

Kyle Frank / Writer

I live in Upstate New York and I became interested in politics late in 2016. I am excited and honored to be with New Right Network.
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